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to start – начинать; начинать / each – каждый / a head – голова / hair – волосы / a body – тело / a hand – рука / a leg – нога / a foot – стопа / a stomach – живот / a nose – нос / an eye – глаз / lips – губы / a mouth – рот / an ear – ухо / a tooth – зуб / a knee – колено / a shoulder – плечо / a neck – шея / a chest – грудь / a face – лицо / to hug – обнимать / to look like – выглядеть / tall – высокий (о росте) / old – старый / long – длинный / short – короткий / nice – приятный, милый / ugly – некрасивый; уродливый / pretty – красивый / handsome – красивый (о мужчине) / young – молодой / middle-aged – среднего возраста / of medium height / of average height – среднего роста / fat – толстый / to be overweight – иметь лишний вес / skinny – худой / slim – стройный / well-built – хорошо сложенный / strong – сильный / to have a nice smile – иметь приятную улыбку / a beard – борода / a moustache – усы / to look smart – выглядеть элегантно / straight – прямой / curly – кудрявый / a guy – парень / to look for – искать / to recognize – узнавать (кого-либо) / to describe – описывать / to talk – разговаривать / pale – бледный / tannedсмуглый / hunky – хорошо сложенный. привлекательный

16. Вставьте пропущенные слова:

Let’s start with my … On top it’s covered with … On each side of my head I have an …, so I can hear you. I also have two …. They let me see you. My … is for smelling. My mouth has two … for kissing and licking. Inside it has … for chewing and a … for tasting my food. It lets me talk too. My head sits on my … Inside my chest my … beats. When I eat, my … fills with food. My two … can hug you, and with my two … and ten … I can catch a ball and write my name! And with my two … , two … and ten … I sure do get around!

17. Впишите названия частей головы:

18.What does he look like? How tall is he? How old is he? What color are his eyes? What color is his hair[2]? How long is his hair? and so on…

Nice, charming, pretty, average-looking, good-looking, ugly, attractive, a real beauty, beautiful, handsome, young, middle-aged, old, to be about thirty, to wear glasses, tall, short, of medium height, slim, lanky, skinny, a little fat, bony, plump, strong, to be well-built, to be in good shape, to be of medium build, tanned, pale, rosy cheeks, to have blue / hazel / grey eyes, bold-headed, fair / blond / dark hair, to look 20, straight / curly / short / long hair, a round / long face, full / thin lips, to have a mole, to be freckly, with a long beard, with a moustache, to look a little older / younger, to have a nice smile, the most unusual thing about him is …, to look smart, to look great, to look like an angel, to look gorgeous, to look like a freak

19. Распределите словосочетания по парам:

dark eyes, snub nose, fair hair, thick hair, wavy hair, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, even (ровные) teeth, slender figure, full lips, long legs, plump short legs, plump figure, blue eyes, thin lips, slim, straight nose, short eyelashes, uneven teeth, straight hair, pale cheeks, thin hair, thin lips

20. Соотнесите описания людей с их изображениями:

1. He isn’t very tall. He’s short and stocky (приземистый, коренастый).
2. She’s tall and slim. She’s got a lovely figure.
3. He’s a big guy. He’s quite well-built.
4. She’s a bit overweight. She’s quite plump, isn’t she?
5. He’s very fat. He’s absolutely enormous.
6. He’s lanky and skinny.

21. Составьте объявления по образцу:[3][4]

22. Переведите словосочетания в скобках:

He is handsome with his (черными вьющимися волосами). The most unusual thing about him is his (голубые глаза). She is a year younger than him, (стройная и привлекательная). Johnny is tall, (широкоплечий), with (светлыми волосами) and (серыми глазами). You will recognize her by a large (родинка) in her left cheek. I have never seen such a beautiful (лицо). She was a pretty little girl. Her hair was (прямыми) and her blue eyes were soft and warm. He was a man (среднего роста) with big (руками и ногами).

23. Переведите:

Ее мать невысокого роста, полная, с темными волосами и серыми глазами. Дочь на нее не похожа. Она высокая блондинка, очень стройная, с большими карими глазами, темными бровями и ресницами. У нее большой красивый рот, прямой нос и прекрасный цвет лица. Мой сосед – высокий худой мужчина лет пятидесяти. Его лицо не очень привлекательно. У него крупный нос, небольшие темные глаза, тонкие губы. Но когда он говорит или улыбается, его лицо становится очень интересным.

