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The Present Perfect Progressive Tense

Утвердительная Отрицательная Вопросительная
I We have You been They writing. He She has It I We have You not been They writing. He She has It not I We Have You been They writing? He Has She It


The Present Perfect Progressive Tenseупотребляется для выражения:

1. длительного действия, которое началось в прошлом, продолжалось какоё-то время и закончилось к моменту речи. He is out of breath. He has been running fast.

2. длительного действия, которое началось в прошлом и продолжается в момент речи. I’ve been watching TV since 5 o’clock.

3. повторяющихся действий, совершающихся в настоящий момент времени. I have been learning English for 5 years.



Translate the following sentences into Russian. Make them - negative;

- interrogative.

1. Our relatives have been staying with us for three weeks.

2. It has been raining since morning.

3. I’ve been working here since 1998.

4. We have been waiting for you since 4 p. m.

5. I have been preparing for my lessons for two hours.

6. He has been talking over the phone for almost half an hour.

7. It has been snowing heavily during the whole night.

8. We have been writing this composition since the lesson began.

9. I have been buying food here since I came to this city.


Exercise 2.

Complete the following using the Present Perfect Progressive Tense .

Pattern:His clothes are dirty (He / to play football) -

He has been playing football.

1. She is very tired. (She / to work / in the garden).

2. The boy’s eyes are red and watery. (He / to cry).

3. They know this place very well. (They / to travel around / a lot).

4. Ann speaks English very well. (She / to learn English / since she was 10).

5. The tourists are angry. (They / to wait for their guide / for an hour).

6. Jack is very nervous. (He / to drive / for 6 hours without any rest).

7. The children are excited. (They / to fight / since morning).

Exercise 3.

Make up small dialogues according to the pattern.

Pattern: a) -It has been raining.

-Since when has it been raining?

-It has been raining since evening.

b) -The child is crying.

-How long has he been crying?

-He has been crying for half an hour.

1. I am waiting for the train.

2. The boy is watching TV.

3. She is listening to music.

4. We are discussing the same problem.

5. I am trying to find the look.

6. The mother is cooking dinner.

7. The speaker has been doing his report for a long time.

Exercise 4.

Use the Present Perfect Progressive instead of the infinitives in brackets.

1. I (not to sleep) for twenty-three hours.

2. She (to work) in the library for 3 hours.

3. She (to have) a toothache since morning.

4. Since when you (to wait) here?

5. How long you (to look for) me?

6. I (not to feel) well recently.

7. The cat (to try) to catch a mouse since breakfast.

8. My mother (to teach) at this school for twenty years.

9. I (to ask) myself that question for many years.

10. That man (to follow) me since the very moment I left the house.


Exercise 5.

Use the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Progressive.

1. She (to walk) in the park since morning. It’s time to have dinner, but she (not to come) yet.

2. I (to read) this book for three days and (to read) 300 pages already.

3. Mike (to collect) stamps since he was nine. He (to collect) so much he doesn’t know what to do.

4. I (not to do) my test yet. – How long you (to write) it?

5. How long you (to learn) French? – I (to learn) it since my childhood.

6. Mary is still in the kitchen. She (to clean) it all morning.

7. I just (to clean) my room and now it looks tidy and nice.

8. I (to collect) a lot of material for my paper, so I am ready to write it.


Exercise 6.

Translate into English:

1. Он сидит здесь уже несколько часов. С самого утра сидит на скамейки и ждёт кого-то.

2. Они спорят с тех пор, как учитель вышел из класса.

3. Эта семья живёт здесь с весны.

4. Я жду эти документы уже целый месяц.

5. Виктор опять смотрит телевизор. По-моему, он смотрит его с самого утра.

6. Сколько времени она уже говорит по телефону?

7. Она опытная няня. Она работает в больнице уже 12 лет

8. Сколько времени он берёт уроки французского?



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