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Exercise 12. Analyse the following sentences. Translate into Russian

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1. Already when, at the age of thirteen, fourteen and fifteen, he began looking in the papers, which, being too worldly, had never been admitted to his home, he found that mostly skilled help was wanted. (Dreiser) 2. He had a feeling in his heart that he was not as guilty as they all seemed to think. (Dreiser) 3. He thought at first that having seen him at the moment he had struck Roberta, they had now come to take him. (Dreiser) 4. Her voice sounded to her as if she had shouted, but the man to whom she had been speaking, evidently not hearing a word she had said, continued staring thoughtfully into his beer. (Caldwelt) 5. He decided later that if she did not want him to know what she was doing, perhaps it was best that he should not. (Dreiser) 6. In view of this, Mrs. Griffiths, who was more practical than her husband at all times, and who was intensely interested in Clyde's economic welfare, as well as that of her other children, was actually wondering why Clyde should of a sudden become so enthusiastic about changing to this new situation, which, according to his own story, involved longer hours and not so very much more pay, if any. (Dreiser) 7. She had no idea how long she stood there in the gradually failing light, and the next thing she remembered doing was running to the telephone. (Caldwell) 8. However, as he began to see afterwards, time passed and he was left to work until, depressed by the routine and meager pay, he began to think of giving up this venture here and returning to Chicago or going to New York, where he was sure that he could connect himself with some hotel if need be. (Dreiser) 9. The table was in no way different from any other, and it was not more advantageously placed, but because the oldest residents sat there it was looked upon as the most desirable place to sit, and several elderly women were bitterly resentful because Miss Otkin, who went away for four or five months every summer, should be given a place there while they who spent the whole year in the sanatorium sat at other tables. (Maugham) 10. As soon as he finds a foe near, no matter what he is doing, a well-trained Cottontail keeps just as he is and stops all movement, for the creatures of the woods are of the same colour as the things in the woods and catch the eye only while moving. (Seton Thompson) 11. Then by some accident of association there occurred to him that scene when Emma had told him of his mother's death, and, though he could not speak for crying, he had insisted on going in to say good-bye to the Misses Watkin so that they might see his grief and pity him. (Maugham) 12. He was developing a sense of humour, and found that he had a knack of saying bitter things, which caught people on the raw; he said them because they amused him, hardly realising how much they hurt, and was much offended when he found that his victims regarded him with active dislike. (Maugham) 13. When Winifred came down, and realised that he was not in the house, her first feeling was one of dull anger that he should thus elude the reproaches she had carefully prepared in those long wakeful hours. (Galsworthy) 14. Behind him the nurse did he knew not what, for his father made a tiny movement of repulsion as if resenting that interference; and almost at once his breathing eased away, became quiet; he lay very still. (Galsworthy) 15. The endless rhythmical. noise covered Annette and held her for a while motionless and appalled. (Murdoch) 16. When they had passed through the Red Sea and found a sharp wind in the Canal, Anne had been surprised to see how much the men who had looked presentable enough in the white ducks in which she had been accustomed to see them, were changed when they left them off for warmer clothes. (Maugham) 17. It was not raining, but it had been and a street lamp some way off streaked the roadway with reflections. (Murdoch) 18. He knew her so well that she assumed he always knew when she was lying and so that made it all right. (Murdoch) 19. The brothers, in whom there was apparent, as soon as they had overcome their initial animal terror enough to display ordinary human characteristics, an exceptional degree of parsimony, were pleased with their junkfilled room, which they were able to rent for eight shillings a week, arid whose bric-a-brack, once a senseless jumble, they soon set in order, giving to. each decrepit object a proper use and significance. (Murdoch) 20. Soon, however, although the old woman never ceased to inspire in her a kind of awe which nearly amounted to terror, she fell into paying her no more attention, for practical purposes, than if she had been another quaint piece of furniture. (Murdoch) 21. But such criticisms as she found herself obscurely tending to make of Annette's deportment had never yet been formulated, and she had not troubled to ask herself whether they were just and reasonable or not perhaps the expression of a sort of envy of a younger and in some ways luckier woman such as Rosa knew herself to be well capable of feeling. (Murdoch) 22. If I lived here Г should have to get to know what you do in a big forest, if you should be lost. (Shute) 23. Rainborough was not aware that he had at any time suggested to Miss Casement that he was likely to make such proposals, though he might possibly have dropped some remark which could be so interpreted in the early days of his appointment. (Murdoch) 24. Although it happened to him so many times, Rainsborough could never resign himself to the idea that people should visit him simply in order to find out all that he knew about Mischa Fox. (Murdoch) 25. Mischa approached, and it seemed to the two who were watching a long time before he reached her. (Murdoch)

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