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Underline one sentence in each letter which seems most important to you

9. Read the following dates:

• Example 15 October 1998 the fifteenth of October nineteen ninety eight
    1 November 1998
    17 October 1996
    1 May 1997
    1 January 1998


10. Complete the letters and write similar ones:

• According to our records payment .. has not yet been made. As an exception we specified... Our invoice has now been outstanding In the case of unsettled debts... take legal action. We would naturally prefer... In case you have lost... We look forward to...

• As you will remember from... difficulties with... This resulted in... outstanding accounts. We are extremely sony... affected... We are doing everything possible to .. Indeed we hope... in the very near future.

Unit forty seven

Mass media


The British are a nation of newspaper readers. Many of them have a daily paper delivered to their home just in time for bieakfast.

British newspapers can be divided into two groups: quality and popular. Quality newspapers are more serious and cover home and foreign news thoughtfully while the popular newspapers like shocking, personal stories as well as some news. These two groups of newspapers can be distinguished easily because the quality papers are twice the size of the popular newspapers.

• Quality daily newspapers:

The Times

The Guardian

The Daily Telegraph

The Financial Times

The Independent

• Quality Sunday newspapers:

The Sunday Times

The Observer

The Sunday Telegraph

• Popular daily newspapers:

The News of the World

The People

The Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Mirror

The Sunday Express

British newspapers are often associated with Fleet Street, located in Westminster City of London. Fleet Street was the home of the nation's newspapers till the recent past. But not long ago practically all the newspapers moved their headquarters to Docklands, a newly developed business centre in the eastern part of London. Only two newspapers The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph are still in Fleet Street. However, people still say 'Fleet Street' to mean 'the press'.

Watching television is one of the great British pastimes! Broad­casting in the United Kingdom is controlled by the British Broad­casting Corporation (ВВС) and the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The ВВС receives its income from the Government, but the private companies controlled by the IBA earn money from advertising. The ВВС has two TV channels. The IBA is responsible for looking after the regional independent TV companies who broad­cast their own programmes and those they have bought from other regions.

National radio is controlled by the ВВС, and listeners can choose between four stations. There are many local stations, some private and some run by theВВС. Their programmes consist mainly of music and local news.

Words and expressions

mass media   средства массовой ин­формации
paper = newspaper   газета
reader   читатель
quality [kwolItI] ежедневная газета
serious   серьезный
thought [Tþt] мысль
thoughtful   внимательный
thoughtfully   внимательно
shock shocking   удар, потрясение скандальный
personal   личный
twice   дважды
they are twice the size   они вдвое больше по размеру
guardian ['g¸dj@n] наставник
independent   независимый
observer   обозреватель
mirror   зеркало
headquarters [,hed'kwþt@z] штаб-квартира
press   пресса
television   телевидение
to watch   наблюдать
to watch television   смотреть телевизор
pastime   времяпрепровождение
to broadcast (broadcast,   передавать по радио/по
broadcast)   телевидению
authority [þ'Tor@tI] власти, администрация
income   ДОХОД
to look after   следить за, присматри­
    вать за
region   регион
regional   региональный
to choose (chose, chosen)   выбирать
to run   управлять, руководить
to run a station   направлять деятельность
to run a shop   владеть магазином



1. Read the following:

the British

many of them delivered to their home

the quality newspapers

the popular newspapers

the home of the nation's newspaper

moved their headquarters

in the eastern part

one of the great pastimes

the ВВС

the IBA

2. Insert articles:

... British are... nation of newspaper readers.

Many of them have... daily paper delivered to their home.

Fleet Street was... home of... nation's newspapers till... recent past.

Docklands is... newly developed business centre in... eastern part of London.

... Financial Times is widely read by businessmen.

Watching television is one of... great British pastimes. Broadcasting in... United Kingdom is controlled by...ВВС and... IBA.

... ВВС receives its income from... government.

... private companies controlled by... IBA earn money from ad­vertising.

3. Insert prepositions:

The IBA is responsible... looking... the regional independent TV companies.

They also broadcast programmes they have bought... other regions.

National radio is controlled... the ВВС.

Listeners can choose... four stations.

Some local stations are run... the ВВС.

Their programmes consist mainly... music and local news.

4. Sum up what the text said about:

• English newspapers

• theВВС

• the IBA

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