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Притяжательный падеж существительных

The Possessive Case of the Nouns

Существительное в притяжательном падеже отвечает на вопрос Чей?. Для образования притяжательного паде­жа существительного в единственном числе используются апостроф ' и буква s. Для образования притяжательного падежа существительного во множественном числе ис­пользуется только один апостроф '. Например:

the exporter's bank банк экспортера

the exporters' bank банк экспортеров


1. Use the nouns as in the example:

• Example importer/country the importer's country


exporter/country exporter/bank exporters/country exporters/bank exporting bank/country importing bank/country exporting bank/correspondent importing bank/correspondent Mr. Hill/lecture Mr. Hill/words


2. Match English and Russian equivalents:

in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract Они дают указание банку об оплате.
the underlying commercial contract Затем они забирают доку­менты.
the documents specified in the contract Существует несколько спосо­бов перевода денег из одного банка в другой.
to submit the documents. specified Банк переведет средства на счет экспортера.
the letter of credit issued by the importer's bank перевести средства должным образом
to reimdurse the proceeds in due course в соответствии с условиями контракта
The bank will credit the ex­porters with the proceeds. данный коммерческий кон­тракт
They instruct the bank to pay. документы, указанные в кон­тракте
They collect the shipping documents then. представить указанные доку­менты
There are a few ways of transferring money from bank to bank. аккредитив, выданный бан­ком экспортера  


3. Underline the verbs in the Passive Voice and translate the sentences into Russian:

It is essential to ensure that payment will be received.

Documentary letters of credit are opened by the importer's bank.

The proceeds are reimbuised by the importer's bank.

Documentary collection bills are presented to the importer's bank

Now mail and telegraphic tiansfers are replaced by SWIFT messages.

A message can be delivered in under 20 seconds.

Over 1 million messages are sent every day.

4. Insert prepositions:

... Monday morning the participants listened... the lecture... pay­ments.. international trade.

It is essential to ensure that payments will be received ... terms and conditions... the contract.

The most secure methods are payments.. documentary letters... credit and. . documentary collection bills.

Documentary letters. credit are opened... a bank.. the exporter's country.

Exporters submit ... the bank all the shipping documents.

If the documents are... order the bank will credit the exporter... the proceeds.

Documentary collection bills are presented... the importer's bank.

... the recent past there were two ways... transfer! ing money... bank... bank.

5. Translate the parts of the text speaking about:

documentary letters of credit

documentary collection bills.

6. Translate into Russian:

the receiving bank

the sending bank

if the banks are logged in...

It carries a deposit balance for another bank.

It carries a deposit balance for another bank located in another city or country.

The correspondent bank engages in an exchange of services with that bank

7. Complete as in the text:

SWIFT stands for the Society...

It's a network serving... banks... countries.

It speeds up payment messages between...

If. . banks are logged-in a message can be delivered...

Over one million... via computers of SWIFT and...

A correspondent bank is one which carries...

8. Find English equivalents in the text:

платеж по документарному аккредитиву —

платеж по документарному инкассо —

представить документы в банк —

открыть аккредитив в банке —

перевести средства —

отправить сообщение по СВИФТ —

банк-корреспондент —

Это ускорит платеж. —

9. Sum up what the text said about:

SWIFT and SWIFT messages

correspondent banks

10. Make short dialogues as in the example:

• Example letters of credit The information on letters of credit is not very clear, is it? — I agree with you here. It is not clear at all. (or) — I can't agree with you I'm afraid. Everything is absolutely clear.
    collection bill SWIFT correspondent banks payments bank transfers


Role plays.

• Imagine you are one of the participants of the Group. Ask the lecturer a few questions about:

documentary letters of credit

documentary collection bills.

• Imagine you work at a SWIFT member bank. Make a short speech introducing yourself and also speak about the high techni­cal level of services offered by your bank.

Unit forty six

Problems settled


In the evening when Anton returned to the hotel he had a tele­phone call from Coventry, located to the north of London. It was a call from Mr. Snow, a business associate of the Russian com­pany for whom Anton worked.

