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Exercise 11. Analyse the following sentences. Translate into Russian

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1. All f say is that only lies and evil come from letting people off. (Murdoch) 2. The only thing which could be said against Miss Casement's report was that, if carried into effect, it would damage a great many existing interests. (Murdoch) 3. Directly I began to cross the common 1 realized I had the wrong umbrella, for it sprang a leak and the rain ran down under my macintosh collar, and then it was I saw Henry. (Greene) 4. Bigiardini, who had been allotted the window and door frames, summouned Michelangelo to his side, flicking his fingers for him to sprinkle some water, then stepped back in admiration from the tiny window he had just painted above Elisabeth's head. (Stone) 5. I had left them early, declining a pressing invitation to dinner, and then had stayed up half the night drinking whisky, and I still felt, as I prepared to leave the office, rather sick and giddy. (Murdoch) 6. All three incidents had resulted from the fact, of which he himself was well aware but which he was unable to overcome, that he was unstable and unreliable and a misfit in his profession. (Caldwell) 7. But July arriving and his plan still indefinite, the first thing that occurred to him was that they might go off to some inexpensive resort somewhere. (Dreiser) 8. When they met in the corridors and wards there had not been any semblance of the easy banter they had become accustomed to engaging in whenever they met. (Caldwell) 9. And now Mason regretted that he had not telephoned before leaving Bridgeburg, for he could see that the news of his daughter's death would shock such a man as this most terribly. (Dreiser) 10. She was in awe of Peter Saward, both because of those rather austere features of his character which inspired awe in most of the people who knew him and also for an extra reason of her own, because he was a sick man. (Murdoch) 11. One day, however, very shortly after he had connected himself with the Green — Davidson, he had come in rather earlier than usual in the afternoon and found his mother bending over a letter which evidently had just arrived and which appeared to interest her greatly. (Dreiser) 12. And then, without turning or seeing Clyde across the street, she proceeded to another house a few doors away, which also carried a furnished rooms card and, after surveying the exterior interestedly, mounted the steps and rang the bell. (Dreiser) 13. Val was impressed; and happening to look at his mother's face, he got what was perhaps his first real insight that his feelings were not always what mattered most. (Galsworthy) 14. So often throughout his youth in different cities in which his parents had conducted a mission or spoken on the streets it had been obvious that people looked down upon him and. his brother and sister for being the children of such parents. (Dreiser) 15. He was so irritated and depressed by the poverty and social angularity and crudeness of it — all spelling but one thing social misery, to him — that he at once retraced his steps and recrossing the Mohawk by a bridge farther west soon found himself in an area which was very different indeed. (Dreiser) 16. This visit had been planned to produce in Annette and her mother a due sense of his possessions, so that they should be ready to receive with respect any overture he might later be disposed to make. (Galsworthy) 17. On hearing from the hall porter at the Iseeum that Mr. Dartie had not been in today, he looked at the trusty fellow and decided only to ask if Mr. George Forsyte was in the club. (Galsworthy) 18. When he was born, Winifred, in the heyday of spirits, and the craving for distinction, had determined thai her children should have names such as no others had ever had. (Galsworthy) 19. Having acquired so high a position locally, he was able to marry the daughter of a locai druggist of some means, and two children had been born to them. (Dreiser) 20. On the night in question, at about nine o'clock, as they were nearing the south shore of Big Bittern, they encountered a young man, whom they took to be a stranger making his way from the inn at Big Bittern. (Dreiser) 21. I attached little importance to Palmer's statement that what I had seen would be without a sequel. (Murdoch) 22. The only person who appears to have seen the young man is the captain of that little steam boat that runs from Three Mile Bay to Sharon. (Dreiser) 23. On seeing him, she stopped reading at once, and, flustered and apparently nervous, arose and put. the letter away without commenting in any way upon what she had been reading. (Dreiser) 24. Just as he neared the corner and was about to turn at high speed, a little girl of about nine, who was running toward the crossing, jumped directly in front of the moving machine. (Dreiser) 25. Hunter was twenty-seven and was what some people would have called a "pretty boy". (Murdoch) 26. So convinced was he that he had seen her that he went straight home, and, encountering his mother in the mission, announced that he had seen Esta. (Dreiser) 27. All she had to do after seeing him was to buy her ticket to Utica and get in one coach, and he would buy his separately and get in another. (Dreiser) 28. I could not conceive what was the matter with me and it was not until halfway through the third day that I found out. (Murdoch) 29. The chauffeur returning, she asked Clyde where he wished to go — an address which he gave reluctantly enough, since it was so different from the street in which she resided. (Dreiser) 30. That I could love such a person was a revelation and education to me and something 6f a triumph: it involved a rediscovery of myself. (Murdoch) 31. The day before he had heard Whiggam tell Liggett there was to be a meeting of department heads after closing hours in Smillie's office to day, and that he was to be there. (Dreiser) 32. After swallowing a cup of coffee at one. of the small restaurants near the post-office and walking the length of Central Avenue toward the mill, and pausing at a cigar store to see if Roberta should by any chance come along alone, he was rewarded by the sight of her with Grace Marr again. (Dreiser) 33. Being very lonely, and Dillard not being present because he had to work, Clyde decided upon a trolley ride to Gloversville, which was a city of some twenty thousand inhabitants and reported to be as active, if not as beautiful, as Lycurgus. (Dreiser)

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