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Part 8. Покупки. В магазине



Exercise 1. Read the text and be ready to answer questions after the text:

The Big Stores of London


One of the features of London is the number of big stores, most of which are to be found in or near the West End. These stores are a mixture of tradition and modernity.

They developed in the nineteenth century; they maintain the dignity of that century, yet they are always ready to follow new trends.

The big stores of London are vast buildings, many storeys high, equipped with speedy lifts and escalators, with well-planned lighting, ventilation and heating.

Departments are carefully named; "Budget Dresses" are really cheap dresses - but no customer likes to be thought of as a "cheap" shopper. The same applies to "Ready-to-wear"; it used to be used for the garments that were not made-to-measure, though now off-the-peg clothes are the rule rather than the exception. "Mother-to-be" or "Lady-in-Waiting" will often be found instead of the conventional "Maternity Wear". Then there are newer words for the new trends in fashion - "Mix-and-Match", "Unisex", which are used alongside the more old-fashioned names: "Haberdashery", "Millinery", "Gowns", and sometimes still the words derived from the French - "Mantles" for coats, "Layette" for baby-wear. Another feature of London's shopping life is the chain-stores, in which the goods are displayed on open counters. A wide variety of goods is offered - chiefly foodstuffs, household goods, clothing and stationery. These chain-stores have branches in most British towns of importance.

One very well-known firm of chemists has shops in many parts of London (and elsewhere); here you may buy not only medicines but also cosmetics and toilet supplies.

Dairy firms have shops in various parts of London, too, and in these you may buy not only dairy produce but also groceries, soap and household articles.

Most of the food stores, called supermarkets, operate on the self-service system: you go in, pick up a basket, walk round the shop and choose what you want. At the exit there is a check-out point, a cash-desk where you pay for all your goods together.


Exercise 2. Learn the vocabulary:


A Department Store Универсальный магазин

A booth Ларек

A stall (a kiosk) Киоск

A salesman (a shop assistant) Продавец

A saleswoman (a shop assistant) Продавщица

A window display

(a show-case, a shop window) Витрина


Departments Отделы

Textiles dept. Тканей

Drapery dеpt. Декоративных тканей

Ready-made clothes dept. Готового платья

Ladies/men’s/children’s wear/outfit Готовая женская/мужская/детская одежда

Footwear (shoe) dept. Обуви

Hat dept. Головных уборов

Millinery dept. Дамских головных уборов

Haberdashery dеpt. Галантерейных товаров

Knitted goods dept. Трикотажных изделий

Hosiery dept. Чулочно-носочных изделий

Linen and underwear/ lingerie dept. Белья

Fur dept. Меховых изделий

Sports goods dеpt. Спортивных товаров

Sportswear Спортивная одежда

Leather goods Изделия из кожи

Perfumery/ make-up dept. Косметических изделий

Jеwеrly dept. Ювелирный

Souvenirs dept./ (gift shop) Сувениров

Toy dept. Игрушек

Stationery dept. Канцелярских принадлежностей

Dеpt. for musical instruments Музыкальных инструментов

Household goods dept. Хозяйственных товаров

Dеpt. for electrical appliances Электротоваров

Crockery and glassware dept. Фаянсовой и стеклянной посуды

Pastry dept. Отдел кондитерских изделий

Stores: Магазины:

Boutique Салон модной одежды

Supermarket Супермаркет

Self-service shop Магазин самообслуживания

Chain store Филиал

Second-hand shop Комиссионный магазин

Butcher's Мясной магазин

Fishmonger's Рыбный магазин

Bookshop Книжной магазин

Confectionary Магазин кондитерских изделий

Shoe shop Обувной магазин

Camera shop Магазин фототоваров

Baker's Булочная

Florist's Цветочный магазин

Greengrocer's Овощной магазин

Grocer's Продовольственный магазин

Antique shop Антикварный магазин

Hardware shop/ ironmonger's Магазин скобяных изделий

Tobacconist's Магазин табачных изделий

Dairy shop Молочный магазин

Furniture shop Мебельный магазин

Chemist's/ drug store Аптека

Record shop Магазин грампластинок

Shopping phrases

I have some shopping to do today Мне нужно сделать сегодня кое-какие покупки.
I want to go and buy —. Я хочу пойти купить ...
Where can one buy shoes? Где можно купить обувь?
Can I help you? How can I help you? What can I do for you? Я могу Вам помочь?
Yes, please. I'd like a tooth brush. Да, пожалуйста. Мне нужна зубная щетка.
Yes. I'm looking for a skirt. Да, я смотрю (ищу) юбку.
It's all right. Thanks. I'm being served. Все хорошо, спасибо. Меня уже обслуживают.
Are you looking for something special? Вы ищете что-то особенное?
No, thanks. I'm just looking (around). Нет, спасибо, я пока присматриваюсь.
Thank you. I will call you.   Спасибо, я позову вас.  
Let me know if you need my help. Дайте мне знать, если вам понадобится моя помощь.
Excuse me, where is the toy department/ the lift/the check -out stand? Извините, где находится отдел игрушек/ лифт/ касса?
It's round the corner.   Прямо за углом.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a jumper. Извините, я ищу джемпер.
Yes, what size are you? Excuse me, where’s the changing- room? Да, какой у вас размер? Извините, где примерочная?
It’s over there.   Там (рукой указывается направление).
Do you like to go about window shopping? Вам нравится ходить, ничего не покупая, лишь любуясь витринами и?  
The shop window is nicely dressed. Витрина хорошо убрана.  
When does the department store open (close)? Когда открывается (закрывается) универмаг?
How long do they keep open on Saturdays? До которого часа открыт магазин по субботам?  
It's closing time. Время закрытия магазина.  
Let's go to the rag fair. Пойдемте на «толкучку».  
Try to get it at the shop in N. Street. Попытайтесь достать это и магазине на улице Н.  
This is a first-rate shop. Это первоклассный магазин.  
Please tell me how to get to the ready-made clothes department? Скажите, пожалуйста, как пройти в отдел готового платья?  
How does one get to the order-counter? Как пройти в бюро (стол) заказов?  
Oh, here is a place where they sell gloves О, вот где продают перчатки.
Let's go over to the counter. Давайте подойдем к прилавку.    


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