Mr Snow: Mr. Smirnov, I'm calling to send my apologies to Mr. Nikolaev, your chief, for our default.

Anton: Don't worry we have received your payment and every­thing seems all right. I spoke with Mr. Nikolaev before my departure. He does not bear any grudges against you.

Mr. Snow: I'm very glad to hear that. But still I want to assure you that such things will never happen again.

Anton: Good. I'll pass it on to Mr. Nikolaev on my return to Moscow.

Here are two letters relating to the default mentioned by Mr. Snow received and sent by him some time before this talk took place:



Words and expressions

Coventry     Ковентри. Крупный ин­дустриальный центр в графстве Йоркшир на северо-западе от Лондона
associate [@'souSIeIt] партнер
apology   извещение
to send one's apologies   принести свои извинения
chief   начальник; главный
default [dI'fþlt] неуплата, нарушение
to bear (bore, borne)   нести
grudge [grö³] недовольство, обида
not to bear grudges against somebody     иметь претензии к кому-либо
to assure   заверить
relating to ...   относящийся к
acceding to ...   как сообщил. , как зая­вил ..., согласно
records ['rekþdz] записи
according to our records   согласно нашим записям
exception   исключение
as an exception   в виде исключения
open account     открытый счет — форма расчета между продавцом и постоянным покупате­лем, при которой товары отправляются без под­тверждения оплаты, а покупатель в оговорен­ные сроки должен опла­тить товар
to pay on an open ac­count   платить на открытый счет
net     часто, частый, нетто, за вычетом всех расходов и налогов
outstanding [,aut'st{ndIÎ] неоплаченный
duration   длительность
legal   зд судебный
legal action   судебное дело
to take legal action   передать дело в суд, воз­будить судебное дело
to go so far   заходить так далеко
to lose (lost, lost)   потерять
to mislay (mislaid, mislaid)   затерять (положить не туда)
the original   оригинал
to enclose   прилагать
to enclose something with something   прилагать что-либо к че­му-либо



1. Match English and Russian equivalents:

for our default He doesn't bear any grudges against you. I want to assure you that such things will never happen again. Я передам это начальнику Хочу вас заверить, что впредь этого не случится. Он не имеет уже к вам ни­каких претензии.


I'll pass it on to my chief. За то, что мы не заплатили вовремя.


2. Read the following:

• everything asking • bearing happening
receiving returning
importing calling
exporting speaking


• I'm calling to send my apologies to Mr. Nikolaev.

I'm calling to ask you to accept my apologies.

• not to bear any grudges

for our default

I apologise for our default.

He does not bear any grudges.

3. Find the answers in the text:

When did Anton have a call from Mr. Snow?

Who is Mr. Snow?

Why did he call Anton?

What did Anton say about the payment in question?

What promise did Mr. Snow make?

Did Anton promise to pass it on to his chief?

4. Complete the dialogue and act out a similar one:

— I'm calling to send my apologies to...

— Don't worry we have received... and everything... I... before my departure. He... grudges...

— I... glad... But still I want to assure... again.

— Good. I'll pass... on my return...

5. Translate into Russian:

• as an exception • to lose or mislay the original
payment on an open account to look forward to receiving
the outstanding invoice the payment
unsettled debts to experience a number of
to take legal action difficulties
not to go so far to result in an unfortunate delay
    to be affected by these devel­
    to rectify the situation
    in the very near future
    The payment is one month


6. Insert prepositions:

According... our records payment... our Invoice 3582 sent... you... 10 August has not yet been made.

As an exception we specified payment... an open account terms.

Our invoice has been outstanding... 50 days.

... the case... unsettled debts... this duration we take legal action.

This has resulted... unfortunate delays... paying outstanding ac­counts.

Your company has been affected... these developments.

We shall make payment... the very near future.

7. Underline the verbs and translate the sentences into Russian:

We are enclosing a copy of our Invoice.

We are doing everything possible to rectify the situation.

Payment has not been made yet.

Our invoice has been outstanding for 50 days.

In case you have lost or mislaid the original...

This has resulted in unfortunate delays.

We have been recently experiencing some difficulties.

As you will remember from our telephone calls...

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