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At on in for since during by until

1. Jack has gone away. He’ll be back ____ a week.

2. We’re having a party ____ Saturday. Can you come?

3. I’ve got an interview next week. It’s ____ 9:30 ____ Tuesday morning.

4. Sue isn’t usually here ____ weekends. She goes away.

5. The train service is very good. The trains are nearly always ____ time.

6. It was a confusing situation. Many things were happening ____ the same time.

7. I couldn’t decide whether or not to buy the sweater. ____ the end I decided not to.

8. The road is busy all the time, even ____ night.

9. I was woken up by a loud noise ____ the night.

10. I saw Helen ______ Friday but I haven’t seen her _____ then.

11. Brian has been doing the same job ____ five years.

12. Ann’s birthday is ______ the end of March. I’m not sure exactly which day it is.

13. We’ve got some friends staying with us ____ the moment. They’re staying _____ Friday.

14. If you are interested in applying the job, your application must be received _____ Friday.


Предлоги места и направления


Основные предлоги места: Предлоги направления:
on – on the desk, on the wall; in – in the room, in the street; at – at the window, at the meeting, at the table; near – near the door, near the wall; by – by the river; over – over the table, over the sea; above – above the sofa; beyond − beyond the lake, beyond the for- est; across – across the street; under – under the table, under the bed; between – between two chairs, between the doors; among – among the students, among them; behind – behind the house, behind the tree; across – across the street, across the river; in front of – in front of the house, in front of the column; through – through the window, through the glass     to – to the library, to the south, to the park; towards – towards the forest, towards the house; from – from the table, from the north; along – along the street; into – into the room, into the box; out of – out of the house, out of the drawer; off – off the table, off the wall


Упр. 28. Выберите подходящий по смыслу предлог.

1. A train … Moscow. 5. … the ten o’clock show.

A to; B for; C on. A on; B in; C at.

2. A ticket … the plane. 6. A visit … a college.

A on; B to; C for. A on; B at; C in; D to.



3. The plans … the future. 7. … John’s birthday.

A for; B on; C to. A on; B at; C in.

4. He is … his sister’s. 8. What are the office hours … you?

A by; B near; C at. A at; B by; C near; D with.



Предлоги, сообщающие о способе путешествия


Это предлоги by, onи in.При использовании предлога byмежду предлогом и словом, определяющим способ путешествия (air, sea, car, bus и т.д.), нет ни артикля, ни притяжательного местоимения. Предлог onупотребляется, если есть артикль или притяжательное местоимение (on the train, on my bicycle, on his horse) (исключение - on foot). Предлог inиспользуется так же, как и on, но только с автомобилем, как средством передвижения (in the taxi, in your car).



Упр. 29.Выберите соответствующий предлог.

1. I saw him riding into town on / by his bicycle yesterday.

2. He’d rather go on/ by bus than drive there himself.

3. She sent him home in / by a taxi.

4. That’s much too far to travel on / in foot.

5. Did you take the tunnel to France, or did you go on / in the ferry?

6. She rode through town on / by her horse.

7. Let’s go home in / by taxi - I can’t be bothered to walk.

8. She sometimes gets sick when travelling on / by sea.

9. He flies round the world in / by his own private jet.

10. The quickest way to get there is on / by air.



Глагол и предлог


Можно выделить следующие типы глагольных комбинаций:

1 Глаголы с закрепленными предлогами.

2 Глаголы с последующим предлогом или наречием, совпадающим по форме с предлогом, образующие новую лексическую единицу, которая часто имеет несколько значений. Количество таких комбинаций глаго- лов с последующим предлогом (фразовых глаголов) или наречием (по- слелогом) в английском языке очень велико.


Глаголы с закрепленными предлогами

Многие глаголы в английском языке имеют управление, отличное от управления соответствующих русских глаголов, поэтому использование предлогов необходимо всегда проверять по словарю в словарной статье таких глаголов.


Упр. 30.Заполните пропуски соответствующим предлогом.

1. I applied … the job that I saw advertised … the paper.

2. I think you’re quite right. I absolutely agree … you.

3. They are arguing … who’s going to win the World Cup.

4. Water consists … hydrogen and oxygen.

5. After six months of working overtime, she succeeded … paying off her debts. 6. It took him a long time to recover … the injuries he sustained in the car crash.

7. I’d like to complain … the manager … the state of my room. It isn’t very tidy.

8. Compared … many countries, the cost of living in Spain is quite low.

9. She was concentrating so hard … her book that she didn’t hear me come into the room.

10. The work was divided … four students.

11. Who does that car belong …? It’s in my way.

12. Could I speak … you for a moment … our plans for next month? It’s rather


13. Gold is not affected … moisture.



Упр. 31.Закончите вопросы необходимым предлогом.

1. What are you worrying …? 9. Who do you agree …?

2. What do you hope …? 10. Who did you cooperate …?

3. What exam are you preparing …? 11. Who have you just danced …?

4. Where are you hurrying …? 12. What disease did she die …?

5. Who are you waiting …? 13. Who has it happened …?

6. What are you listening …? 14. Who have you learned it …?

7. What railway station does this train arrive …?

8. What have you congratulated John …?



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