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Сравнительные степени прилагательных Degrees of comparison of adjectives

Большинство прилагательных имеют сравнительную и превосходную степени сравнения. Как правило, однослож­ные прилагательные образуют сравнительную степень с помощью суффикса -ег, а превосходную — с помощью суффикса -est. Например:

warm — warmer — warmest

Многосложные прилагательные образуют сравнитель­ную степень с помощью слова more, а превосходную — с помощью слова most. Например:

serious — more serious — most serious

Некоторые прилагательные образуют степени сравне­ния не по правилам. Например:

good — better — best little — less — least

Bad — worse — worst much — more — most

4. Write as in the examples:

• Example short short — shorter — shortest


• Example popular popular—more popular—most popular


practical beneficial
expensive sophisticated


• Example short reply a shorter reply the shorter reply shorter replies the shortest reply
    long story
    big city
    large university
    high chaige


• Example important event a more important event the more important event more important events the most important event
    curious custom
    sophisticated device
    expensive tour
    difficult language
    marketable goods
    mteiesting piogiamme


6. Find English equivalents in the text:

Английские газеты можно разделить на две группы.

Эти две группы можно легко отличить друг от друга

Английские газеты часто ассоциируют с Флит стрит

Радио Англии контролирует Би-Би-Си.

7. Translate as in the example:

• Example a paper delivered to their home газета, доставляемая на дом
    Fleet Street located in Westminstel City
    the private companies controlled by the 1BA
    the talks resumed after lunch
    the point mentioned in the letter
    the goods shipped
    the letters of credit opened with the bank
    all the problems settled
    the news broadcast over the radio
    the news televised


8. Complete as much as you remember:

• The British are a nation...

Many of them have ... delivered.

British newspapers can be divided...

Quality newspapers .. while popular newspapers

These two groups... distmgished... British newspapers are often associated...

Fleet Stieet was the home...

But not long ago. . Docklands

Only... Fleet Street.

However... to mean 'the press'.

• Watching .. pastimes

Broadcasting... the ВВС and... the IBA

The ВВС receives... but... advertising .

The ВВС... channels.

• National radio is controlled... and... four...

There are many local... private... theВВС.

Their programmes consist...

9. Translate into Russian the sentence starting with:

'The IBA is rlesponsible....'.

Role play

Imagine you are speaking with an English businessman. Ask him a few questions about:

• English newspapers

• English radio

• English television programmes

Tell him what television programmes you like.

Unit forty eight

Financial news


Here is an item on financial news published by The Financial Times which some participant read:


The dollar and the pound resumed their advances of 1996 against the yen and the D-Mark yesterday.

The US currency was helped chiefly by the US stock and bond markets, which rebounded from Thursday's falls.

The dollar was also boosted by US construction spending for November, which rose where a fall had been forecast. The figures added to the evidence of recent weeks that the American economy has resumed stronger growth. "The US deceleration is probably coming to an end", said Mr. Peter von Maydell, senior currency economist at UBS in London.

The dollar gained 1,5 pfennigs against the D-Mark and YO.5 against the yen to close in London at D.M. 1.557 and Y11.2. But the Tokyo market remained closed for the National Holiday.

Sterling rebounded 2.8 pfennigs against the D-Mark after losing 3 pfennigs on Thursday. With trading thin, dealers say that one sale of GBP 50m worth of D-Marks sent sterling about a pfennig higher.

The pound closed in London at DM2.635 to the German cur­rency and USD 1.692 to the dollar. It gained on strong consumer credit data and on rising oil prices

Sterling has been the strongest major currency over the Holiday period appreciating almost 2 per cent.

