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Дополнения к правилам урока 38

Разделительные вопросы могут начинаться с отрицания и заканчиваться переспросом в утвердительной форме.


The City is not very big, is it?

He didn't take a mini-cab, did he?

You haven't been to London, have you?

12. Make questions as in the examples:

• Example London You haven't been to London, have you?
England New York the USA Paris France


• Example London
    London hasn't got a distinct
    character, has it?
    the City
    the West End
    Threadneedle Street
    New York


Role play.

Imagine you are speaking with an English businessman. Ask him a few questions about London and also show how much you know about it. Then he will ask you a few questions about your town. An­swer these questions.

Unit forty three

Driving a car


One of the evenings Mr. Hill and a few participants decided to go to the cinema to see the film, the latest Oscar Award winner. Before the film was to start they had an hour at their disposal. And they decided to have a ride around London by Mr. Hill's car.

David: What would you like to see during this hour in London?

Anton: And what would you recommend?

David: We might have a ride through this entertainment area around Leicester Square and then through the Strand fa­mous for its rich hotels. Then we could also drive to St Paul's Cathedral. It looks majestic in the evening lights.

Anton: We would be glad to see all that.

David: Then let's start the journey.

Anton: ... By the way, I know that when you were in Russia you hired a car and drove it a few days. Was it very difficult to drive on the right?

David: Oh, it was very difficult at first. It was necessary to con­centrate... especially when I wanted to overtake. But the hardest were roundabouts. Well, you know, we Englishmen have always driven on the left and are accustomed to that.

Anton: Did you usuaully find the ways very easily?

David: I wouldn't say so. Once it was terrible. I was in a traffic jam for an hour and then I got lost. But finally everything was all right. I should let bygones be bygones.

Anton: I always wonder how fast your cars and buses go along these narrow streets. It is fantastic. You must be all very good drivers!

There are speed limits — 30 or 40 miles per hour in or near towns in England and 70mph on motorways. The driver must wear a seat belt and so must the front seat passenger. Two yellow lines on the load mean no parking. One yellow line means parking is restiicted. In some big towns the car may be clamped and towed away if it is parked illegally. It is very expensive to get the car back. All the rules and regulations on driving are fully described in The Highway Code.

Petrol stations or garages are often self-service. The driver can select 4 star (super), unleaded petrol or diesel from the automatic pump and pay the cashier. If the pump is not automatic there is an attendant to help.

Words and expressions

to drive (drove, driven)   вести (машину), ехать
to drive a car   вести машину
film   диплом
latest   последний
award [@'wþd] награда, приз
to win (won, won)   выигрывать
winner   победитель, призер
Leicester Square   Лестер-Сквер Площадь в
    Лондоне, на которой и
    вблизи которой находит­
    ся много театров, киноте­
    атров и ресторанов В
    старину здесь часто уст­
    раивались дуэли.
through [Trü] через
the Strand   Стрэнд. Одна из главных
    улиц Лондона, соеди­
    няющая Уэст-Энд и Си­
    ти. в старину улица шла
    вдоль Темзы.
cathedral [k@'TIdr@] собор
St Paul's Cathedral (=St.   Собор Св. Павла Глав­
Paul)   ный собор английской
    церкви Построен архи­
    тектором К. Реном в
    1657-1710 после Вели­
    кого лондонского пожара.
majestic   величественный
to overtake   обгонять
roundabouts   развязка (дорожная)
accustomed [@'köst@md] привычный
to be accustomed to   привычный к чему-либо
jam   пробка (автомобильная)
syn traffic jam    
to be in a traffic jam   попасть в пробку
finally   наконец, в конце концов
bygones ['baIgons] прошлый
Let bygones be bygones   Кто старое помянит, тому
    глаз вон
narrow   узкий
speed   скорость
speed limit   предел скорости
front   передний
to restrict   ограничивать
to clamp   зажимать
to tow away   отбуксировать
illegal   незаконный
illegally   незаконно
to describe   описывать
highway   шоссе
code   код
petrol ['petr@] бензин
petrol station   бензозаправочная станция
syn garage    
to select   выбирать, отбирать
super   первоклассный
lead   свинец
unleaded   без свинца
diesel   горючее
automatic [,þt@'m{tIk] автоматический
pump   ПОСОЛ
cashier [k{'SI@] кассир
attendant   служитель



1. Find the answers in the text:

Where did the participants plan to go that evening?

Was it an ordinary film?

How much free time did they have before the film?

Did they go sightseeing by tube?

Did they talk with Mr. Hill during the ride?

About what did they speak?

2. Use the verbs in the right forms:

There (is, are) different speed limits in towns and on motorways in England.

Two yellow lines on the load (to mean) no parking.

One yellow line (to mean) parking (to restrict).

I know that when you (to be) in Russia you (to hire) a car and (to drive) it a few days. (to be) it very difficult to drive on the right?

Oh, it (to be) very difficult at first.

It was especially difficult when I (to want) to overtake

But the hardest (to be) roundabouts.

We, Englishmen always (to drive) on the left.

3. Insert prepositions:

One .. the evenings they decided to go .. the cinema. .. the film was to start they had an hour... their disposal.

They decided to have a ride. . London. . Mr. Hill's car.

We might have a ride . this entertainment area... Leicester Square.

The Strand is famous .. its rich hotels.

We could also drive... St Paul's Cathedral.

4. Insert articles:

The Cathedral looks majestic in... evenings lights.

Let's start ... journey.

When you drove in Russia, did you always find... ways very easily?

Once I was in... tiaffic jam for... hour

5. Underline the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Russian:

The driver must wear a seat belt.

The front seat passenger must also wear a seat belt.

You must be all very good drivers.

In big cities the car may be clamped and towed away.

Before the film was to start they had an hour at their disposal.

What would you like to see?

We would be glad to see all that.

And what would you recommend?

I wouldn't say so.

I should let bygones be bygones.

We might have a ride through this area.

Then we could also drive to the Cathedral.

6. Make sentenses:

St Paul's Cathedral     majestic
it     fantastic
Leicester Square is fascinating
the Strand looks wonderful
Big Ben seems beautiful
Westminster was colouful
the City     curious
Trafalgar Square     distinctive
Madame Tussaud's     impressive


7. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

— What woud you like to see during...

— And... recommend?

— We might... Leicester Square and... the Strand... hotels. Then... Cathedral. It looks...

— We would be glad...

— Then let's start...

— By the... I know that when you were in... hired... drove... Was it very...

— Oh... at first. It was... to concentrate especiaially when... over­take But the hardest were... Well, you know, we, Englishmen, have always, and are accustomed...

— Did you ... the ways .

— I wouldn't... Once... leirible. I was in... and... lost. But finally... all right. I .. bygones.

8. Complete the disjunctive questions:

The streets of London are very narrow...

The cars and buses move fast in London...

There are speed limits in towns...

There are speed limits on motorways...

The speed limits are not very high..

You have never driven on the left...

9. Make sentences:

The speed limit is 30km. per hour in town in England
    70km     on motorway in Russia


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