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Замените русские слова и выражения в скобках в письме-ответе английскими эквивалентами, данными ниже

Dear Sirs


We are very glad to have your letter of 1 December and to hear that you have been receiving (запрос) about our Weatherproof coats.


The Litewate (ассортимент) you mention has been a great success wherever it has been introduced, and we are already exporting it to several tropical countries, in (как) Asia (так) Africa. Unlike many waterproof coats, the Litewate does not (вызывает повышенную конденсацию влаги) on the inside surface, and so would be suitable for your climate.

We can quote you the following prices:

£ p

250 Litewate coats, women’s, medium 375 00

250 ,, ,, ,, small 375 00

250 ,, ,, men’s, medium 493 75

250 ,, ,, ,, small 431 25

F.O.B. Liverpool 1,675 00

(Стоимость перевозки) Liverpool-Caltutta 50 20

(Страхование)18 30

1,743 50

We will be able (отправить морем) the raincoats within 2-3 weeks of receiving your (заказа).


We are grateful to you for your suggestion concerning an ultra-lightweight coat for the Indian market, and are pleased to inform you that we have been looking into the question of а (подходящий материал) for some time now. Our (исследовательский отдел) assure us that they will have a model ready in the very near future, and we will come back to the matter as soon as we have some definite news for you.


We are enclosing full details of our terms of business, and have sent you (отдельной посылкой) (комплект) of descriptive (брошюр) of our products, and a supply of sales literature.


We look forward to hearing from you again.


Yours faithfully


1) to ship

2) suitable material

3) freight

4) research department

5) a set of brochures

6) enquiry

7) range

8) both...and

9) cause excessive condensation

10) order

11) by separate post

12) insurance


Контрольная работа №3.

Вариант №5.

1. Найти в правой колонке русские эквиваленты английских слов и словосочетаний:

1) enquiry 2) to own a hotel 3) to submit quotations 4) furniture and fittings 5) attached list 6) delivery 7) to complete an order 8) at your disposal 9) an estimate 10) cost of packing 11) articles in question 12) hard-wearing 13) a multi-national organization 14) up-to-date in design a) прочный b) мебель и фурнитура к ней c) современного дизайна d) международная фирма e) выполнить заказ f) расчёт, смета g) в Вашем распоряжении h) стоимость упаковки i) доставка j) прилагаемый список k) предоставить расценки l) быть владельцем отеля m) запрос n) изделия, о которых идёт речь

Сделайте полный письменный перевод письма (...hotels)

Dear Sirs


We have just received an enquiry from a multi-national organization owning several luxury hotels in East Africa. They are opening a new hotel next spring, and have asked us to submit quotations for furniture and fittings in accordance with the attached list.


The articles in question must be hard-wearing and up-to-date in design, and delivery by February of next year is essential. Will you please let us know, therefore, whether you will be able to complete an order for the quantities required within the time at your disposal.


We will also be glad to have an estimate for the number of containers required and the approximate cost of packing.


Please let us have your quotation as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully

Подберите английские соответствия русским предложениям из приведённых ниже:

1) Просим сообщить нам, сможете ли Вы выслать нам... 2) Благодарим Вас за запрос от 31 января 3) Пожалуйста, сообщите нам Ваши цены на...в фунтах. 4) Просим сообщить Ваше решение как можно быстрее 5) Просим использовать бланк заказа, приложенного к письму a) Please let us have your prices in pounds sterling for... b) Will you kindly let us have an early decision с) Kindly use the enclosed order form, d) Please let us know whether you are able to send us... e) We thank you for your enquiry of 31 January

Замените русские слова и выражения в скобках в письме-ответе английскими эквивалентами, данными ниже

Dear Sirs


We thank you for your (запрос) of 31 January, and can confirm our telephone conversation of yesterday, in which we informed you that we can (доставить) part of (товара) required from (склад), in accordance with (прилагаемым ) detailed (предложением). (на оставшуюся часть заказа) we would require approximately three weeks from the date of receiving your confirmation that this (договоренность) is acceptable.

(цены, как указано) are f.o.b. London.

Packing in wooden cases.

(доставка) as (определено) above.

Payment against documents, by (банковской траттой)


We hope your client will find our (условия ) and (сроки поставки)satisfactory, and we can assure you that you may (рассчитывать на ) our full co-operation and attention in this matter.


Yours faithfully.


1) banker’s draft

2) count on…

3) for the balance

4) inquiry

5) stock

6) terms and delivery dates

7) enclosed

8) offer

9) arrangement

10)delivery as specified

11)prices as quoted

12)deliver …the goods



Контрольная работа №4.

Вариант 1.

1. Переведите на русский язык встречающиеся в тексте интернационализмы:

potential, association, chance, product, international, business, commercial, centre, contact, national, economy, traditional, organize, electronics, industry, specialized.


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