Words and expressions

item   короткая статья (в газете)
to publish   опубликовать
to read (read, read)   читать
to rise (rose, risen)   поднимать (ся)
advance   (фин ) повышение
yen (=y)   йена
chiefly ['¶Öfl] главным образом
bond   облигация
stock and bond market   рынок ценных бумаг и облигации
to rebound   вернуться на прежние позиции
fall   падение
to boost   ускорить
to forecast (forecast,   предсказывать
figure ['fIg@] цифра
evidence   данные
deceleration   замедление
UBS = United Bank of Switzerland   Объединенный банк Швейцарии
to gain   повышаться
pfennig   пфениг
to close   курс валюты в конце рабочего дня биржи
trading     торги, операции с цен­ными бумагами и други­ми финансовыми инст­рументами
thin   вялый, неактивный
with trading thin   поскольку торги идут вяло
dealer   биржевой маклер
GBP = Great Britain Pound   английский фунт стер­лингов
worth   стоящий
spot     слот условия сделки, означающие расчет на второй рабочий день по­сле ее заключения
to appreciate [@'prISIeIt] повышаться (о курсе ва­люты)



1. Match English and Russian equivalents:

against the yen повысить, вырасти
to come to an end против (по сравнению с)
to gain иеной
with trading thin поскольку операции с бума­гами идут неактивно
GBP 50m worth of D-Marks подойти к концу
    немецкие марки на сумму 50
to close at D. M. 1.557 млн. фунтов стерлингов
    Рынок закрылся на период
    праздничных дней.
The market closed for the Курс марки на момент за­
holiday крытия биржи составил 1.557
The dollar resumed its ad­ Курс доллара стал расти
vances благодаря ...
The dollar was boosted by. . Курс доллара снова стал рас­
The sterling rebounded. Курс фунта вырос.
It sent sterling higher. Активность рынка ценных
    бумаг и облигаций снова
The stock and bond markets Благодаря этому курс фунта
rebounded. вырос.
It rose where a fall had been Он возрос, хотя предсказали
forecast. его падение.
The figures added to the evi­ Положение экономики США
dence of recent weeks. снова стало улучшаться.
The American economy has lesumed stronger growth Эти цифры говорили о том же, что и данные последних недель.  


2. Find the sentences in the text with the following words:

• to rise to gain to resume its dvances to rebound from falls to be boosted • to send the pound higher fall to lose deceleration


3. Insert articles:

Here is... item on financial news published by.. Financial Times.

dollar and.. pound resumed their advances.

US currency was helped chiefly by... US stock and bond mar­kets

... dollar was also boosted by US construction spending for November

... dollar rose where... fall had been forecast

The figures also say that... American economy has resumed stronger growth.

4. Read as in the examples:

• Example November 18, 1996 the eighteenth of November nineteen ninety six
May 1, 1997 April 1,1999
    December 25, 1998 July 4, 1996


• Example 2% two per cent


3% 7% 10% 75% 100%


• Example 1.692 one point six nine two


1.557 1.5
1.6870 2.8
1.6860 3.3
1.6798 9.5


• Example 0.5 о point five


0.8 0.4. 0.7


• Example one sale of 50 million English pounds sterling worth of Deutsch Marks



5. Insert prepositions:

The dollar gained 1.5 pfennigs... the D-Mark... and Y 0.5... the yen.

But the Tokyo market remained closed... the national holiday.

Sterling rebounded 2.8 pfennigs... the D-Mark after losing 3 pfennigs. . Thursday.

The pound closed. London... DM 2.635 .. the German currency. It gained... strong consumer credit data.

6. Make sentences:

    the news    
• this is the item    
these are the facts published by
    the information the Financial Times
    the figures (FT)


• the pound     the USA
the yen is the currency unit of Germany
the dollar     Great Britain
the D-Mark     Japan
the franc     Italy
the lira     France


7. Give full words for the following:

UBS mth

GBP yr

FT prev. close

8. Underline the verbs and translate the sentences into Russian:

The dollar rose where a fall had been forecast.

The figures added to the evidence that the American economy has resumed stronger growth.

The US deceleration is coming to an end.

The dollar was boosted by US construction spending for November.

With trading thin it sent sterling about a pfennig high.

It gained on strong consumer credit data and rising oil prices.

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