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Sum up what the text said about English shops

5. Read the following:

• this book this poster these postcards these shoes • Where is the nearest post office? round the corner at the end of the aisle Can I try the next size up?


6. Insert articles:

... book,... poster and... cards come to 10.20.

You have to get stamps at... post office.

Where is... nearest post office?

7. Use the verbs in the right form:

The fitting room (to be) over there.

It (to fit) me well and I (to like) it.

The cashier's desk (to be) just at the end of the aisle.

8. Insert prepositions:

Have you got size thirty seven... these shoes?

I'll have a look if we have size... these shoes.

It must correspond... British size five.

The nearest post office is just... the corner.

The cashier's desk is... the end... the aisle.

9. Complete and act out similar dialogues:

— Can I have... book... poster... And these posrcards and two... America.

— The book... 10.20. But... stamps.

— Where can I...

— You have to get...

— Where... nearest...

— Just...

— Thank...

— Excuse me, may I... anywhere...

— Yes, certainly. The fitting...

— Thank you. It fits... and... like... Where... pay?

— The cashier's... aisle.

— Cash or...

— Cash...

— Excuse me, have you got... shoes?

— This... continental... It must correspond... Just a minute, I'll have a look if...

— Can I help you?

—... served.

— Here is... How... feel?

—... tight. Can I try...

— Here is...

— Oh, this is much... Thank you. I'm...

Модальные глаголы

(Modal Verbs)

Основные модальные глаголы:

may May 1 try on this dress? Можно померить это платье?
can Can 1 help you? Чем могу вам помочь?
must It must correspond to size 5. Он должно быть соот­ветствует размеру 5.
shall Where shall 1 pay? Где я должна заплатить?
should You should go to the post office. Вам следует пойти на почту.


10. Make sentences:

• You should visit London one day visit Madame Tussaud's speak English as much as you can learn English as long as you can
• What shall we do for our next session (lesson) do for tomorrow
• Shall I read the text translate the text repeat it put it down put down these words do Exercise 1
• May I speak to Mr. ... see this book try on...


• He can speak English
They     drive a car
    read balance sheets
    discuss taxation
• It must be late
    be open
    be closed
    be somewhere nearby
    be far away
    be too big
    be too small
    be 5 o'clock now


11. Answer the following questions:

• What time is it now?

• On what days and at what time do you usually go shopping?

• When did you last go shopping and what did you buy?

Say a few words about shops of the city you live in.

Unit thirty two



London is wonderful for theatres, but the popular shows especially the big musicals are usually fully booked months in advance. Sometimes one may be lucky to get rickets on the day from the thea-tie or booking agency. It is usually much easier to buy tickets for matinees (afternoon performances).

One day one of the participants bought a weekly entertainment guide Time Out for information about theatres, cinemas, concerts and other entertainments. One of the ads attracted his attention. It said:

PRINCE EDWARD. Tel. 01- 4376877

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's



Dir. by Hal Prince Evgs 8.0

Low price Mats. Thurs. and Sat. 3.0

Evg. perfs. end 10.15

Grp sales 01—3796061

He and his friend decided to go to the box office and try their luck.

Participant: Excuse me, what's on tonight?

Ticket officer: It's Evita, sir.

Participant: Have you got any tickets by any chance?

Ticket officer: You are lucky. There are still a few, at 20 and 15 pounds.

Participant: And where are the 20 pounds seats?

Ticket officer: In the upper circle. You may see it in the map on the wall, over there.

Participant: ... Then may we have two seats in the upper circle.

Ticket officer: Yes, certainly. Forty pounds, please.

Participant: Here you are.

Ticket officer: Thank you... Here are the tickets. Row K, seats 24 and 25

Participant: Excuse me, and when does the performance finish?

Ticket officer: It starts at 3.00 and finishes at 5.15.

Participant: Thank you very much.

Words and expressions

entertainment [,ent@'teInm@nt] развлечение
wonderful ['wönd@ful] удивительный, замеча­тельный
theatre   театр
show   шоу
musical   мюзикл
to book   заказывать
month   месяц
in advance   заранее
matinee=mat. ['m{tIneI] дневной спектакль
performance   спектакль
to buy (bought, bought)   покупать
weekly   еженедельник
concert   концерт
ad (advertisement)   реклама
to attract   привлекать
attention   внимание
to attract somebody's   привлечь чье-либо вни­
attraction   мание
It said: ...   В нем говорилось: ...
world   мир
greatest   величайший
to direct [dI'rekt] ставить (о режиссере)
to be directed   поставленный режиссером
evg = evening   вечер
low   низкий
low price   низкая цена
to end   заканчивать (ся)
Grp. = Group   группа
sales   продажа (и)
box office   касса (театральная)
to try   пытаться
luck   удача
to try one's luck   попытать счастье
lucky   удачливый
to be lucky   повезти
What's on tonight?   Что сегодня идет7
upper circle ['öр@'sýkl] балкон (в театре, но в доме — balcony)
in the upper circle   на балконе



1. Translate into Russian:

• ticket officer • musical
to book a ticket opera
booking agency ballet
booking office of the theatre concert
entertainment cinema
an entertainment guide to go to the cinema
to go to the theatre advertisement


2. Complete as in the text:

London is for theatres, but the popular shows especially... are usually fully... advance. Sometimes one may be lucky to get... agency. It is usually ... matinee.

