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Exercise 1. Insert the required tense (Passive Voice)

1. "I don't want to hear another word. I __ never __ so __ in my whole life, (to insult) (/. Shaw)2. But what shall I do if you __ ? (to kill) (Shaw) 3. Godfrey waited, before he spokeagain, until the ale __ and the door __ (to bring, to close)(Eliot) 4. In whatever spare time he could find, he read the current research journals, trying to understand the implications of theexperiments which __ throughout the world, (to perform) (Wilson)5. Merriman, order the dog-cart at once. Mr. Ernest __ suddenlyto town, (to call back) (Wilde) 6. Upon the Doctor and the widowthe eyes of both Mr. Tuprnan and his companion __ for sometime, when the stranger broke silence, (to fix) (Dickens) 7. In 1834, the Houses of Parliament, with the exception of Westminster Hall __ by fire. They __ '. by Sir Charles Barry, (to destroy, to rebuild)8. "I'm afraid that we're going to have to move," he said. "This lab won't be big enough for us after all. But there's a double room on the eleventh floor that __ " (to use — negative) (Wilson)9. Lanny noticed that he __ by three white men from the coffeestall on the other side of the road, (to watch) 10. It was past eleven o'clock — a late hour for the little village of Cobham —when Mr. Pickwick retired to the bedroom which __ for hisreception, (to prepare) (Dickens) 11. We __. if we __, but nevermind, (to scold, to see) (Ch. Bronte) 12. The Nobel Prize __ tohim in 1924 when the advent of wave mechanics had revealed the importance of his work, ten years after his famous experiment__ (to give, to perform) (Wilson) 13. The camp of peace will notallow the outbreak of a new war that __ by the imperialists.(to prepare) 14. I called... to ask if a diamond brooch of mine__ (to find) (Wilde) 15. The tea-things __ scarcely ___ whenthe London coach deposited Mr. Weller, senior, at the door, (to put away) (Dickens) 16. Annette's most valuable stone was ruby, which__ to her when she was twelve by an Indian prince who was inlove with her mother, (to give) (Murdoch) 17. He [Jim] put down his pail... and bent over the toe with absorbing interest whilethe bandage __ (to unwind) (Twain) 18. He carefully examinedthe contents of his case, and did not speak again until the beer__ and he had paid for it. (to bring) (Priestley) 19. The littlepatient — and __, and now lay composed in her crib, (toexamine, to soothe) (Ch. Bronte) 20. It was an idea that __ atthat moment __ by Colonel Melchett and Colonel Bantry. (to discuss) (Christie) 21. Lanny __ cruelly, heartlessly in the way Sara__ When he __, the barking of a dog __ It __ by hurriedfootsteps, (to beat, to beat, to beat, to hear, to follow) 22. H«[Arthur] went up to his room. Nothing in it __ since his arrest,(to change) (Voynich) 23. You can feel when you __. (to watch](Hilton) 24. The oldest of London's present-day theatres is th(Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, which __ in 1663 and __ since __ several times, (to open, to reconstruct) 25. Below decks theatmosphere was close. Many cigarettes __, and __. (to smoketo smoke) (Clark) 26. She kept an eye on the Leanharn people to see that her action __ duly ___ (to notice) (Maugham) 27. Rumania is a Balkan State which __ long __ for its mineral springs.(to know) (Maugham) 28. After a few routine questions __ and __,Dr. Lord leant back in his chair and smiled at his patient, (to ask,to answer) (Christie) 29. Ettore was twenty-three. He __ by anuncle in San Francisco and was visiting his father and mother inTorino when war __ (to bring up, to declare) (Hemingway) 30. Hestrode up to the front door of the forlorn house and rang the belllike one who __ there for weeks, (to expect) (Priestley) 31. Afterlunch, we heard that Charles Lenton __ for. (to send) (Snow)32. Breakfast __ scarcely ___ when a waiter brought in Mr.Dowler's card, (to clear away) (Dickens) 33. One could not walk or drive about Philadelphia without seeing or being impressed with the general tendency toward a more cultivated and selective sociallife. Many excellent and expensive houses __ (to erect) (Dreiser)34. I __ constantly __ in the street. I like it. It gives an amusement to the dullest walk, (to follow) (Maugham) 35. A minute earlier, a small boy with a partly deflated red balloon had runout into the cleared forbidden street. He __ just __ : and __ backto the curb by his father... (to capture, to drag) (Salinger)36....the railway __ at all at that time, (to use — negitive) (Shute)37. Ant on i a: Thank you. Thank you. Martin: What __ I __ for? (to thank) (Murdoch and Priestley) 38. The gentleman was sostartled that he took the night train for the Continent and __ never __ of since, (to hear) (Maugham)

