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Времена групп Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect (Passive Voice)

(см. таблицы 4.1., 4.2., 4.3.)


Задание I. Заполните данную ниже таблицу аналогично таблице 1.1.,

используя приводимые ниже предложения.

The Passive Voice


Indefinite Continuous Perfect
Present Past Future 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


a) At its every stage the economic devel­opment of Belarus has been aimedto boost the people’s well-being.

b) Opportunities will be broadenedfor more rapid progress in closing the gap between working and living conditions in town and country.

c) As the incomes of the working class and farm peasantry draw close together, the distinction in the work­ing people’s living standards within each of the two groups arealso being reduced.

d) The consistent effort to close the income gap is largely aimedto effect a more rapid increase in the incomes of families in the middle and lower brackets.

e) Additional payments for night work in industry were in­creased.

f) Regional wage indexes were introduced for factory and office workers at enterprises and institutions in the regions where these indexes had not been establishedearlier.

g) At that time our industry and trade were being recon­structedin respect of technology, outlook and economic operation.


Задание II. Укажите индексы сказуемых правой колонки, которые соответствуют их английским эквивалентам в левой колонке.

will be exported   were exported   (a) экспортируются (b) будут экспортиро­ваться (c) экспортировали
are being exported is reached   were reached   would be reached     (a) будет достигнут (b) достигнут (c) были достигнуты
was altered is being altered has been altered (a) изменена (b) была изменена (c) изменяется
will be discussed   has been discussed   was discussed       (a) обсудили (b) будут обсуждать (c) обсуждали
were being created had been created would be created   (a) будет создан (b) был создан (c) создавались


Задание III. Укажите индекс сказуемого, которое должно стоять в следующем ниже предложении (см. табл. 1.17.-1.19.).

6. Increasing use ... of the timber supplies at present.

(a) has been made (b) is made (c) is being made

7. It was planned that large aluminum plants ... near the main power station in that district in the years to come.

(a) will be created (b) would be created (c) were created

8. Cities and towns rose from the ruins more beautiful than they ... before.

(a) were (b) have been (c) had been

Задание IV. Укажите вопрос, который по времени совпа­дает со временем сказуемого данного ниже предложения.

Black youth have traditionally been denied equal educa­tional opportunities.


9. In what country are black youth traditionally denied equal educational opportunities?

10. In what country were black youth traditionally denied equal educational opportunities?

11. In what country are black youth being traditionally de­nied equal educational opportunities?

12. In what country have black youth been traditionally denied equal educational opportunities?

Задание V. Укажите русское предложение, которое соот­ветствует следующему предложению.

The builders of the town are being supplied with high-quality goods.


13. Строители города снабжались высококачественными


14. Строителей города снабжали высококачественными то­варами.

15. Строители города снабжаются высококачественными


16. Строители города снабжены высококачественными то­варами.


Ключи: I —1 — d); 2 — е); 3 — b); 4 — с); 5 — g); 6 - а); 7 - f); II -1 - (Ь), (с), (а); 2 – (b), (с), (а); 3 - (b), (с), (а); 4 - (b), (а), (с); 5 - (с), (b), (а);III-6 - (с); 7 - (b); 8 - (с); IV - 12; V – 15



Задания к разделу 5.

Причастие I/II (см. табл. 5.1., 5.2.)

Задание I. Исключите три предложения, в которых при­частие II входит в состав сказуемого в страдательном за­логе. Укажите предложение с причастием II в функции определения.

1. After the revolution the exploitation of man by man and parasitic consumption of the national income were elimi­nated.

2. The budget of Belarus is directly connected with mate­rial production.

3. The production of cotton textiles is the largest organized industry in India.

4. The production of aluminum will be achieved through the construction of new enterprises.

Задание II. Укажите предложения, в которых причастие II образует определительный причастный оборот.

5. The distance between home and the job is the most fre­quent reason given by women with families for changing jobs.

6. Before World War II the Western Powers headed by Brit­ain, France and the United States were against Soviet proposals to prevent war.

7. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work” is how the basic law of socialism was formulated.

Задание III. Укажите предложения, в которых причастие II встречается и в составе сказуемого и в функции опреде­ления.

8. The country’s economy is based on public ownership of the means of production.

9. Large-scale industry which was created during the last years periods ensured the economic indepen­dence of Belarus.

10. Tuition in Russian schools is conducted in many languages spoken there.

11. A comprehensive plan takes into account suggestions submitted by individual enterprises and other economic units.

12. There exists a number of collective specialized organiza­tions formed within the organization framework.

13. Many Belarusian people are granted accommodation free or at greatly reduced terms.

14. The marked improvement in living standards, free pub­lic health services contributed to the sharp drop in the mortality rate in our country.

Задание IV. Укажите предложения с причастием II в функции обстоятельства.

15. The marked improvement in living standards is visible everywhere in our country.

16. Asked about the main trends of the country’s develop­ment the reporter spoke about heavy industry growth.

17. The program adopted by the Session of the EU coun­tries was a new stage in the development of their cooper­ation.

18. Taken by itself, rapid scientific-technical development might even aggravate cyclical tendencies in the world.

19. Once, when asked about her profession, a woman with a good sense of humor said: “I’m a wife and a mother.”


Ключи: I — 3; II — 5, 6; III —10; 13; IV —16, 18, 19

Задание V. Укажите предложение с причастием I в функции определения.

1. The first section of the power station will be operating by the end of this year.

2. The production of cotton textiles is the largest organized industry in India supplying the huge domestic market as well as widespread export markets.

3. Oil is continuing to play an important role in the economy.

Задание VI. Укажите предложения, в которых причастие I употребляется и в составе сказуемых и в функции опреде­ления.

4. The nation’s deepening recession is driving thousands of young people to roam the country in search for jobs.

5. Machine-tools, plant for the iron and steel industry and chemical industry, cars, aircraft and ships, bearing the “Ma­de in the USA”, are winning growing world acclaim.

6. The women working part-time now cannot, of course, turn out the whole daily quota, and their wages have dropped to half of what they used to be.

7. But the women are not grumbling, far from it.

8. The number of women wishing to work half a shift has already reached several hundred at the factory.

Задание VII. Укажите предложения, в которых прича­стие I употребляется в функции обстоятельства.

9. Every citizen in Belarus knows that he can al­ways get a job for which he will get paid depending on the quantity and quality of his work.

10. Now there are renewed threats of a fuel-oil shortage. Mak­ing use of the shortage propaganda the big oil companies have increased their prices to consumers mercilessly.

11. Anyone, regardless of age, profession, education or sex can come to Moscow special bureaus for job placement and information whether he or she is working at the mo­ment or not.

12. The Baikal-Amur railway is changing the aspect of Si­beria’s remote territory, setting a new pace for its develop­ment.

Задание VIII. Укажите предложения, в которых причастие I употребляется и в составе сказуемого и в функции обсто­ятельства.

13. Thousands of unemployed people are roaming the country looking for jobs.

14. Higher growth rates are specified for investments in key areas — fuel and power engineering, metals, metallurgical and other equipment, strengthening the material-technical base of agriculture, increasing the supply of fertilizer and equipment.

15. In multicultural Russia students are taught in their native tongue, thereby preserving the different national languages.


Ключи: V— 2; VI — 5; VII— 9, 10, 12; VIII — 13


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