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Упр. 307. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи

1. Father said to Jane: "Show me your exercise-book." 2. "What are you doing here, boys?" said Kate. 3. "Don't make noise," said Tom's mother to him. 4. Helen said to Pete: "Did you play chess with your father yesterday?" 5. Kate said to her grandmother: "Help me to cook the soup, please." 6. Mike said to the teacher: "My sister knows two foreign languages." 7. "What have you prepared for today, children?" said the teacher. 8. Tom said to his sister: "I saw your friend at the library yes­terday." 9. The teacher said to the pupils: "Don't open your books." 10. Mother said to me: "You will go to the cinema tomorrow."

Упр. 308. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. "Tom, go to bed," said his mother. 2. "I have never seen your toys," said Nellie to Pete, 3. "Give me your record-book, Nick," said the teacher. 4. Ann said to Lena: "Look at my nice kitten." 5. "We shall go to the zoo tomorrow," said our grand­mother. 6. Mother said to Pete: "Don't forget to wash your hands." 7. Nick said to his mother: "I am *\ doing my homework." 8. "I have learnt a long poem," v said Mike to the teacher. 9. "Don't play in the street," said the man to the boys. 10. Why don't you drink your tea?" said my mother to me. 11. "When did you receive this letter?" my friend said to me. 12. "I saw my friend at the stadium yesterday," said Johnny to his mother. 13."Will you play football with us?" said the boys to Peter.

Упр. 309. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. "Don't cross the street under the red light," said the man to Nick. 2. "I took a very good book from our library yesterday," said Mike to his fa­ther. 3. "Come to my house tomorrow, Jane," said Lena. 4. "Where are your books, Betsy?" said her mother. 5. "Do you like my pies. Ann?" asked her grandmother. 6. "Sit down at the table and do your homework," said Tom's mother to him. 7. "What did you do at school yesterday, John?" said his father. 8. "Will you play the piano today, Helen?" asked her aunt. 9. My uncle said: "We shall visit you next week."

Упр. 310. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. "I shall buy some new stamps for you if you give me this one," said Mike to Kate. 2. "Will you bring your sister to the party with you, Boris?" asked Mary. 3. "Please don't touch me," he said to me. 4. My father said: "I think I shall not go to the beach with you today because I am very busy." 5. "I am very thirsty. Please give me some lemon­ade, Ann," said Tom. 6. "Don't lie to me Tom," said Aunt Polly. "I am tired of your lies." 7. "Are you fond of going to the theatre?" asked my friend. "Piave you seen any plays by Shakespeare?" 8. Nellie asked me: "Did you see 'Hamlet' last night?" 9. I asked Nellie: "Shall we go to the theatre together?" 10. "Does Mike like Shakespeare?" asked Nellie. "Will he go to the theatre with us?"

Упр. 311. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. "Are you playing volley-ball, girls?" said Ann. "I did not know that you liked it." 2. "Don't touch these photographs," said Peter to us. "They are still wet, and you may spoil them." 3. "Does your friend often come here, boys?" said Fred. "I want to speak to him." 4. "How did you manage to solve this difficult problem in such a short time?" said my friend to me. 5. The teacher said to us: "You will write a test-paper tomorrow." 6. "I saw a new film yesterday," said Kate to Nick. "Did you like it?'' asked Nick. 7. "Why are you shouting, man?" said Prince John to Locksley. "What is your name?" 8. "Who has read 'Ivanhoe'?" asked the teacher. "Whom was it written by?" 9. One of the pupils asked the teacher of literature: "What novels shall we read next year?" 10. "Is the river Volga in Russia?" asked the Frenchman.

Упр. 312. Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. "Will the teacher return our exercise-books today?" asked Nick. 3. "My nephew is a very capa­ble young man," said the woman. "He has just grad­uated from college, but he is already a very skilful specialist." 3. "Sit still and don't move your head," said the doctor to me. 4. "I want to know how your cousin likes working at this hospital," said Vera to Helen. 5. "Don't forget to bring your exercise-books tomorrow," said the teacher to us. "You are going to write a very important paper." 6. "How can I get to the circus?" asked the girl. "Take tram number five," said the man. 7. "I am very sorry, Kate," said Mike, "I have forgotten to bring your dictionary." 8. "When does your mother go shop­ping?" asked the neighbour. 9. "Do you know where the Browns live?" we asked a passer-by. 10. "There are a lot of trains to my station on Sunday," said Andrew to us. "You will have no problems getting to my country-place." 11. "Do you often meet my sister at the library?" he asked me.


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