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Упр. 74. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо

During ... American War of ... Independence, ... commander of ... small unit of soldiers was giv­ing ... orders to his men about ... heavy cannon that they were trying to lift to its place at ... top of some fortifications. It was almost beyond their power to lift ... weight, and ... commander kept shouting ... encouraging words. ... officer, not in uniform, was passing by, and he asked ... com­mander why he did not help ... soldiers. Greatly surprised, ... man turned round and said proudly: "Sir, I am ... corporal!" "Oh, you are, are you?" replied ... officer: "I did not know that. I beg your pardon, Mr. Corporal." Then he got off ... horse he was riding and, taking hold of ... rope that ... men were pulling at, he pulled with all his strength. And when ... cannon was in its place, he turned to ... little great man and said: "Mr. Corporal, when you have ... other job like this and have not enough ... men, send for your commander-in-chief, and I shall gladly come and help you." ... corporal was struck with ... astonishment. ... man who had helped his soldiers was George Washington.

Упр. 75. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

Robert Burns, ... son of ... small farmer in Ayr­shire, was born on ... 25th of ... January, 1759. His parents were poor, so that Burns could not get a good education. He worked hard as ... plough boy. He was fond of reading and always had ... ballad-book before him at ... dinner. After ... death of his father Robert and his brother and sisters took over ... farm together. Working in ... fields Burns wrote many wonderful songs. However, things became so bad on ... farm, that ... poet de­cided to go to ... Jamaica hoping to get ... job on ... plantation there. Luckily some friends helped Burns to publish ... book of poems. ... book was noticed and praised highly. In 1786 Burns went to ... Edinburgh, and his book of poems unlocked ... doors of ... rich Edinburgh houses to a peasant with such a wonderful talent. In 1788 he married Jean Armour and spent... peaceful and happy year. ... rest of his life-story is ... tale of ... poet's hard­ships. ... hard life ruined ... poet's health, and on ... 21st of ... July, 1796 he died at ... age of thir­ty-seven.



Упр. 76. Дайте соответствующие существи­тельные женского рода.

A lion, a tiger, an actor, a poet, a man, an un­cle, a husband, a brother, a grandfather, a son, a master, a baron, a count, a shepherd, a host.

Упр. 77. Дайте соответствующие существи­тельные мужского рода.

A lady, a girl, a niece, Mrs. Smith, a widow, a stewardess, a French woman, a cow, a queen, a princess, a duchess, a hen, a mother.

Образование множественного числа существи­тельных

a cat — cats

a dog — dogs

a car — cars

a watch — watches

a dress — dresses a dish — dishes a box — boxes

a boy — boys a city — cities

a potato — potatoes a leaf — leaves

Упр. 78. Поставьте следующие существитель­ные во множественное число (не забудьте, что перед множественным числом неопределенный артикль нужно опустить),

A table, a plate, a fox, a room, a lady, a knife, a chair, a bus, a Negro, a match, a way, a house, a family, a flag, a town, a wolf, a country, a lion, a park, a play.

Запомните форму множественного числа следу­ющих существительных:

a man — men a goose — geese

a woman — women a tooth — teeth

a child — children a fool — feet

a mouse — mice an ox — oxen

Запомните также:


an Englishman — Englishmen a Frenchman — Frenchmen a German — Germans

Запомните три существительных, имеющих во множественном числе ту же форму, что и в единственном:

a sheep — sheep a deer — deer

a swine swine

Упр. 79. Поставьте следующие существитель­ные во множественное число (обратите внимание на артикли: неопределенный артикль во множе­ственном числе опускается, определенный артикль сохраняется).

A star, a mountain, a tree, a shilling, a king, the waiter, the queen, a man, the man, a woman, the woman, an eye, a shelf, a box, the city, a boy, a goose, the watch, a mouse, a dress, a toy, the sheep, a tooth, a child, the ox, a deer, the life, a tomato.

Упр. 80. Поставьте следующие словосочета­ния во множественное число.

This tea-cup, this egg, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, that match, this knife.


this is — these are that is — those are there is — there are it is — they are

Упр. 81. Поставьте следующие предложения во множественное число.

1. This is a star. 2. This is a boy. 3. This is a baby. 4. That is a plate. 5. That is a flower, j 6. That is a bookshelf. 7. Is this a sofa? 8. Is this a bookcase? 9. Is this a man? 10. Is that a ball? 11. Is that a train? 12. Is that a plane? 13. Is the window open? 14. Is the door closed? 15. Is the boy near the window? 16. That is not a king, 17. That is not a queen. 18. That is not a bus. 19. This isn't a mountain. 20. That isn't a goose. 21. This isn't a mouse. 22. It is a sheep. 23. It is a cigarette. 24. It is a cat. 25. It is not a girl. 26. It isn't a bag. 27. It isn't a tree. 28. It is not a bad egg. 29. It is a good egg. 30. Is that a flower?

Упр. 82. Поставьте следующие предложения во множественное число.

1. This man is an engineer. 2, That woman is my sister. 3. This child is my son, 4. That goose is big. 5. This mouse is white. 6. This man is a doc­tor. 7. That woman is my cousin. She is a teacher 8. That girl is my niece. She is a pupil. 9. This girl has a blue sweater. 10. This boy has a good coat. 11. My uncle has a large flat. 12. There is a table in the room. 13. I have a good pen. My pen is in my pocket. 14. There is a flower in the vase. 15. This child's foot is sore.

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