One day one of the participants... "Time out"... and other enter­tainments. One of the ads..

3. Match full and contracted words:

tel. Thursday
dir. Saturday
evgs. directed
mats. evenings
Thurs. evening performances
Sat. group
evg. perfs. matinee
grp. telephone
ü contracted — сокращенный


4. Answer the following questions:

What musical did it advertise?

Is the name of Andrew Lloyd Webber, a famous English composer, familiar to you?

Is Tim Rice scenario writer of Evita?

Who is director of Evita?

At what theatre was Evita performed?

How was Evita described?

At what time do evening performances begin and end?

On what days and at what time do matinees of Evita start?

For what performances are prices lower?

What telephone number is given for booking group tickets?

What is the telephone number for other bookings and information?

5. Read the following:

There are still a few tickets.

Where are the seats?

Here are the tickets.

Row К.

very much

6. Say in what way the following questions are formed:

Have you got any tickets for this afternoon?

What's on tonight?

Where are the 20 pounds seats?

When does the performance finish?

May we have two seats?

7. Make sentences:

• Have you got any tickets for this afternoon
    tomorrow matinee
    this evening performance
    Phantom of the Opera
    Sunset Boulevard
• We were lucky to get tickets
    to see this musical
    to see this performance
    to get to the theatre in time
• You should go and see Evita
    this wonderful musical
    this performance


8. Complete the dialogue and act out a similar one:

— Excuse me, what's...

— It's Evita, sir.

— Have you got any...

— You were lucky. There are still... 15 pounds.

— And where... seats?

— In the upper... You may see... over there.

— Then, may we have... circle?

— Yes... Forty...

— Here...

— Thank you. Here... tickets. Row... seats...

— Excuse me,... finish?

— It starts...

9. Agree or disagree:

• The name of Andrew Lloyd Webber is familiar to every Russian.

• Evita was performed in Moscow one day too.

• London is the most wonderful city for theatres.

• Theatrical performances are the most popular entertainments in every country.

• All the entertainments are very expensive every where.

Role play.

Imagine you are speaking with an Englishman. Discuss your ap­proaches to entertainments.

ü approaches — отношение

Unit thirty three

The British pub


One day David Hill invited a few participants to a pub. The par­ticipants were happy to satisfy their curiosity and they accepted the invitation willingly. In the evening they went to the nearest pub.

Pubs are "typically English". Most pubs are friendly and relaxed places where visitors can have some beer and, usually, a simple meal. These days one can also get wine in most pubs. Many also serve cof­fee, but not tea. You go to the bar to order and pay for your drink. A typical lunch in a pub is a "ploughmans" — bread, cheese and pickle, and sometimes a little salad.

Pubs are not open all day. The owners themselves can decide when to open. Most open for 3 or 4 hours at lunchtime and again from about 6 p. m. to about 11 p. m. In busy areas, pubs may stay open from 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.

Here is the talk between David and Sergei:

Sergei: This looks nice.

David: I like it too. 1 sometimes come here with my friends.... Let me buy you a few drinks. What would you like to have?

Sergei: Thank you. Just a minute... Well, two halves of bitter and one half of lager, if you please.

David (to Two halves of bitter and two halves of lager, please.

Barman): And four packs of crisp.

Barman: Seven pounds ninety.

David: Here you are... Thank you... Let's go to that table over there..... Cheers!

Sergei: Cheers! Ah, very good beer, indeed.

David: I'm not a beer addict but I like it.... Would you like the game of darts? It's very popular in our pubs.

Sergei: Yes, but I don't know how to play. Can you show me?

David: Certainly, come on.... You take three darts...


Words and expressions

pub   пивная (сокр. от public
happy   счастливый
to be happy   быть счастливым; радо­ваться
to satisfy ['s{tIsfaI] удовлетворять
will   воля, желание
willing   готовый (сделать что-либо)
willingly   охотно, с готовностью
friendly ['frendlI] дружеский, по-дружески
to relax   расслабляться
relaxed place   место отдыха
beer   пиво
simple   простой
wine   вино
to order   заказывагь
ploughman ['plaum@n] пахарь
bread   xлeб
cheese   сыр
pickle   соленье; соленые или маринованные огурцы
themselves   (они)сами
bitter   горькое (темное) пиво
lager   легкое (светлое) пиво
pack   упаковка
crisp   хрустящий картофель
Cheers! [tSIez] Ваше здоровье!
addict ['{dIkt] увлекающийся; наркоман
beer addict   любитель пива
game   игра
darts   стрелы (как игра)



1. Translate into Russian:

• Pubs are frendly and re­laxed places. a simple meal in most pubs many serve coffee • bread, cheese and pickle the owners of pubs at lunchtime in busy areas


2. Underline the answers true to the text:

• Are pubs very popular places in Britain? Yes, they are. No, they are not. It's not quite clear from the text.
• What is the most popular drink in pubs? Beer. Wine. Tea.
• Can visitors also have a meal in a pub? Yes, they can. No, they cannot. It's not clear from the text.
• What is a ploughman? Bread and cheese. Cheese and salad. Bread, cheese and pickle.
• When are pubs usually open? At night only. In the afternoon only. At lunchtime and in the even­ing.


• Who legulates the working hours of pubs? The government. Nobody The owners.
• When are pubs usually open in busy areas? Till midnight. All night long. Till eleven in the evening.


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