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Translate the letter into Russian underlining the most important sentences, to your mind. 1 страница

6. Complete the letter and write a similar one:

Let me thank you and your... on behalf of.. for the hearty.., for very informative... and very useful... They also thank you heartily for the chances... their own and make... they had planned. We hope... similar programmes... of our both parties. Let me send you... Christ­mas... prosperous New Year.

7. Look through all the Units. Imagine you are one of the participants of the Group. Say what you remember best of all and why:

• Entertainments in London:

the medieval ages performance at the Beefeater restaurant

the musical Evita at St. George theater

Madame Tussaud's

• Cultural excursions outside and inside London:

Oxford and the colleges of the University

Eton and its public school

the Windsor Casle

Greenwich and the Observatory

• External business visits:

the laywers' company

the Bank of England

the company producing security devices

• Business talks:

in Moscow about the Contract on training

in London about the Contract for the purchase of devices

• Lectures in London:

Trade finance

Payments in international trade


Balance sheets



Role play

Imagine that you were one of the participants of the Group. Sometime later at one of the business talks you meet David Hill. Greet him and pay compliments for the nice Programme. Also say how useful all the information and all the visits were. Invite David to have lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

English-Russian Vocabulary

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