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What is the English for «таможня», «таможенник»?


customs [kΛstmz] - import duties;


the Customs - the department of government that collects import duties.

It has other functions too.




Customs Enclosure - office/place where passengers, cargo, transport

Hallcomplete formalities and wait to be released

Check pointfrom customs control;



a customs officer - a person who works for the Customs;


the Russian Customs Academy - an educational institution where

young people study to qualify for

the job at the Customs


* * *

a custom - a tradition;

a customer - a client;

“A customer is always right.”


Text 1


Task 1.Read and translate the text


Customs officers are multi-skilled and can move through different work areas. Some work areas involve working in shifts or overtime, indoorsor outdoors. Most officers wear uniform and work closely with public. Customs officers must be competent and correctly apply customs laws and regulations when they:

- examinepassengers and their baggage at different ports of entry ;

- clear cargo and transport meansat check-points and warehouses;

- process documents and collect duties;

- interdict the traffic of smuggling.

Customs officers use a wide range of tools and technology, such as computers, metal detectors, X-ray machines and scanners. There are also canine enforcement teams where dogs are trained to detect narcotics, explosives and currency.

Thousands of passengers pass through international airports every day. Many of them are questioned, some are searched and some are punished with penalties if they break laws. This work requires attention, concentration and sometimes intuition. Travelers are often tired or upset and they can be difficult to deal with. To act with diplomacy at all times and stay calm however provoked is an important part of the job.

The Customs Service involves law enforcement, and the staff must display the highest personal and professional conduct in fulfilling their duties. Team work is essential to successful operation of all departments of the Customs. Moreover, Customs officers cooperate with other law enforcement agencies such as the Police, Border guards, Tax Police, Federal Security Bureau (FSB), etc.

There are career prospects within the Customs where the staff can work at different areas to learn more and to move to another level.


Working on the text

Task 2.Put the words into the correct column according to the pronunciation.

search, punish, technology, machine, shifts, check, professional, , charge

technique, merchandise, commercial, chemicals, precious, purchase, champagne, Asia

[k] [t∫] [∫]
technology search punish

Task 3. a) Mark the stress in the Russian words and compare it with the English words. Tick the pairs of words with different stressed syllables.
























b) Read the English words again.

c) Put the English words into alphabetical order.


Task 4.Give the English equivalents of the following:

таможенник; форма; законы и правила; пошлины; контрабанда; технические средства; валюта; штраф; правоохранительная деятельность; перспектива; таможенный пост; персонал; взрывчатые вещества; кинологическое подразделение

Task 5. Find in the text the synonyms to the following words:

- to check

- contraband

- goods

- a fine

- department

- employees

- passenger

- inspector


Task 6. Find in the text the words that may follow these verbs:

- to work

- to deal with

- to use

- to act

- to be involved in

- to apply

- to wear

- to detect

- to train

- to clear

- to collect

- to cooperate


Task 7. a) Match left and right to make word combinations and translate them:














b) Make sentences using these word combinations.

Task 8.Answer the questions:

1. Where do customs officers work?

2. Do customs officers work indoors or outdoors?

3. Do customs officers work in shifts or overtime?

4. Do they wear uniform?

5. What do they deal with?

6. What tools and technologies do they use?

7. What are customs officers’ responsibilities?

8. Do they have to meet a lot of people? What people?

9. Does the job require any special skills or traits of character?

10. Does the Customs cooperate with any other state bodies?


Task 9.Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1. Я работаю на таможенном посту.

2. Обычно мы работаем в дневную смену.

3. Таможенники, как правило, носят форму.

4. Мы проверяем документы, груз и транспортные средства.

5. Мы используем современные технологии, а также бригады кинологов для эффективного контроля пассажиров.

6. Наша цель – выявлять контрабанду.

7. Таможенники досматривают грузы в таможенной зоне.

8. Когда я провожу досмотр багажа, я стараюсь быть предельно внимательным.

9. Они защищают экономические интересы страны.

10.Наши клиенты хорошо говорят по-английски.

11. Мы начисляем пошлины на ввозимые товары.

12. Таможенники сотрудничают с Налоговой инспекцией и другими правоохранительными органами.

13. Таможенники должны знать законы и правила, чтобы грамотно их применять.

14. При прохождении таможенного контроля пассажиры должны отвечать на вопросы сотрудников таможни о своём багаже и предъявить его для досмотра.

Text 2

Task 10. a) Read and translate the text:

Danger! Sense of humor failure.

(by Bill Bryson)

Here’s my tip of the week. Don’t make jokes in America. Even in experienced hands, a joke can be a dangerous thing. I came to this conclusion recently while passing through Customs and Immigration at Logan airport in Boston. As I approached the last immigration official, he said to me, ‘Any fruit or vegetables?’

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