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Vocabulary and Grammar

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Task 14. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1. Customs tariff (to work out) in 1795 but it (to come) into effect only in 1800.

2. After the New Trade Statute (to sign), customs procedures (to establish).

3. Before he (to appoint) Head of St.Petersburg Customs House, A.N.Radishev (to work) for Commerce Board.

4. G.R.Derzhavin (to work) at the Customs tariff for two years when Paul I

(to decide) to abolish it.

5. He (to be sure) that protectionist policy (to stimulate) industrial production.

6. He (to work) for the Customs for 15 years. Then he (to retire).

7. While he (to collect) customs duties for 20 years, he (to attack) several times.

8. When he (to think over) the customs tariffs he (to come) to the conclusion that it (to serve) the development of the country.

9. It (to be) clear that he (not to be able) to pay the amount of duty, that the excise officer (to state) in the voucher.


Task 15.a)Revise the grammar and put the words into the proper category:

baggage, declaration form, alcohol, work, cargo, equipment, procedure, tool, currency, job, car, employee, ship, reform, ruble, attempt, public, responsibility

MUCH (- / ? ) A LOT OF ( + ) LITTLE / A LITTLE MANY ( + / - / ? ) FEW / A FEW
baggage declaration form



b) Complete the text. Use LITTLE / FEW / A LOT OF. Make necessary changes.

Nutrition information.

For those of you who watch what you eat. It’s a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies.

1. The Japanese eat very __________ fat and suffer __________ heart attacks than the British or Americans.

2. The Mexicans eat __________ fat and suffer __________ heart attacks than the British or Americans.

3. The Japanese drink very __________ red wine and suffer __________ heart attacks than the British or Americans.

4. The Italians drink __________ wine and suffer __________ heart attacks than the British or Americans.

5. The Germans drink __________ beer and eat __________ sausages and fats and suffer __________ heart attacks than the British or Americans.

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

c) Ask questions using MUCH / MANY, FEW / LITTLE and the following words:

1) tobacco /to carry

2) false passport / to confiscate

3) wine / to import

4) suitcase / to take

5) money / to spend

6) traveler / to check

7) alcohol / to sell

8) bottles of perfume / to buy

9) time / to wait

10) tax / to collect

11) dollars / to find

12) gold item / to conceal

Task 16.a) Read and translate the text.

When a Buick Le Sabre entered the customs control zone, a customs officer asked the driver routine questions. Since the driver was nervous, the officer selected him for an intensive inspection. Customs drug detector dog “Bo” alerted to the presence of narcotics. The officers searched the car and found 14 heroin-filled bundles. Special agents arrested the driver and he was accused of a failed smuggling attempt.

b) Study the table and ask 10 questions to the text:

Customs officers detained the traveler. Customs officers detained a traveler.
Who detained the traveler? – Customs officers did. Who did customs officers detain? – A traveler.
The X-ray will reveal contraband. The X-ray will reveal contraband.
What will reveal contraband? – The X-ray will. What will the X-ray reveal? -Contraband.

c) Give the gist of the story.


Task 17.a) Read the introduction to the exercise.

Being a customs officer you will frequently deal with the public. Generally, the “public” we serve are passengers, traders, ship and aircraft crews, shipping agents, etc. These people will classify anything that you do or say to them as typical for the Customs Service. You have, therefore, to meet certain standards of behavior and appearance.

As far as behavior is concerned, the code known as “Seven C’s”, is worth bearing in mind.

b) Match left and right.

1. Command attention C a) Never be vague. The more clearly you formulate your questions, the more precise information you will get.
2. Courtesy   b)Remember that you are the first line of defense against smugglers and revenue offenders.
3. Control the situation   c) You should aim to be the person in charge of any situation.
4. Clear questions   d) In difficult situations remain as cool as possible. This often has positive effect on irate traders, angry passengers, etc.
5. Careful examination   e) Nobody knows it all: however, the combined knowledge and experience of a group of officers will usually provide an answer to most problems.
6. Consult colleagues   f) You will frequently be handling other people’s property. You are expected to act as efficiently as possible with due tact and respect for their effects.
7. Clean hands   g)The use of such words as “Sir” or “Madam” can often work wonders.


c) Write five provisions for the code of behavior : - for students;

- for teachers

- for travelers.

Task 18. a) Study the information in the table.

adjective meaning opposite noun
EFFECTIVE successful, working in the way that was planned ineffective effectiveness
EFFICIENT working well without wasting time, money, or energy inefficient efficiency

b) Choose the right words from the table or their derivatives to complete the sentences.

1. Training is often less __________ than expected.

2. This new device is very __________ for screening

3. You have to find an __________ way to organize your work.

4. They argued about the __________ of a controlled delivery.

5. The government is working out __________ measures to cure unemployment.

6. Much will depend on the __________ of the stuff.

7. Students have to learn to communicate __________.

8. An _________ use of natural resources is the challenge of the XXI century.


Task 19.Make a written translation of the text and think about the title for it.

The custom of Customs comes from England and dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. Shortly after the Norman Conquest, when the French began filling England with their wine, kings decided they were entitled to five percent of whatever wine came in. King Ethelred set up a collection post for ships sailing the Thames past King’s castle.

So, a national Customs Service was established in 1203 and a duty of 1/5 was charged on all imports and exports. All the delivered goods had to be landed at approved ports, inspected and measured, so that the correct amount of duty could be fixed and collected. Luxuries like silk were taxed, but so were everyday necessities such as soap and tea. The rates of duty were determined by the King. Import duties became a fact of life and since more articles had become liable to duty, the first known Book of Rates was produced in England in 1507.


Task 20.Speak about the history of Russian Customs using the information below and some of the verbs from the box:

to set up to found to adopt to come into force to approve to form to sign to celebrate to publish to establish to hold to create to become to appear to exist


1137 - First Customs House in Novgorod

1653 - First Trade Statute

1667 - First Customs Code

1928 - Customs Code of the USSR

1953 - First International Customs Day - January 26

1991 - Decree “On the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation”

1985 - October 25 - Russian Customs Officer’s Day

1993 - Decree of the President setting up the Russian Customs Academy

2010 - The customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan


Task 21.Complete the sentences using the Infinitive:

1. To work for the Customs is to . . .

2. When you work for the Customs it is important to . . .

3. Customs officers try to . . .

Task 22.Get ready to speak on the topic. Use the vocabulary ofthe unit.


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