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Упр. 74. Переведите предложения

(NOW) It is not raining any more and the sun is shining. The jazz band is playing in the park. A lot of people are listening to the music and theyare really having a good time. But they are not dancing yet. Some peopleare sitting in a coffee shop. They are having sandwiches or cakes and drinking coffee. Little children on the playground are laughing and making a lot of noise. They are playing games. One of the parents is taking pictures.


Упр. 75. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную формы.


1.He is having a shower.

2.You are singing a folk song.

3.We are playing basketball.

4.I am running to the station.

5.They are listening to the radio.

6.She is drinking Coke.


Упр. 76. Соедините вопросы с ответами.


1.Why is she singing? A. At the Ritz Hotel.

2.What are you writing? B. Yes, I am.

3.Where is he staying? C. Because she is happy.

4.What are they watching?D. A horror film.

5.Who is he talking to? E. Mr. Brown.

6.Are you leaving now? F. A letter.

Упр. 77. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Continuous.

1. He (read) a book now. 2. She (do) her homework. 3.My mother (sit) at the table. 4. I still (write) a letter. 5. They (play) football. 6. It (not/snow) now. 7. We (have) dinner at the moment.8. Who (speak) with you? 9. It still (rain). 10. Why you (smile)? 11. They (not/eat) pizza. 12. Look! Your son (swim) far from the shore. 13. My parents (work) hard these days. 14. The boys (not/watch) TV at the moment. 15. What you (do) tonight?


Упр. 78. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Continuous.


1. Mary is in the kitchen, she (cook) a cake. 2.Ann (swim) in the lake. 3. Be quiet! Dad (sleep). 4. Your friend (carry) two heavy suitcases. Let’s help him. 5. Alex is busy, he (type) a letter. 6. The children aren’t in the house. They (run) about in the garden. 7.I (not/do) my homework. I (lie) on the sofa and (listen) to music. 8. Dad (paint) the living-room? 9. You (listen) to the radio? 10. Why they (wear) sports clothes today? 11. It still (snow). 12. What language he (speak) now? – German. 13.John and his friends (go) to the library. 14.You (have) a break? 15. Nick (not/play) computer games these days. He (study) for his exams.


Упр. 79. Постройте предложения, расставив слова в правильном порядке.

Например: coming / the train / is / ?

Is the train coming?

1.why / is / barking / the dog / ?

2.talking / phone / not / is / he / the / on.

3.suitcases / are / packing / they / their.

4.not / watching / she / is / TV.

5.where / your / staying / are / friends / ?

6.learning / am / at the moment / play / I / to / golf.

7.you / going / shops / are / to / the / ?

Упр. 80. Исправьте ошибки.


1. We looking for a new flat. 2. I am play computer games now. 3. Greg and Kelly is watching TV. 4. What are you do? 5. You isn’t listening to me. 6. He reading a magazine. 7. Do you going to the park? 8. What Ann is writing? 9. They washing the car? 10. My sister and I am waiting for you. 11. Now we are understanding the rule. 12. She is going where?


Упр. 81. Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя форму Present Continuous.


(СЕЙЧАС)1. Я пишу. 2. Он не пишет. 3. Мы не спим. 4. Вы читаете. 5. Он работает. 6. Тед и Ник играют в теннис.
7. Джек играет на гитаре. 8. Они не поют. 9.Мой друг делает упражнение. 10. Собака лежит около стола? 11. Где играют дети? 12. Как ты помогаешь родителям? 13. Кто там курит? 14. Что вы делаете? 15. Он обедает? – Нет, он разговаривает со своим братом.



Времена группы Simple (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple) выражают действия безотносительно к их продолжительности или завершенности.



Настоящее простое время

Утвердительная форма


I / We / You / They read

He / She / It reads

Вопросительная форма

DoI / we / you / they

Doeshe / she / it

Отрицательная форма


полная сокращенная

I / We / You / They do not don’t

He / She / It does not doesn’t

Форма –(e)s в 3 л. ед.ч. произносится:


/s/ - после глухих согласных звуков /f/, /k/, /p/, /t/ laughs, kicks, steps, sits

-s(es) /z/- после звонких согласных и гласных звуков

swims, plays, runs, reads, studies

/iz/ - после звуков /s/, /S/, /C/, /G/, /z/

washes, watches, changes, closes


Соблюдаются следующие правила орфографии:

1. после -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o в 3 л. ед.ч. прибавляется -es

misses, finishes, mixes, goes /gqVz/, does /dAz/

2. конечная -yпосле согласной заменяется на i+es,

studies, cries

но после гласной -y не заменяется: plays


Present Simple используется для выражения:

1.повторяющихся и повседневных действий

She visits her parents every week.

2.постоянных действий или состояний

Helives near the station.

3.непреложных истин или законов природы

The sun rises in the east.


Индикаторы Present Simple:

everyday (week, month, year, etc) – каждый день (неделю, месяц, год и т.д.)

in the morning ( afternoon, evening) – утром, днем, вечером

on Mondays (Tuesdays etc) – по понедельникам (вторникам и т.д.)

usually- обычно sometimes - иногда

always - всегда seldom / rarely- редко

often- часто never - никогда

Последние семь наречий при употреблении простых времен ставятся перед смысловым глаголом, но после глагола to be и модальных глаголов:

I usually work on Saturdays.

It is often cold in winter.

He can never wake up before 9 o’clock.

Упр. 82. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на Present Simple.

My working day beginsat seven o’clock. I get up, turn on the stereo and do my morning exercises. It takes me fifteen minutes. I don’t have a shower in the morning; I just wash and cleanmy teeth. At half past seven wehave breakfast. My father and I leave home at eight o’clock. Hetakes a bus to his office. My mother is a doctor, sheleaves for work at half past eight. She doesn’t take a bus, she goes on foot because her work is a short way from our house. In the evening wegather in the living-room. Wewatch TV and talk but we usually don’t sit late on weekdays.


Упр. 83.Впишите следующие глаголы в 3-ем лице единственного числа в соответствующую колонку, затем прочитайте их вслух.

Look, miss, stand, speak, drink, put, dry, catch, drive, brush, ride, walk, open, jump, stay, know, see, dance, rise, help, listen, match, wish, travel, write, lose, eat, rain, change, laugh.

/s/ /z/ /iz/

looks stands misses


Упр. 84. Определите место наречия в предложении.


Например: I drink a glass of milk in the morning (always)

I always drink a glass of milk in the morning.

1.Kate goes to bed late at night (never)

2.My mother watches TV (rarely)

3.You can see clouds in the sky (sometimes)

4.Ben eats in a restaurant (seldom)

5.Lucy doesn’t get up early (usually)

6.They are late for school (often)

7.We help our parents to do the house work (always)

8.I visit my friends (every Sunday)

9.Do they go for a walk on Sunday afternoons (often)?


Упр. 85. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форму Present Simple.


1. I (live) in Russia. 2. Mary (play) the piano every day. 3. We usually (go) to the cinema on Sunday. 4. I (like) to play football.5. My parents (wake up) at 6 o’clock every day. 6. It often (rain) in London. 7. Tom (speak) English very well.8.Mrs Brown (be) glad, that you always (help) her. 9.Your younger brother (like) computer games. 10. After supper my grandfather (go) for a walk. 11.Water (freeze) at zero degrees centigrade. 12. They usually (have) lunch at 1 o’clock. 13.Our father (come) home late. 14.The Moon (go) round the Earth. 15. Zebras (live) in Africa. 16. It (take) him two hours to do his homework.


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