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Exercise 3. Define the kinds of attributive clauses. Translate into Russian

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1. "Everybody who makes the kind of blunder I did should apologize," he remarked with a pronounced nodding of his head. (Caldwell) 2. Rachel had become aware of the fact that she was talking loudly. (Swinnerton) 3. He took after his blond father, who had been a painter. Rosa took after her dark-haired mother, who had been a Fabian. (Murdoch) 4. What we are interested in, as author and reader, is the fact that publishing in England is now an integral part of big business. (Fox) 5. The first thing Martin did next morning was to go counter both to Brissenden's advice and command. (London) 6. The invalid, whose strength was now sufficiently restored, threw off his coat, and rushed towards the sea, with the intention of plunging in, and dragging the drowning man ashore. (Dickens) 7. He was suddenly reminded of the crumpled money he had snatched from the table and burned in the sink. (Caldwell) 8. Georgie, who is now twenty-six, had been an undergraduate at Cambridge, where she had taken a degree in economics. (Murdoch) 9. He would speak for hours about them to Harry Esmond; and, indeed, he could have chosen few subjects more likely to interest the unhappy young man, whose heart was now as always devoted to these ladies; and who was thankful to all who loved them, or praised them, or wished them well. (Thackeray) 10. I hardly know why I came to the conclusion that you don't consider it an altogether fortunate attachment. (Pinero) 11. He walked to the window and stood there looking at the winter night that had finally come upon them. (Caldwell) 12. What terrified her most was that she found deep in her heart a strong wish that Mischa might indeed want to reopen negotiations. (Murdoch) 13. Directly in front of her window was a wide terrace with a stone parapet which swept round to what she took to be the front of the house, which faced the sea more squarely. (Murdoch) 14. He spent half the week in Cambridge, where he lodged with his sister and lent his ear to neurotic undergraduates, and the other half in London, where he seemed to have a formidable number of well-known patients. (Murdoch) 15. I went upstairs to lie down and fell into the most profound and peaceful sleep that I had experienced for a long time. (Murdoch) 16. "Palmer Anderson," said Georgie, naming Antonia's psychoanalist, who was also a close friend of Antonia and myself. (Murdoch) 17. She looked to him much the same child as he had met six years ago... (Murdoch) 18. Rosa had the feeling that she was both recognized and expected. (Murdoch) 19. Maybe the reason you don't want to goto a specialist is because you don't want to change—you want to stay as you are. (Caldwell) 20. Gretta regarded him with a look on her face that was unrevealing of her thoughts. (Caldwell) 21. Such light as there was from the little lamp fell now on his face, which looked horrible — for it was all covered with blood. (Priestley) 22. Three days after Gretta and Glenn Kenworthy's Saturday night party, which was still being talked about among those who had been present, Royd Fillmore presented a formal jesignation to the governing board of Medical Square Clinic. (Caldwelf)

Exercise 4. Define the kinds of attributive clauses and punctuate accordingly.

1. That is all I can tell you. (London) 2. He was under the impression that an attempt was going to be made to convict him. (Dreiser) 3. Whenever she came which was often she came quite noisily. (Dreiser) 4. The things her father said seemed meaningless and neutral. (Lawrence) 5. Then she came to New York where she remained two years. (Lreiser) 6. I opened Palmer's close-fitting hall door which is always unlocked and ushered Dr. Klein inside. (Murdoch) 7. What happened was the last thing that any of them expected to happen. (Priestley) 8. I shook out my scarf which was damp and soggy. (Murdoch) 9. She had no idea where she was going. (Murdoch) 10. There were times when I wanted to stop the car and tell him to get out. (Maltz) 11. His hair which was short sleek and black was just visible beneath the capacious brim of a low-crowned brown hat. (Dickens) 12. But he could see now no reason why he should not smoke. (London) 13. The bar was crowded with men which she had expected it to be and at first she was not able to find a place to sit down. (Caldwell)

Exercise 5. Insert who, whom, that, which, as.

1. One oil lamp was lit in the bow, and the girl __ Mr. Tench had spotted from the bank began to sing gently __ a melancholy, sentimental and contended song about a rose — had been stained with true love's blood. (Greene) 2. None of us __ were there will ever forget that day. (Greene) 3. I don't believe all __ they write in these books. (Greene) 4. The great protective cover under __ the Germans had operated was torn from them. (Heym) 5. I call her probably the very worst woman __ ever lived in the world... (Dickens) 6. I saved such of the equipment __ could not be replaced, and I saved the personnel... (Heym) 7. Pettinger was pleased that Prince Yasha, __ was a cool observer and a military man... estimated the situation exactly as he, himself, did. (Heym) 8. There was a feeling in the air and a look on faces __ he did not like. (Galsworthy) 9. All __ I can remember is that you gave a beautiful performance. (Thornton)

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