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Translate the fax message into Russian

5. Complete the fax message:


I am delighted to inform you that I am coming to ... I shall stay in.

and I shall be leaving ... I shall be staying at ... I shall be at your ... convenience

I hope that you have received . and look forward to receiving .

Kind ..

. . sincerely,

Write a similar fax message, changing the dates and names.

7. Translate into Russian:

Pete looks through the correspondence with Mr. Hill.

Then Pete looks through the letters of the participants.

The letters express wishes and requests of the participants.

Pete makes a note what details he should discuss.

He should discuss time, accommodation, lectures, visits and fee.

8. Write out the sentences starting with the following words and trans­late them into Russian:

I shall be staying ...

I shall be leaving ...

I shall be discussing ...

I shall be visiting ...

Unit eight

A business talk


At exactly ten to ten Nick enters the Russia hotel and sees David in the lounge. They exchange gleetings and go to the car. A few minutes later they come to Pete's office. Now they are entering the office:

Pete: Good morning, David. I hope you had a good sleep and liked the hotel.

David: Thank you. The hotel and the restaurant are all right. We had a very nice evening at the restaurant. Everything was fine.

Pete: I also enjoyed last night. Now, shall we get down to business?

David: Yes, certainly. There are a few points to discuss. What would you like to start with?

Pete: If you don't mind, let's start with the time of the Pro­gramme. We are planning to send a group of ten per­sons not later than on the 10th of November.

David: How long will they stay?

Pete: They prefer to be in London for eight days or seven nights.

David: Good. Have you got any comments on the topics of the lectures?

Pete: On the whole the participants are quite satisfied with your choice. But if you could add "Accounting in com­panies and banks" it will be very good.

David: No problem. I'm making a note of that. We have got a very good lecturer.

Pete: And where will the lectures be read?

David: In one of the conference rooms of the hotel, where they will stay. I mean the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in Baker Street.

Pete: I hope it is in the centre of London.

David: Oh yes. It is very close to Oxford Street and Madam Tussaud's.

Pete: Very good. Then let's make a break for lunch.

David: Not a bad idea!

Words and expressions

eight [eIt] восемь (числ.)
to enter ['ent@] входить
to enter the room   входить в комнату
to enter the hotel   входить в гостиницу
to exchange [Iks'tSeIn³] обменивать (ся)
greetings ['grÖtIÎz] приветствия
to greet   приветствовать
a few minutes later   несколько минут спустя, через несколько минут
He had a good sleep.   Он хорошо поспал.
Have a good sleep.   Спокойной ночи.
last night   вчера вечером
to get down to business   перейти к делу
Shall we get down to business?   Переходим к делу?
certainly ['sýtnlI] конечно
There are a few points to discuss.   Нужно обсудить несколь­ко вопросов.
to start   начинать
What would you like to start with?   С чего вы хотели бы на­чать?
to send   отправлять
group [grüp] группа
person [рýsn] человек
on the tenth of ...   десятого (числ.)
how long ['hau 'loÎ] сколько времени
How long will they stay?     Сколько времени они пробудут (здесь)?
on the whole [on Dэ 'houl] в целом
to be satisfied with ... ['s{tIsfaId] быть удовлетворенным чем-либо
choice [tSoIs] выбор
to add [{d] добавлять
If you could add ...   Если бы вы могли доба­вить ...
accounting [@'kauntIÎ] бухгалтерский учет и от­
accountant [@'kaunt@nt] бухгалтер
company ['kömp@nI] компания
companies   компании
bank [b{Îk] банк
problem ['probl@m] проблема
No problem.   Без проблем. Нет про­блем.
lecturer ['lektS@r@] лектор
where [we@] где
to read [rÖd] читать
Where will the lectures be read?   Где будут лекции9
conference ['konf@r@ns] конференция
conference room   конференц-зал
to mean [mÖn] иметь в виду
close to [klouz] близко от
museum [mjüzI@m] музей
break [breIk] перерыв
to make a break   сделать перерыв
lunch [löntS] ланч
for lunch   на ланч
Not a bad idea! [aI'dI@] Неплохая идея!



1. Underline the sentences true to the text:

• Nick is ten minutes late for the meeting.

David is ten minutes late for the meeting.

The businessmen meet on time.

• Pete joins the businessmen in the lounge at 10 sharp.

Nick takes David to Pete's office.

David goes to Pete's office by himself

ü by himself — сам, самостоятельно

Before the businessmen get down to business they speak about the weather.

Before the businessmen get down to business they speak about their families.

Before the businessmen get down to business they speak about the hotel and the dinner at the restaurant

ü weather — погода

During their business talk the businessmen discuss only one point.

They discuss two points.

They discuss a few points.

• They start their talk with discussing the hotel accommodation.

They start their talk with discussing the topics of the lectures.

They start their talk with discussing the time of the Piogramme.

• They make a break for dinner.

They make a break for lunch.

They make a break for having a small talk.

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