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Exercise 7. Read and translate the text. Formulate the topic sentence of each paragraph. Express the main ideas of the text


Nowadays there exist many universities in Russia. But not all universities are equal. They differ from one another in history, tradition and academic organization. Moscow State Lomonosov University founded in 1755 is the first and the largest university world-famous for its academic excellence. The University consists of Faculties (Departments) of Natural Science, Law, Economics, Informatics and Arts (Humanities).

The Moscow Lomonosov University’s graduates have got the highest-quality education in Russia, they go on to become professionals not only in education sphere but in the applied field as well, e.g. , in the field of finance, management, marketing and international business. The methodological principle of the University training programs combine the experiences of both Russian and international educators with the peculiarities, traditions and needs of the Russian society. The University has a world-wide image in terms of students/ abilities, professional body structure and education system quality. According to the national rating in the field of education Moscow Lomonosov University is the best. The students of all University Departments (Faculties) appreciate and enjoy first-class training programs, benefit from the highly professional specialists’ experiences, Modern methods of teaching, an enthusiastic atmosphere and a genuine educators’ desire to be helpful. The Russians place a high value on education at Mathematics and Mechanics Department. The Department teaches in all major subject branches of modern maths. The faculty staff members are experts in their professional fields. Their teaching encourages students to learn math and mechanics in the most effective way.

There had been two principal divisions at the Department: Maths and Mechanics which are closely interrelated and interconnected. There have appeared some more divisions of late: Math Economy, Informatics, Psychology, etc. The Department was not unique in following this expansion trend. Modern maths has reached full momentum soon after the turn of the twentieth century. Industrial, economic and military demands began to draw many established pure math specialists and many younger ones just starting their careers away from academic life.

No doubt, however, no expert in any new field of maths is able to solve a particular “applied” problem without thorough and wide knowledge and mastery of “pure” maths fundamental means, techniques, rigorous math reasoning and insight. The Department has been teaching students willing to specialize in any new fields such as personnel psychology, industrial sociology, industrial economics, etc. Any applicant for a job in these areas should display knowledge and skills in both pure and applied maths, in computer science and fluent English besides his graduation Diploma.

The University teaching staff members of all Departments are proud of successes achieved, they are looking forward with confidence and they firmly believe that their contribution to the new and reformed system of education can help Russia attain its proper place among the leading countries in the world. For decades Moscow Lomonosov University has been training professionals for work abroad as well as acquired vast experience in students and specialists exchange programs that are practically unavailable in other educational establishments. From the very first days of its existence the lab. Assistants and teaching staff of the University have set themselves a difficult task of becoming the best Russia’s educational center. They have been creating and offering both Russian and foreign students a diverse range of training, consulting, scientific research and other services, so necessary for any successful educational institutions.

Many school-leavers hope to enter Moscow University but only the best out of the best applicants with good training and thorough knowledge are lucky to be enrolled. Moscow Lomonosov University bears the name of its founder - the great Russian scientist Lomonosov.

The majority of university graduates are professionally adroit (skilful, clever) and flexible over a life-long career.


Exercise 8. Read the text again and be ready to ask different kinds of questions to the text (Yes/No questions, Wh-questions, Tag-questions, etc.).

Exercise 9. Make up a list of words that you have looked up in the dictionary and give their contextual Russian equivalents.


Тексты для самостоятельной работы студентов


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