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Прочитайте и переведите предложения на русский язык

1. Next year I will have been teaching history at Moscow University for 30 years.

2. Will you have been lecturing chemistry for 25 years next winter?

3. I will not have been working as an engineer for 15 years next summer. I will have been working only for 10 years by that time.

4. The students will have been working for 3 hours when the laboratory closes.

5. By next year the scientists will have been solving this problem for 2 years.

6. By the time they reach New York, they will have been travelling for five hours.

7. By the end of next month she will have been conducting experiments for
2 years.

8. By midnight our neighbours will have been singing and dancing for 5 hours. When will they stop?

9. Will you brother have been living abroad for 5 years this summer? – No, he won't. He will have been living there for 7 years.

10. In September I will have been studying at the University for 3 years.

2. Составьте утвердительные, отрицательные и вопросительные предложения во времени Future Perfect Continuous со следующими глаголами:

to write, to teach, to work, to travel, to translate, to watch, to study, to walk.

3. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках во времени Future Perfect Continuous или Present Simple.

1. Nick (play) computer games for 3 hours when we (come).

2. When I (phone) Ann, she (watch) TV for 2 hours.

3. Phil and his wife (quarrel) for more than an hour when the police (come).

4. The engineer (repair) the equipment for 2 days by Sunday.

5. My friend (install) the operating system for 5 hours by twelve.

6. By lunchtime it (rain) for 6 hours.

7. By November John (look for) a job for half a year.

8. Next year I (drive) a car for 10 years.

9. When my parents (arrive), my sister and I (clean) our room for 2 hours.

10. By the 1st of May they (travel) for three months.

Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1. В следующем году будет 5 лет, как наша лаборатория сотрудничает с аналогичной лабораторией Университета Оулу.

2. Следующим летом будет 4 года, как мы живем в этой квартире.

3. В январе будет 10 лет, как я преподаю в школе.

4. Когда вы придете, пройдет уже 2 часа, как мы пытаемся найти нужный прибор.

5. В субботу исполнится 15 лет, как мой брат работает в Массачусетском университете.

6. Когда мы вернемся, Энн будет готовиться к экзамену уже в течение трех дней.

7. Пройдет уже 2 часа, как она рассматривает фотографии, когда мы позвоним ей.

8. Скоро будет уже час, как Ник думает о том, как отремонтировать свой телефон.

Revision: Tenses

1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

1. … to Mike today? I need to ask him something.

a) Will you be speaking b) Will you have spoken c) Will you have been speaking

2. I … my work by 4 o'clock, so I went home.

a) had finished b) was finishing c) will have finished

3. Jessica Blake … her first novel when she was twenty.

a) wrote b) was written c) had written

4. I … to the supermarket. Do you need anything?

a) go b) will go c) am going

5. The athlete … for hours and he needed a rest.

a) had trained b) was training c) had been training

6. Mark … a lot of overtime these days. He must need the money.

a) works b) is working c) worked

7. She … a film when the telephone rang.

a) was watching b) has watched c) has been watching

8. I … you to the fair unless you behave yourselves.

a) won't be taking b) won't take c) won't have taken

9. I wonder if Sally … to the disco.

a) will come b) will be coming c) will have come

10. The meeting … at nine o'clock. Don't be late.

a) started b) is starting c) starts

11. How long … Tony? – Since we were children.

a) did you know b) have you known c) do you know

12. The taxi … here soon. Are you ready?

a) will be b) is c) will have been

Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках в соответствующее время.

Вариант 1

1. Did you have a good evening? – Yes, thank you. We (go) to see a play.

2. Cats (wash) themselves. – I know. They are very clean animals.

3. Why are you so dirty? – I (work) in the garden all morning.

4. I want to phone Jane. – Well, don't phone her now. She (study).

5. You look busy. – I am. I (write) a letter to my brother.

6. I would like a new bicycle. – Me too. My parents (buy) me one for Christmas.

7. What time are the guests arriving? – They (be) here in ten minutes.

8. Are you excited about your trip? – Yes. This time next week, I (sail) across the Atlantic.

9. I'm going to the supermarket. – You'd better be quick, then. It (close) at eight o'clock.

10. You sounded tired when I spoke to you last night. – Well, I (paint) the house all day.

11. What you (do) when I called? – I (water) the plants.

12. Have you sent those letters yet? – Yes. I (post) them yesterday.

13. Are there any biscuits left? – No, sorry. I (eat) them all.

14. Why was Julie crying this morning? – Because she (hurt) her leg.

15. Paul is going to collect us at ten o'clock. – Yes. By the time he arrives, we (have) breakfast.

16. Do you enjoy playing tennis? – Oh, yes. I (play) since I was six years old.

17. Have you been working here long? – Yes. By next June, I (work) here for ten years.

18. It's nine o'clock. – Yes. The postman (deliver) Mum's parcel by now.

19. I liked your speech. – Thank you. I (practise) for hours before I made it.

20. Did Martin help you clean the house yesterday? – No. By the time he got up, I (do) everything.

Вариант 2

1. She (learn) French for five years before she could speak fluently.

2. He (repair) his car now. I guess he (do) this since the very morning.

3. The students (read) up for their exams for more than three hours by the time we join them.

4. Since when you (sit) here? How long you (write)? – I (wait) for you since the lessons were finished.

5. Mike (work) in the insurance company. Next month he (work) there for half a year.

6. She (walk) in the park since morning. It's time to have dinner, but she (not/come) yet.

7. I (save) money for 2 years already. By next winter I (have) the necessary sum of money.

8. How long you (know) this girl? – I (know) her since school.

9. They (experiment) for a year before they achieved some promising results.

10.What's the weather like in Murmansk now? – It (snow) heavily. It (snow) since Monday.

11. Jim (study) history. Next year he (study) history for five years.

12. What you (do) the whole evening yesterday? – I (prepare) for exam. I (prepare) for it for two hours when you called.

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