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The Future Progressive

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Ex 292. Read and translate the sentences Comment on the use of the Future Progressive

1. You'll have to add another cup and saucer on the tray, Parky. A friend of Mrs. Keswick's has just arrived. She'll be having tea with us. 2. I'd better get you home, Theodora darling. Your aunt will be worrying and wondering where you are. 3. Goodbye. You won't be seeing me for a long time. 4. — Why must I take a book and a packed lunch? — You'll be sitting on the train for hours. 5. While you are slicing the cheese, I will be buttering the bread. 6. We'll be arriving at Miami airport at exactly this time tomorrow morning. 7. Next Sunday, the Prime Minister will be celebrating ten years in power. 8. Whenever I think of you, I will be remembering the shadow of your smile. 9. And you, Edwin, will be doing me a great service if you get me the smelling salts from my bedroom. 10. Will you be wearing your new earrings tonight? 11. Mind, I shall be keeping a very careful eye on you from now on! 12. She'll be soon coming round the mountains! (about the first train). 13. In the next few minutes we shall be crossing the Belgian border.


Ex. 293.Translate into English.

I. В своей следующей лекции ученый будет говорить о сверхъестественных явлениях в этой области. 2. Не волнуйся, Аня будет помогать нам организовывать ве­чер. 3. — Не представляю, что будут говорить обо мне люди после этого случая. — Будут сплетничать, а по­том найдут новую тему для разговоров. 4. Нас не бу­дет в Москве в августе. Мы будем гостить у родствен­ников в Великом Новгороде. 5. — Интересно, как она будет реагировать на эту новость: будет ли она сме­яться или плакать, будет ли она сердиться или же ра­доваться. — Поживем, увидим. 6. Хотела бы я знать, чем будет заниматься мой брат, пока нас не будет дома. Боюсь, что целыми днями он будет лежать на диване и смотреть боевики по телевизору. 7. Не волнуйся, я не забуду тебя. Я буду думать о тебе день и ночь. А ты будешь вспоминать меня? 8. Ирина не сможет при­соединиться к нам сегодня вечером. Она будет сидеть с соседскими детьми. 9. Ты весь день будешь пользо­ваться компьютером? Он мне тоже нужен. 10. Ты не будешь проходить мимо аптеки? Мне нужно лекарство. II. Если ты покинешь меня, все равно я буду наде­яться, я буду хранить тебя (to hold) в своем сердце.


Ex. 294.Read, translate and learn the song in bold type.

Now, in the hall floated the familiar voice of Vera Lynn, singing one of the most popular and sentimental songs of the war years. The lights were very dim in the room, and on the dance floor the atmosphere was highly conducive to romance, and perfect for young lovers caught up in the fears and dangers and tensions of war. Mark took Teddy in his arms and they moved slowly around the room to the music, holding each other tightly, Teddy sang softly, in a low voice that only Mark could hear: " 'I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places that my mind and heart embraces all day through. In that small cafe, the park across the way, the children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well. I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day, in everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way, I'll find you in the morning sun, and when the night is new, I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you.'"

(after B. Bradford)


Ex 295. Read the text and translate it. Comment on the ways of expressing future actions.

It's struck me several times lately that perhaps I should write down my stories and draw pictures to illustrate them. Perhaps I will, but only for Jamie and Lissa. This idea suddenly took hold of me. What a wonderful surprise it would be for the twins if I created a picture book for each of them, and put the books in their Christmas stockings.

I groaned inside; how ridiculous to be thinking of Christmas on this suffocatingly hot summer's day. But the summer will soon be drawing to an end; it always does disappear very quickly after July Fourth weekend. Then Thanksgiving will be upon us before I can blink, with Christmas not far behind.

This year we are planning to spend Christmas in England. We will be staying with Diana at her house in the Yorkshire dales. Andrew and I are really looking forward to it, and the children are excited. They are hoping it will snow so that they can go sledging with their father. He's promised to take them on the runs he

favored when he was a child; and he is planning to teach them to skate, providing Diana's pond has frozen solid.


The Future Perfect

Ex. 296.Read and translate the sentences. Comment on the use of the Future Perfect.

1. By the time my parents get back home I will have cleaned the house from top to bottom. 2. The tourists hope that the tornado will have finished before they arrive in California. 3. Next month I will have known Rick for twenty years. 4. By the time you start writing your test I will have finished mine. 5. When you drop in at my place, I will have painted the door. 6. Will you have arranged everything by tomorrow?


Ex. 297.Translate into English.

1. Я надеюсь, что напишу дипломную работу к концу учебного года. 2. Решишь ли ты все свои проблемы до нашей следующей встречи? 3. К концу года цены на бензин вновь вырастут. 4. У меня короткая стрижка, но к лету волосы вырастут. 5. Садовник подстрижет кусты и деревья, расчистит дорожки, сожжет опавшую листву до наступления зимы. 6. Не беспокойся, платье сошьют к выпускному вечеру. 7. К тому времени, как ты доберешься домой, пицца будет приготовлена. 8. Про­граммист завершит новую программу до назначенного срока. 9. Учительница обещает, что проверит наши кон­трольные работы к следующему уроку.


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