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Communication activities. Task 23. Complete the dialogue and reproduce it with your partner


Task 23. Complete the dialogue and reproduce it with your partner.


C.O. - Will you show your belongings, please.

P.._ -_____________________________

C.O. - How many pieces do you have?

P.._ -_____________________________

C.O. - Do you have anything to declare?

P.._ -______________________________

C.O. - This quantity is not liable to duty and what do you have in your suitcase?

P.._ -_____________________________

C.O. - Thank you. That’s all .

P.._ -_____________________________



Task 24.Role-play. You are at the conference devoted to Customs areas. One student is the chairman and he holds the conference. Other students represent heads of different departments of customs service (according to text I, Unit 3). They should present the work of their department (2-3 min) and answer the questions of the chairman and other Customs representatives. (Questions should be prepared beforehand).

Task 25.Make up situations illustrating the following proverbs and sayings.


1. Actions speak louder than words.

2. One is never too old to learn.

3. East or West home is best.

4. Experience is the mother of wisdom.

5. One man, no man.


to assess; assessment оценивать, начислять; оценка, начисление
responsibility ответственность; обязанность
to invest; investment инвестировать; инвестиция
merchandise classification классификация товаров
foundation основание
Harmonized System of Classification Гармонизированная система классификации товаров
to prevent losses предотвращать потери
cargo shipment партия товара
commercial invoice коммерческий счет-фактура
Certificate of Quality сертификат качества
Certificates of Origin сертификат происхождения
goods valuation определение стоимости товара
undervaluation занижение стоимости
to conceal; concealment сокрыть; сокрытие
device устройство
to release merchandise выпускать товар после таможенного контроля и оформления
to damage; damage повреждать, наносить ущерб; повреждение, ущерб
to prohibit; prohibited запрещать; запрещенный
modus operandi образ действия (лат.)
sophisticated зд. изощрённый
to violate; violator нарушать, нарушитель
commercial fraud мошенничество в торговле
money laundering отмывание денег
internal corruption внутриведомственная коррупция
infringement of trademark нарушение права собственности на товарный знак
intellectual property rights право на интеллектуальную собственность
complex chemical composition сложный химический состав




Text 1

Task 1.Read and translate the text.


The passenger should arrive at the airport two hours before the take off time.First, he has to check-in for the flight at the check-in-counter. He shows his passport and ticketto the airline agent and puts his suitcases on the scales. If the passenger’s baggage exceeds Free Baggage Allowance, he has to pay for the excess. The passenger hands over his baggage and gets his baggage claim receipts and a boarding pass with the seat number written on it. The suitcases are labeled and sent off to be loaded into the hold of an airplane.

Next, the passenger goes through the security check where his carry-on luggage is screened.

Passing through the Customs control the passenger can choose between the Red and Green Channels. The passenger who goes through the Red Channel fills in the declaration form and states prohibited, restricted and dutiable articles that he is carrying. He presents his declaration form to the customs officer. The customs officer looks it through and asks questions about the contents of the passenger’s baggage. The passenger puts personal belongings into the X-ray machine and steps through metal-detector. The passenger must unpackand open his baggage and present any item for inspection, if necessary. If a personexceeds Duty and Tax Free Allowance (the fixed quota) he/she will have to pay the duty for the excess. If everything is alright, the customs officer stamps the declaration form and gives it back to the passenger.

After that, the passenger must pass through passport control and present his passportand visa to border guards.

Then he goes to the departure lounge to wait for his flight call. While waiting, the passenger can visit the Duty-Free Shop which sells spirits, tobacco, perfume and gifts.

Finally, the passenger goes through the flight gates and boardsthe plane.

Working on the text

Task 2. How many international words can you find in the text?

a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) 20 e) 25 f) 30

Task 3.a) Mark the stress in the Russian words and compare it with the English words. Tick the pairs of words with different stressed syllables.

passport паспорт

agent агент

machine машина

perfume парфюмерия

visit визит

cigarette BrE сигарета

cigarette AmE сигарета

tobacco табак

airport аэропорт


b) Read the English words again.


Task 4.Find in the text the English equivalents of the following;

приехать в аэропорт; зарегистрироваться на рейс; ручная кладь; излишек багажа; посадочный талон; стойка регистрации; время вылета; багажные квитанции; объявление о посадке; сдать багаж; магазин беспошлинной торговли; выход на посадку; содержимое багажа; норма беспошлинного провоза багажа; поставить штамп; запрещенные, ограниченные, облагаемые пошлиной товары


Task 5. Complete the table with the words from the text.


people places documents
passenger airport passport    


Task 6. Look through the text and find synonyms to the following words:


- to show

- to come

- baggage

- to control

- a present

- to mark

- to return

- to register

- to declare

Task 7.Look through the text and find antonyms to the following words:


- to answer

- forbidden

- out of

- to buy

- to pack

- to leave

- duty free

- arrival lounge

Task 8. Make as many word combinations as possible with the following verbs and translate them:


a) to present ___________

b) to go through __________

c) to put __________

d) to get __________

e) to fill in __________

f) to state __________

g) to pay ___________

h) to check __________

Task 9. a) Insert preposition, if necessary.

b) Explain the meaning of the expressions in italics.

