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Exercise 6. Read and practice the following. Act as interpreter

Mr. Brown (B.): So sorry to have kept you waiting. I was on the phone.

М-р Соколов (С): Пожалуйста, пожалуйста. Я рад, что вы нашли время побеседовать со мной. Я знаю, как вы заняты.

B.: Well, that’s true, but we always find time for visitors from abroad, especially if they are interested in education. I think we can learn a lot from each other. What would you like me to tell you?

С.: У меня очень много вопросов, особенно о таком старейшем учебном заведении в Англии - как Кембриджский университет. Ведь у многих это название ассоциируется со старинным университетом.

B.: Well, as you know, Cambridge has been transformed into a city known for, and largely dominated by its university which is known worldwide not only for undergraduate learning, but for its scientific research. However Cambridge was a small prosperous market town even 1000 years before students fleeing riots in Oxford arrived there in the early 13-th century to set up what is now the university.

С.: Чем славится этот город, кроме своего университета?

B .: The city is well known for its many beautiful college building which span a wide number of centuries. The city is moreover still a market town and the county town of Cambridgeshire.

С. : Чем объясняется тот факт, что названия первых колледжей, за исключением некоторых, отражает связь с религией: Троицы, Сент-Джона, Иисуса, Крайтс?

B.: The first Cambridge college was founded in the late 13-th century by Bishop of Ely, like most of the early colleges, as a religious foundation, whereas the latest college was founded in 1980. Most of colleges, therefore, tend to reflect their early religious associations: Trinity, Saint John’s, etc.

С.: Я сразу же заметил, что предместья города очень красивы.

B.: The suburban outskirts of the city come almost as a shock, even as a relief, sometimes seeming so apparently “normal” in comparison to the “Ivory Tower” setting of central Cambridge, which exudes a fairy tale prettiness.

С.: Куда обращаются студенты с заявлениями о приеме: в университет или в колледж?

B.: It is to a college, and not to the university itself that a student will apply. They will live and study there whilst attending departmental lectures provided by the university.

C.: Что является гарантией поступления в этот университет? Ведь, как известно, во многие университеты студентов зачисляют по результатам выпускных экзаменов в школе.

B. : Admission is therefore determined by interview and is conditional on students attaining certain (very high) grades in their exams at the end of school, at age 18. Contrary to popular belief, admission is not determined by wealth.

C.: На что делается особый упор в обучении в этом университете?

B.: Lectures at Cambridge are relatively few- especially for arts students-since the overall emphasis is on independent study. The focus of study is the supervision, which makes the Cambridge system very unique and admittedly privileged.

C.: Боюсь, что я утомил Вас своими вопросами. Последний вопрос. А как ваши студенты проводят свое свободное время?

B.: The numerous extra-curricular activities provided by the University Students’ Union and by College Students’ Unions enable much-needed and much-recommended escape. All tastes are catered for sport, music and drama, for example, being especially popular. Sport is highly popular. The traditional end of term inter-collegiate races helps to maintain the friendly sense of rivalry between colleges.

C.: Большое спасибо.

B.: Well, I’m glad I’ve been of some help.

Suggestions for interpreting:

1 Пожалуйста, пожалуйста.- That’s all right, you needn’t worry.

2 старейшее учебное заведение - an ancient British seat of learning

3 ассоциироваться с - conjure up a picture of.

4 предместья города - suburban outskirts of the city.

5 делать особый упор в-the overall emphasis is on.

6 утомить кого-либо вопросами- tire smb with many questions.


Exercise 7. Choose the right answer.


1. New students must____ for classes before term begins.

a) teach b)join c)enter d)enroll


2. This course _____ no previous knowledge of the subject.

a) assures b) assumes c) assigns d) assembles


3. Helen took her_____ at Cambridge University.

a) standard b) qualification c) grade d) degree


4. In some countries, students are selected ______ to their current level of academic attainment.

a) relating b) owing c) due d) according


5. Our group ______ of twelve students.

a) contains b) consists c) comprises d) composes


6. Please, inform the college secretary if you _____ your address.

a) vary b) remove c) move d) change


7. We need _____ information before we can decide which courses to choose.

a) nearer b) near c) further d) farther


8. Before joining a course of study you must fill in a long ______ form

a) personal b) inscription c) induction d) enrolment


9. Please ______ clearly which courses you want to take.

a) learn b) instruct c) indicate d) ask


10 The tutorial system at Oxford and Cambridge is the ______ of many universities.

a) sorrow b) regret c) jealousy d) envy


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