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Facts about the university

First I’d like to give you some general information about our university.

Our university is called …….

It is situated in ……

There are ……. day–time faculties at our university.

The teaching staff accounts to …..

The complete course of study lasts …..

After a successful completion of a course of study a student gets a Specialist degree.

There about ……. students studying at the university.

I am a student of the ………. faculty.

I study such subjects as ………..

Teaching aids

Now I’d like to say a few words about the teaching aids used to improve the educational process.

There are a number of well-equipped laboratories in the university.

The modern teaching aids used are …….

Information resources

As for the provision with information resources out university is among the leaders.

The SUSU scientific library is ….

It contains a great number of resources ….

Students life

Both students and the administration of the university understand that much work and no joy make students dull people.

That’s why there are quite a number of university organisations occupied with providing an active social life of students.

They are ………..

Personal opinion

What I like about the university is ……

On the other hand, there are some things to improve.

They are….

Nevertheless our university is one of the best higher institutions in Russia.


Vocabulary Practice

Task 1

Fill in the correct word from the list below: equipment, dreadful, personal, open, education, regional, linguistic, reading, complex, assistant

1. a _________ campus

2. a _________ center

3. postgraduate ________

4. an _________ professor

5. _____ access

6. sports _______

7. ________teaching

8. a ________ordeal

9. a _______ hall

10. study _______


Task 2

Insert the right verb phrases into the sentences using the appropriate Tense form:to be founded in, to prolong, to be noted for, to account for, to a large extent, to exploit, to be keen on, to emerge.

1. Technologically minded teachers of the university ________ computer technologies into academic practice.

2. Students that _______ Maths, Physics, Programming can take part in competitions and take some additional training.

3. If you want ______ the book you need to come to the library.

4. Our university __________ its graduates who work in different spheres of industry and social life.

5. Moscow State University ______________ 1755 on the initiative of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov.

6. As science is rapidly developed new technologies ________ every day.

7. _________ the popularity of the university among the applicants depends on the high standard of education provided.

8. The fact that university is considered to be one of the best higher educational institutions in Russia ________ high competition among the applicants.


Task 3

Use the phrases from exercises 1 and 2 to make up 10 sentences of your own

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1

Look at what Jenny and Mark hope will happen in the future. Make sentences using If I, …… I will…..

Example: If I don’t go out so much,I willdo more work.

Jenny Mark

If I do more work If I stop smoking

– pass my exams – have more money

– go to university – save some money every week

– study how to run a business – rich when I am thirty

– become a businesswomen – have my own business

– earn a large sum of money – make a lot of money

– travel all over the world – retire when I am forty

Exercise 2

What will you do in the following situations? Complete the sentences

1. If I study hard I will ……

2. If I get a well-paid job I will ….

3. If I miss the classes I will ….

4. If I have a holiday abroad I will ….

5. If I graduate from the university I will ….

6. If I fall ill I will ….

7. If I see my friend has problems I will ….

8. If I have some free time I will ….

9. If I see the book I like I will ….

10. If the weather is fine tomorrow I will ….

11. It I finish my homework early this evening I will ….

Exercise 3

One of you is going for a holiday to an exotic country. The other sees all the problems. Use the prompts to discuss the problems

Example: A – What will you do if the weather is bad?

B – I will read books and go to discos.

A – you don’t like the food?

– there is nowhere to go in the evening?

– you lose your money?

– you don’t understand the language?

– you don’t know anyone?

– you feel homesick?

you lose your passport?

Exercise 4

Make up 2 Chain stories. Look at the situations, and then continue these people thoughts

Situation 1

If I don’t finish this work in time, I will not get a promotion.

Situation 2

If I don’t write my essay I will not get a credit in the major.

Situation 3

If I enter Oxford University, I will be the most diligent student.



Task 1

Make up a dialogue. One of you reads the task on Card 1 and the other reads the task on Card 2. Use the common phrases to ask for the information

Card 1

You are an English student. You are to write an article about a typical Russian University. By chance you happened to visit the South Ural State University. You are to gather as much information as possible. You have heard about this university before and you know that there are such places as School of Physics and Mathematics,

Linguistic Center, “Applicant” center, Gifted Child Center, Open Institute, SUSU Teleradiocenter. Find out where these places are situated in the university and what types of activities do they perform.


Card 2

You are an active member of the Students’ Union and you are accustomed to make tours about the university. So it’s natural that you know the most interesting places of the university. Your task is to be very helpful and provide the English student with all the necessary information about the university.

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