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Write out a few sentences from the text about the position of the pound at that time

10. Find the answers in the text:

What was the strongest currency over the holiday?

What sale sent the pound a pfennig higher?

What was the position of the pound for spot transactions in New York on November 18?

Role play

Imagine you are speaking with an Englishman. Ask him a few questions about the words and sentences which were not quite clear to you at the beginning.

Unit forty nine

A visit to Oxford


On the eve of their departure to Moscow the participants had some free time and Mr. Hill proposed they should make a trip to Oxford.

Oxford, first and foremost, is known for its University. The Uni­versity began itself in the middle of the 12th century, and by 1300 there were already 1,500 students. At this time, Oxford was a wealthy town, but by the middle of the 14th century, it was poorer, because of a decline in trade and because of the terrible plague, which killed many people in England.

Relations between the students and the townspeople were very unfriendly, and there was often fighting in the streets. On the 10th February 1355, the Festival of St. Scholastica, a battle began which lasted two days. Sixty-two students were killed. The townspeople were punished for this in two ways: they had to walk through the town to attend a special service on every St Scholastica's day until 1825. Worse than this, the University was given control of the town for nearly 600 years.

Nowadays there are about 12,000 students in Oxford, and the University and the town live quietly side by side.

When the coach came to Oxford the participants bought some colourful books on Oxford, maps and some souvenirs. Then they went sightseeing and stopped near Trinity College.

Tatjana: The college looks great. I wonder how old it is.

David: I myself am an Oxford graduate but I don't remember when exactly it was founded. Let's look in the guide book. Oh, it was started in 1315.

Tatjana: Is it the oldest college?

David: Oh, no. Jesus College and some others are much older.

Tatjana It's very beautiful. I'd like to study here. Is the chapel open to the public?

David: Yes, it is. Let's go and look. The choir of this college is famous in England They sing on TV every year at Christmas

Words and expressions

university ["jünI'v@s@tI] университет, институт
middle   середина
in the middle of   в середине
poor   бедный
poorer   беднее
decline   снижаться
to kill   убивать
townspeople   горожане
to fight   бороться
fighting   сражение
Festival of St. Scholastica   праздник студентов Средние века
to last   длиться
to punish   наказывать
nearly   около, почти
quiet [kwaI@t] спокойный
quietly   спокойно
side   сторона
side by side   рядом, бок о бок
colourful   цветной,яркий
Trinity   Троица
graduate ['gr{dju@t] выпускник
to found   основывать
Jesus   Иисус
choir [kwaI@] хор



1. Read as in the examples:

• Example the twelfth the twelfth century


the first the second the third the ninth the sixth the seventh the eighth the fifth the eleventh the thirteenth the fourth the tenth


• Example thirteen hundred



• Example 1,500 one thousand five hundred stu­dents


1,300 2,500 3,700 9,800


• Example 12,000 twelve thousand students


13,000 25,000 36,000 48,000


• Example on the 10th February 1355 on the tenth of February thirteen fifty five
    on the 1st May 1267
    on th 2nd April 1487
    on the 3id December 1533


2. Insert prepositions:

The University began itself... the middle... the 12th century, and... 1300 there were already 1,500 students.

... this time Oxford was a wealthy town.

But ... the middle... the 14th century it was pooler, because... the terrible plague.

The plague killed many people... England.

Relations... the students and the townspeople were very unfriendly.

There was often fighting... the streets.

. . the 10th February 1355 the Festival of St. Scholastic a battle began.

Now they live quietly side... side.

Many colleges and chapels are open... the public now.

The choir of the University sing... TV every year... Christmas.

3. Translate into Russian:

Oxford is known for its University.

62 students were killed.

The townspeople were punished for killing 62 students.

The University was given control of the town.

The University was started in 1315.

We may also say it was founded in 1315.

4. Make sentences:

• Oxford     University
Cambridge     public school
Eton is known for its castle
Windsor     factories and plants
Manchester     Beatles group


    visit Oxford
    make a trip to..
• Mr. Hill proposed that they should make a tour of..
    go to...


5. Complete as in the text:

At this time Oxford was a wealthy town, but by... it was poorer because of a decline in... and the terrible...

On the 10th February the Festival.. a battle... two days.


The... punished... two ways.

They had to walk through... to attend the special... until 1825.