24. Describe the person you like or you are familiar with.


a coat – пальто / a fur coat – шуба / a shirt – рубашка / a T-shirt – футболка / a skirt – юбка / a hoodie – худи / a pullover – пуловер / jeans – джинсы / a suit – костюм / gloves – перчатки / mittens – варежки / a beanie – вязаная спортивная шапочка / a belt – ремень / a blouse – блузка / sunglasses – солнечные очки / a scarf – шарф / trousers – брюки / a raincoat – плащ / boots – сапоги / shoes – обувь, туфли / a dress – платье / shorts – шорты / high-heel shoes –туфли на высоком каблуке / trainers – кроссовки / socks – носки / an undercoat / a parka – куртка / a sweater – свитер / fashion – мода / to care about – заботиться; not to care about – плевать на что-либо / weather – погода / to wear – носить (одежду) / to think – думать / almost – почти / clothes – одежда / to feel comfortable – чувствовать себя удобно / a store / a chain store – магазин / a shop – магазин / a teen / a teenager – подросток / to follow the trends – следовать моде / to approve smb’s taste – одобрять чей-либо вкус / to look cool – выглядеть «круто» / to stand out – выделяться / to put on – надевать / to take off – снимать / to change clothes – переодеваться / to try on – примерить / well dressed – хорошо одет / carelessly dressed – небрежно одет

25. Переведите и выучите следующие слова. Распределите их по видам одежды

coat, fur coat, raincoat, waistcoat, trench, socks, bucket hat, beanie, baseball cap, shorts, trousers, hoodie, scarf, skirt, snood, T-shirt, pants, top, sweater, sundress, dress, jacket, pullover, windbreaker, chinos, sweatpants, mittens, jumper, skinny jeans, suit, swimsuit, sneakers, boots, gloves, felt boots, tie, shirt, belt, parka, blouse, suspenders, hat, cap, boe tie, shoes, sandals, slippers, trainers, hood, earmuffs, bandana, bathrobe, pajamas, rubber boots, heeled shoes, sunglasses, purse, backpack, hoody, sweatshirt

26. Посмотрите на картинку и соотнесите одежду, которую носят люди, с ее названием:

1. T-shirt and jeans - 2. blouse and skirt - 3. bow tie - 4. shirt and tie - 5. shorts and a sweatshirt - 6. dress - 7. waistcoat - 8. jacket and tie


27. Соотнесите предметы обуви с их названиями:

a. trainers – b. sandals – c. slippers – d. high heels – e. clogs – f. flip-flops – g. boots


28. Найдите соответствия:

29. Продолжите фразу:

1) Fashion is changeable as weather and I’d like to be always in trend so that I .. .

2) Fashion is changeable as weather so I don’t care about fashion



30. Продолжите фразы:

What clothes do you wear when it’s: snowy____________________

sunny _____________________

cloudy _____________________

rainy ____________________

31. Переведите текст:

For most British people fashion is not very important. The British don’t think about it very much. British people just like to be comfortable. When they go out, they can wear almost everything. Even the rich often wear casual clothes. Only a very few can afford the clothes by Gucci or Dior. Most people go down to the nearest shopping street and buy something from a chain store. The most popular of these stores, with a shop in every town, is Mark & Spencer. Twenty per cent of all clothes the British buy from M & S. And what about the Russians? Are we slaves of fashion? Why? (Why not?)

32. Ответьте на вопросы:

-What clothes do you like to wear? Are you a slave of fashion? Do you care about fashion?

- Do you keep up with trends? Why? Is it cheap or expensive to keep up with trends?

-Why do all teens wear the same clothes? Do all teenagers follow the trends? Why?

-Do your parents approve your taste in clothes?

- Do you like to look cool? Why?

- Do you like to wear brand clothes? Why? What are «no-name clothes»?

- Do you like to stand out? Why? (Why not?)

- Who influences your tastes? Why are teens so obsessed with fashion?

- Are you a shopaholic? How much do you spend on clothes? (on average).

33. Переведите:

Я не люблю выделяться / Я покупаю вещи на распродажах / Это платье – крик моды / Мне нет дела до моды, я ношу удобные вещи.

34. Составьте примеры, употребляя следующие словосочетания:

to wear, to get dressed, to put on, to take off, to change clothes, to be out of date, to try on, to come in fashion, to come out of fashion, casual, to look smart, to look scruffy, to look cool, well dressed, carelessly dressed.

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