Exercise 2. State where the combination to be + Participle II is a simple predicate and where it is a compound nominal predicate.

1. Mr. Dorrit's rooms were reached. Candles were lighted. The attendants withdrew. (Dickens) 2. The door was instantly opened. (Ch. Bronte) 3. I have been treatedand respected as a gentleman universally. (Dickens) 4. About noon, I was summonedto dress madame. (Ch. Bronte) 5. My boxes are locked, strappedand labelled; I hate being hurried. (Collins) 6. This brisk little affair was all settled before breakfast. (Ch. Bronte) 7. He was like a man who had been separated from one he loved for many years... (Greene) 8. I stopped at a barber shop and was shaved and went home to the 'hospital. (Hemingway) 9. We shall have time to-morrow, when my packing is finished.(Voynich)10. My wife and daughters were charmed with her. (Collins) 11. The purchase was completed within a month. (Dickens) 12. You are deceived. (Hardy) 13. the door was opened by a girl. (Priestley) 14. I'll be dressedin a minute. (Hemingway) 15. The small room was lit only by a dying fire and one candle with a shade over it. (Eliot) 16. A short bridge over a canal was blown upbut we climbed across on what was leftof the span. (Hemingway) 17. The chambermaid's curiosity was arousedat once. (Priestley) 18. Was your novel ever published? (Wilde) 19. He has not beenwell educated up to now. (Clark) 20. Huckleberry was filledwith admiration of Tom's facility in writing and the sublimity of his language. (Twain) 21. The beds, which for years had been neglected, now were trim with the abominations of carpet bedding. (Maugham) 22. A whisper goes about the house that Mr. Dombey's hair is curled. (Dickens) 23. He was in the house when the diamond was lost. (Collins) 24. When at last the notes were finished, I typed them out... (Hilton) 25. Penn was fascinatedand troubled by this suggestion. (Murdoch) 26. The big brightly lit stone-flagged kitchen was silent... The shutters were closedand barred. (Murdoch) 27. Red carpet was laid downfor the occasion; hothouse plants and evergreens were arrangedin bowers at the extremities and in every recess of the gallery. (Eliot) 28....perhaps you know that Mirah's brother is found. (Eliot) 29. Another half-hour and all doors would be locked— all lights extinguished. (Ch. Bronte) 30. Sam's body was twistedand deformed. But he had not been, born like that... Early one morning farm laborers on their way to work from Stilleveld had come upon a twisted heap lying in the open. It had turned out to be Sam... The right side of his head had been crushed in, as though by a boot. Most of the ribs in the right side of his chest were broken. His right arm was brokenin many places. (Abrahams) 31. The scoop, under the ranger's fence, cannily selected for his sleepingplace, was overhungby branches. (Galsworthy) 32. My things are all packed. (Hemingway) 33. Two doors opened out of it [the passage] to the left and to the right. One of these had obviously been closedfor many weeks. (Conan Doyle) 34. In the front room the bricks of the floor were being tumbledaside by the shoots from old tree-roots. (Lessing) 35. She realized that the old life was goneand done with. (Maugham)

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