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Communication activities

Task 21. What sort of personality characteristics are most important for:

- a customs officer / - a flight attendant? Mark three of the following:

decisive stable sympathetic

independent brave authoritative

emotional strong friendly

self- disciplined kind fair

supportive firm reliable

Compare your choices with your partner.

Task 22.If you were unemployed would you take a job in:

a factory a hospital a Customs warehouse

a bank a shop a scientific research centre

a bakery a library an Internet café

a restaurant a theatre the Customs Academy

a school an airport a police station


See if your answers are the same with your partner’s and if you answered «maybe» say what it would depend on. What jobs would you hate to do and why?

Task 23. What would be your ideal job?

§ What are the most important aspects of job satisfaction for you?

§ Describe some personal and physical qualities that a person needs for this job?

§ What qualities are essential for this job? Cross out the ones you think you don’t possess and therefore may have to work on.

Discuss your answers to these questions with your partner and give an

explanation for your choice.


Task 24. Think of any job and imagine it is yours. Imagine 5 things you did yesterday as part of your job and write them down. Read out your story to your partner. See if he can guess what your job is.


Task 25. Discuss with your partner the following: what sort of personal characteristics do you think are the most important for a customs officer? Mark three of the following (using one for the most important, then two and three).

























Task 26. Role -play.

a) You are a customs officer. Answer these questions for a school leaver interested in a career in the Customs.

1. What qualities does a Customs officer need?

2. Why do you think it is a difficult science to study?

3. Which subjects should I study if I want to be a Customs officer?

4. What career opportunities are there for someone who has studied Customs matters?

5. Do all Customs officers do the same kind of the work?

6. What type of work is being done in Customs in Russia?

7. Why do some people say career prospects in the Customs Service are very good?

8. Why do you say a career in the Customs Service could be very exciting in future?

b) Discuss your answers in class.

Task 27.Group work. In groups decide on a job vacancy, e. g. a customs officer, a dog handler, a customs broker, etc. Three students then role play the job interviewers. One is sympathetic, one aggressive and one is neutral. The other students role -play the applicants. Several people are interviewed for the same job. The interviewers then discuss them, comparing their abilities. The group can decide who gets the job.



the Сustoms таможня
the Customs Service таможенная служба
customs warehouse таможенный склад
customs check-point таможенный пост
to work in shifts / overtime посменно / сверхурочно
indoors /outdoors в помещении / на открытом воздухе
to wear uniform носить форму
competent компетентный
law, legal act закон
to apply зд. применять
regulations правила
to clear зд. оформлять
cargo груз
to deal иметь дело с чем/кем-либо
transport means транспортное средство
tools инструменты, приспособления
technology высокотехнологичное оборудование
metal detector металлоискатель
X-ray machine рентген-аппарат
canine enforcement team (К-9) бригада кинологов
drug detector dog собака, обученная находить наркотики
explosives взрывчатые вещества
currency валюта
to pass through проходить через
to process documents оформлять документы
to inspect syn. to examine, to search, to check, to control, to rummage досматривать  
to punish наказывать
penalty, fine, штраф
to require требовать
to break law нарушать закон
traveler, passenger пассажир
to detect обнаруживать
to collect взимать
to charge, to impose налагать
duty пошлина
personal and professional conduct личные и профессиональные качества
to interdict предотвращать, задерживать
smuggling, contraband контрабанда
fair trade честная торговля
traffic of smuggling провоз контрабанды
career prospects перспектива карьерного роста
staff, employees, personnel штат; сотрудники
essential существенный, неотъемлемый
the Russian Customs Academy Российская таможенная академия
Border guards пограничная служба
Tax police налоговая полиция
Federal Security Bureau Федеральная Служба Безопасности
department, section, desk, group oтдел
goods, things товар
luggage (Br E), baggage (Am E) багаж
to suspect подозревать
Investigations department следственное управление
to import / export; import /export ввозить/вывозить; ввоз/вывоз
to fill in (to fill out - Am E) заполнять
to weigh/ weight взвешивать/вес
channel канал


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