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Fill in the gaps with the forms of the verb «to be» in Simple Tenses

  Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple
Формы глагола   to be I We You He She It They –– are –– is –– –– are I We You He She It They –– were –– –– –– was   I We You He She It They shall be –– –– will be –– –– ––


Exercise 2

Fill in the gaps with the forms of the verb «to have»

  Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple
Формы глагола   to have I We You He She It They –– have –– has –– –– –– I We You He She It They –– –– had –– –– –– –– I We You He She It They –– –– –– –– –– –– ––


Exercise 3

Insert the right form of the verb «to be»

1. She ____ a teacher.

2. Peter and Tom ____ absent today.

3. I ___ a primary school teacher.

4. The weather _____very cold yesterday.

5. I ____ an engineer in five years.

6. What film _____ on in the cinema today?

7. My brothers ____ drivers.

8. Our teacher ____ from Great Britain.

9. Ann ___ 18 years old two years ago.

10. Where ___ you last Monday?

11. She _____ a student if she studies hard at school.


Exercise 4

Insert the right form of the verb «to have»

1. He ____ enough confidence to enter the university.

2. My mother ____ a well–paid job.

3. We ____ two lectures every day.

4. They _____ a tutorial last Wednesday.

5. Most of my classmates _____ higher education in five years.

6. Our grandmother _____ a house in the country.

7. She _____ a car next year.

8. We _____ laboratory classes yesterday.

9. Pete ____ a diploma of a Specialist in Engineering.

10. They ____ a lot of work to do.

Exercise 5

Open the brackets and put the appropriate form of the verbs «to be» and «to have»

1. Ann (to have) three exams to pass last term.

2. Don’t pay attention to his rudeness he (to have) some personality problems and can’t hold himself together.

3. Peter (to have) enough confidence in his abilities to enter the university.

4. Who has told you the results of the entrance exams? – I (to have) some reliable sources of information.

5. Everybody (to have) his own personality traits and he must choose the course of study that corresponds his abilities.

6. I can’t communicate with her. She (to be) such an arrogant person.

7. We (to be) very good at studying foreign languages.

8. What (to be) your college major?

9. Ron (to be) an experienced student. It (to be) his third year of studying at the university.

10. The right choice of the college major (to be) a good career foundation.

Exercise 6

Put the words given below into the right order to make up a sentence

1. Natural, is, talent, the, of, factor, critical, success.

2. In, universities, higher, Western, all, the, is, free, not, education.

3. A, pays, foreign, about, student, for, higher, education, 25, dollars, thousand, every year.

4. Do, college, you, know, the rules, this, has?

5. Motivation, role, process, an important, plays, into, the educational.

6. A, teacher, among, good, loyalty, the students, generates.

7. She, the survey, does, agree, with, not.

Exercise 7

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple Tense. Remember that some of them are irregular


Last year I _____ (to spend) my holidays in Great Britain. It ____ (to be) a wonderful time! I ____ (to meet) quite a number of new people and many of them ______ (to become) my friends. I ______ (to have) the opportunity to visit famous museums and art galleries such as British museum and National gallery. We ______ (to see) the glorious Buckingham Palace, _______ (to make) photos of the world–known Big Ben, _______ (to eat) fish and chips in an English pub, _______ (to listen) to the story of the Tour of London, _____ (to see) a film in one of London cinemas.

But England is famous not only for its historical places. It is a picturesque country. Our English friends _____ (to show) us another England – the England of parks, gardens and moors with wild ponies. This ____ (to be) the most exciting and unforgettable trip in my life. I ____ (to fall) in love with the country and since my coming back I dream to visit it again.


Exercise 8

Open the brackets and put the verbs into one of the Simple Tenses

1. Dick (to enter) Oxford university in 2003. Now he is a sophomore student.

2. After every three months of study we (hand in) our term papers.

3. Susan (not to know) what exams she has to pass this term.

4. A university lecturer in Western universities (to deliver) 3 or 4 lectures a week.

5. Usually people (to consider) the employment situation before choosing their future careers.

6. Leading universities (to do) everything possible to provide their students with all the necessary facilities.

7. Nick (not to like) to prepare for examinations.

8. I (to chose) my major next year. Now I am not ready to make a choice.

9. There is no free education in Western Europe but they (to have) a developed system of grants and loans.

10. Last year three students of the university were expelled because they (no to respect) the Rules.

Exercise 9

Put the verb in brackets into the right form of Present Progressive

Example:– What are you doing this weekend? – I am staying at home.

1. What are you doing here? – I _____ (wait) for a lecturer. I want to ask some questions.

2. Listen! Someone ____ (knock) at the door.

3. Don’t go into the classroom. The students _____ (write) a dictation there at the moment.

4. The man who _____ (smoke) a cigarette is our English teacher.

5. Listen! The telephone ____ (ring).

6. He ____ (work) hard these days.

7. She ____ (stay) with a friend in Paris at present.

8. He is such a boring man who ____ always (make) a fuss abut nothing.

9. It ____ (pour) with rain all week long.

10. I ____ (write) a letter to my parents now.


Exercise 10

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