- to arrive _____ the airport

- to check _____ _____ the flight

- to visit _____Duty Free Shop

- to put the baggage _____ the scales

- to put the baggage _____ the X-ray machine

- to pay _____ the excess luggage

- to stamp _____the declaration form

- to pass _____ customs control

- to answer _____ questions

- to choose _____ the Red and Green Channels

- to fill _____ the declaration form

- to present luggage _____ inspection

- to wait _____ the flight call

- to board _____ the plane



Task 10. Find the verbs describing the passenger’s actions and put them in the chronological order.

The passenger:

- ARRIVES at the airport;

- CHECKS IN for the flight;

. . . . . . . . . . . .

- BOARDS the plane.


Task 11. Answer the questions:

1. When should the passengers arrive at the airport?

2. What do the passengers do after they have arrived at the airport?

3. What documents do the passengers get at the check-in counter?

4. What must passengers do if they go through the Red Channel?

5. What do passengers state in the declaration form?

6. How do customs officers control passengers and their baggage?

7. What are the passenger’s responsibilities during customs inspection?

8. In what case do passengers have to pay the duty?

9. Do passengers complete any other formalities after customs control?

10. What do passengers do at the departure lounge?

11. What does the duty Free Shop sell?

12. Where do passengers go when they hear the flight call?


Task 12. Translate the sentences from Russian into English:


1. Мы приехали в аэропорт за три часа до вылета, и у нас было достаточно времени, чтобы выполнить все формальности.

2. Я бы хотел зарегистрироваться на рейс AS 2705 до Лондона.

3. Пассажир был удивлен, когда узнал, что его багаж превысил норму бесплатного провоза, и ему необходимо заплатить за излишек.

4. Подожди, я не могу найти посадочный талон и багажные квитанции. Наверное, я забыла их на стойке регистрации.

5. Если вы не везете запрещенные, ограниченные к ввозу/вывозу или облагаемые пошлиной товары, можете пройти через зеленый канал.

6. Когда пассажир заполнил декларацию и предъявил ее таможеннику, офицер задал ему несколько вопросов о содержимом багажа.

7. После того, как я поставил свою ручную кладь в рентген-аппарат, таможенник попросил меня распаковать ее и предъявить для досмотра мою видеокамеру.

8. Какие документы вы предъявляли, когда проходили через паспортный контроль?

9. Как долго вы ждали приглашения на посадку?

10. Каждый раз, когда я еду за границу, я посещаю магазин беспошлинной торговли и покупаю там сувениры для друзей.

11. Пора садиться в самолет. Какой номер нашего выхода на посадку?


Text 2

Task 13.a) Read and translate the text.



A modern airport has three main types of facilities. One is for passengers, one for airplanes on the ground, and one for planes that are taking off or landing.

The busiest and perhaps the most interesting airport building is the terminal building. People make flight reservations and buy tickets at ticket counters. Flight information boards, which can be television screens or electronic signs, display information about arriving and departing flights.

After the passenger service agents take passenger’s baggage, it moves on a conveyor belt to the baggage make-up room. There, the luggage for each flight is sorted and placed in containers or on carts to be loaded on the proper airplane.

Modern airport terminals resemble shopping malls. They have waiting lounges, restaurants, snack bars, gift shops, newsstands, game rooms, bookstores, boutiques, banks and even hotels.

Besides, amenities include Left Baggage Counter, Lost and Found, the Nursery, Public Health and toilet facilities.

Among the facilities for airplanes on the ground are loading bridges connected to the terminal building, maintenance shops, in-flight food kitchens and a fueling system. Workers clean the cabin, put food and pump drinking water aboard. There is a special airline’s operation area in the terminal building where the crew examines weather reports and determines the fastest and safest route for each flight.

Facilities that serve airplanes during take off and landing include runways, taxiways, parking ramps, and air traffic control tower. Traffic controllers in the tower regulate air traffic at and near the airport. Radar and approach lights assist planes in taking off and landing.


b) Make a glossary. Choose seven words to remember.

c) Speak about 1) the amenities for passengers;

2) the facilities for planes;

3) the people who work at the airport.



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