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Repeat what else each of the businessmen said

11. Write down all the sentences relating to:

• the factory

• the company

• the goods to be bought

Unit thirty eight

Ordering the devices


After Ivan Smirnov had a fact-finding visit to Newall Ltd. he studied the materials he got and reported the results of his visit and survey to the General Director. In the morning he tele­phoned Mr. Freiser and made an appointment for 11 a. m. the same day. Thus they met at Mr. Freiser's premises at 11 and after some preliminaries they got down to business.

Frank: Judging by your early call this morning you have brought us good news, havent'you?

Ivan : That's true. Last night I spoke with my General Director and he gave me the go-ahead to the purchase. And here is the list of the devices we are interested in.

Frank: And how many devices of each type are you ordering?

Ivan : 5 of each the five types, or 25 all in all.

Frank: It is rather disappointing, I should say.

Ivan : I agree with you here. It's a rather small order. But it's a trial order. If our customers are satisfied with the devices they will order some more. Meanwhile we'll contact our customers in a few other cities in Russia. They might be interested too.

Frank: And speaking about your trial order, when do you need the devices?

Ivan: Can you deliver them next month?

Frank: At the earliest we can deliver them during the second half of the month. And how do you want us to ship the goods?

Ivan: By air, this time. They are not very heavy and besides our customers are impatient to test them as soon as possible.

Frank: If I understand you properly you would like us to ship them on cif terms by plane. The cif prices will be much higher than the basic prices stated in our bro­chures.

Ivan: Then let's discuss the price now.

Frank: Shall we have some coffee or tea first?

Ivan: I don't mind a break at all.


Words and expressions

fact   факт
to report   сообщать
result   результат
survey [s@'veI] обследование, обзор
preliminaries [prI'lImIn@rIz] вступительная беседа,
    подготовительные пере­
    говоры /мероприятия
to judge [³ö³] судить
judging by   судя по
news   новости
go-ahead   одобрение
all in all   всего
to disappoint   разочаровывать
I should say   я бы сказал
trial   пробный
trial ordei   пробный заказ
meanwhile [,mÖn'waIl] тем временем, пока
to deliver   поставлять
next month   в следующем месяце
at the earliest   самое раннее
to ship   отгружать
air   воздух
by air   самолетом
this time   на этот раз
heavy ['hevI] тяжелый
impatient   нетерпеливый
to test   испытывать
test   тест, испытание
properly   должным образом
cif (CIF, c.i.f., C.I.F.) = cost, insurance, freight ['si 'ai 'ef] сиф (стоимость, страхо­вание, фрахт); условия поставки сиф, при кото­
    рых продавец отвечает за
    транспортировку и стра­
    хование товара
on cif terms   на условиях сиф
much higher   намного выше



1. Read the following:

• during • It's rather disappointing.
morning He had a fact-finding visit.
in the morning In the morning he telephoned
fact-finding Mr. Freiser.
• ordering • How many devices are you
judging ordering?
speaking We can deliver them during
disappointing the second half of the month.


2. Underline the answers true to the text:

• Did Ivan Smirnov contact his chief before he telephoned Mr. Freiser? Yes, he did. No, he didn't. It's not quite clear.
• For what time did he make an appointment with Mr. Freiser? For 10 o'clock. For 11 o'clock. For 11.30.


• Where did the meet? At the hotel. At Mr. Freiser's office. The text did not mention it.
• Who gave OK to the pur­chase? Mr. Freiser did. Mr. Smirnov did. Mr. Smirnov's chief.
• How many devices did the Russian company want to buy? 20. 5. 25.
• Was it a trial order? Yes, it was. No, it wasn't. It was the only order the Russian company wanted to make. Mr. Smirnov said nothing about it.
• When did the Russian com­pany want to have the devices? The same month. The next year. The next month.
• On what terms did they want to have the goods de­livered? On cif terms. Mr. Smirnov said nothing about it. Mr. Freiser proposed cif terms.
• How did Mr. Smirnov want the goods to be shipped? By ship. By plane. He said nothing about it.


3. Match English and Russian equivalents:

fact-finding visit He reported the results of his survey to the Director. After some preliminaries hey got down to business. Тем временем мы свяжемся с нашими другими клиентами. Возможно, они тоже проявят интерес. Он доложил директору о ре­зультатах ознакомления.


Judging by your early call. . визит с целью выяснения от­дельных вопросов
He gave me the go-ahead to the purchase. Он дал согласие на эту за­купку.
It's rather disappointing. Судя по вашему раннему звонку...
Meanwhile we'll contact some other customers После обмена некоторыми предварительными фразами они перешли к делу
They might be interested too. Я очень разочарован!


4. Insert prepositions:

Не leported the lesults of his visit ... the General Director

The businessmen made an appointment... 11 o'clock the same day

They met... Mr. Freiser's premises.

After some preliminaries the got down ... business.

Judging... your early call the news is good.

The Director gave me the go-ahead... the purchase

Here is the list ... the devices we are interested.

If our customers are satisfied ... the devices they will order some more

5. Insert articles:

It's ... rather small order.

It's... trial order Meanwhile we'll contact our customers in... few other cities in Russia.

When do you need.. devices?

At... earliest we can deliver them during ... second half of... month.

How do you want us to ship ... goods?

... cif prices will be much higher than ... basic plices stated in our brochures

Let's discuss ... plices now.

I don't mind... break now.

6. Use the verbs in the right forms:

Judging by your early call you (to bring) us good news.

Last night I (to speak) with my General Director and he (to give) me the go-ahead to the purchase.

If our customers (to be satisfied) with the devices they will order some more.

If our customers (to like) your devices they (to order) some more.

If they (/o be happy) about your devices they (to make) another older.

If they (to be interested) in your goods we (to make) a few more contracts.

7. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

— Judging by.... good news, haven't you?

—... true. Last night.... go-ahead to... And here is.. inteiested in.

— And how many...

— ... all in all...

— ... disappointing...

— I agree.. It's... But... trial... If our customers... Meanwhile we'll contact... They might...

— And speaking about your trial. . when... need...

— Can... next..

— At the earliest... half... And how do you want us

— By air, this... They... not heavy and besides... impatient... as possible.

— If I understand you properly you.... cif terms by... The.... much higher than...

— Then let's..

— Shall we have...

— I don't mind...

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