Worse than this, the University... for nearly 600 years.

6. Write out the sentences speaking about Oxford:

of the 12th century

of 1300

of the middle of the 14th century

of 1355

of 1825

of the present time.

7. Read the following:

• the college — an older college — the oldest college

the chapel — a taller chapel — the tallest chapel

the most beautiful building

the wealthiest town

I wonder how old it is.

I wonder when it was founded.

I wonder who the first students were.

I wonder how many people live here now.

I wonder if the students pay for then education.

8. Complete the dialogue and act out a similar one:

— The college looks... I wondei how old ... I myself am an Ox­ford graduate but... founded. Let's look in... Oh, 1315.

— Is it... oldest...

— Oh no. Jesus... and others... older.

— It's very .. I'd like. Is the... open.

— Yes, it is. Let's The choir .

9. Sum up what you have learned about:

• Trinty College

• the history of Oxford

Role play

Imagine you are one of the participants of the Group. Ask the lecturer during an informal talk if he is an Oxford graduate. Then ask him a few questions about Oxford and tell him about our universities.

Unit fifty

Good-bye to London


In the evening Mr. Hill invited all the participants to a farewell party at the Beefeater restaurant near the Tower of London. In general Beefeaters are warders of the Tower, dressed as in the days of the Tudor kings. The restaurant is famous for its medieval ages per­formance and the spirit of the time. It's like a costume drama with the history of England unfolding before the eyes of the guests. The participants enjoyed the performance immensely, had a very nice meal and a few drinks. A few toasts were pronounced like these:

To the success of our business!

To our prosperous business! Cheers!

To your very good health!

There were also many thanks like these:

Thank you very much for having us.

Thank you for the nice stay we had here in London.

We were very happy here. Thank you very much.

Everything was unforgettable. I thank you a lot.

We 've really enjoyed the visit.

In the morning the Group checked out and the coach took them to the Heathrow Airport. There was no queueing up they checked in very quickly and went upstairs to the Passport Control point. Here they said good-bye and expressed thanks to Mr. Hill. In reply he said many kind words and wished them a safe journey.

The journey back home was really very smooth and enjoyable. A few days later Pete Smirnov, General Director of Economtraining, sent the following letter to Mr. Hill:

Dear Mr. Hill,

Let me thank you and your esteemed company on behalf of the Group and our company for the hearty atmosphere of their stay in London, for very informative lectures and very useful external visits they had. They also thank you heartily for the chances to do some business of their own and to make a few visits they had planned. I hope that we shall ar­range similar programmes in future as well to the satisfaction of our both parties.

Let me send you and your family my best wishes for Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.

Yours faithfully,

Pete Smirnov

Words and expressions

farewell [e@'wel] прощание
farewell party   прощальный вечер
beefeaters ['bÖfÖt@z] "мясоеды" — прозвищe
    дворцовой стражи или
    стражи Тауэра
tower   башня
the Tower of London   Тауэр
warder   стражник
Tudors   династия Тюдоров
    (1495-1603) - период
    реформации и усиления
    централизованной власти
costume ['kostjüm] костюм
drama   драма
costume drama   костюмированное пред
    ставление, драма
to unfold   раскрывать (ся)
toast [toust] тост
unforgettable [,önf@'get@bl] незабываемый
to check out   выезжать из гостиницы
upstairs   наверх (у)
to express safe   выражать безопасный
enjoyable esteemed [In'³oI@bl] приятный уважаемый
hearty atmosphere informative   сердечный атмосфера информативный, содер­жательный
to arrange   организовывать, догово­риться о



1. Insert prepositions:

the evening Mr. Hill invited all the participants... a farewell party... Beefeater restaurant... the Tower... London.

... general Beefeaters are warders... the Tower dressed as... the days... the Tudor kings.

the restaurant is famous... its medieval ages performances.

It's like a costume drama with the history of England unfolding... the eyes... the guests.

2. Insert articles:

... participants enjoyed... performance immensely.

They had... very nice meal and... few drinks.

... few toasts were pronounced.

To... success of our business!

Thank you for... nice stay we had here in London.

I thank you... lot.

We've really enjoyed... visit.

3. Read the sentences you like the best used as:

toasts the words of thanks.

4. Sum up what you have learned about:

the Beefeater restaurant the farewell party.

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