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Vocabulary and Grammar. Task 15. a) Find words in the text formed from the following verbs and translate them into Russian:

Task 15. a) Find words in the text formed from the following verbs and translate them into Russian:


verb Participle II
to restrict restricted / ограниченный
to prohibit  
to indicate  
to inform  
to distribute  
to present  
to smuggle  
to state  
to conceal  
to detain  
to relate  



b) Complete the sentences with the words from the box. You may have to use some words more than once:

1. The sale of alcohol is __________ to people over the age of 18.

2. The report is devoted to the problem of drug abuse and other _________ issues.

3. Please, keep me fully __________ of the details of the investigation.

4. Smoking is strictly __________ on board the plane.

5. The Lists of __________ and __________ articles are __________ at the airport.

6. The hallmark of the gold ring wasn’t __________ in the declaration form.

7. The amount of __________ narcotics is constantly growing.

8. You should go through the channel __________ by the words “Goods to declare”.

9. The passport __________ by the traveler proved to be false.

10. Specially trained dogs were first used by the Customs to detect __________ coffee.

11. Border patrol searched the truck and discovered a gun __________ under the driver’s seat.

Task 16.Read and translate the text.

Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones was returning to London from a trip to the States. Just before he left, a friend in another band asked him to deliver a package to his wife. Naively, Wyman tossed it into his suitcase. At Heathrow, specially trained dogs surveyed the incoming luggage, got to Wyman’s bag and went absolutely wild. The Customs pounced. Realizing that he had been set up, Wyman tried to explain that a friend had given him a package and that he honestly didn’t have any idea what was in it. “Sure,” the officer said.”We’ve heard that one before.” They gleefully seized the offending contraband, ripped it open, and discovered six bags of epicurean dog food.


b) Make up 10 questions of all types to the text;


c) Give the gist of the story.


Task 17. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct Active or Passive form.

1. The first Russian Customs Statute (to hand) down in 1667.

2. A distinction (to make) between commercial and industrial free zones.

3. The passenger’s luggage (to check) by the customs officer now.

4. Quantitative restrictions or other forms of import control (to adopt) in many countries.

5. More detector dogs (to train) at the canine enforcement centers by the next year.

6. After unloading the cargo (to store) at the bonded warehouse awaiting release from customs control.

7. The General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (to sign) in Geneva in 1947.

8. Brokers (to require) to maintain strict confidence about business and transaction.

9. An interesting case (to investigate) by the customs investigation union now.

Task 18. a) Read and translate the story.

Sam Lewis was a customs officer. He used to work in a small border town. The road was usually very quiet and there were not many travelers. It was not a very interesting job, but Sam liked an easy life.

About once a week he used to meet an old man. His name was Draper. He always used to arrive at the border early in the morning in a big truck. The truck was always empty. After a while Sam became suspicious. He often used to search the truck, but never found anything. One day he asked Draper about his job. Draper laughed and said: ”I am a smuggler”.

Last year Sam retired. He spent his savings on an expensive holiday. He flew to Bermuda, and stayed in a luxury hotel. One day he was sitting by the pool and saw Draper drinking champagne. Sam walked over to him.

Sam: Hello, there!

Draper: Hi!

Sam: Remember me?

Draper: Yes … Of course, I do. You are a customs officer.

Sam: I used to be, but I’m not anymore. I retired last month. I often

used to search your truck…

Draper: …but you never found anything!

Sam: No, I didn’t. Can I ask you something?

Draper: Of course you can.

Sam: Were you a smuggler?

Draper: Sure I was.

Sam: But … the truck was always empty. What were you smuggling?

Draper: Trucks.

b) Put the dialogue into Reported speech.

c) Study the model. Find examples in the text above. Make five sentences speaking about the past and the present.

Model: Customs officers used to wear blue uniform, but now it is green.

In the past customs officersdidn’t use to screen the baggage.

Task 19.a) Unscramble these words.

SERIEECDN - _______________

ZIIIHCEPTSN - _______________

MNGCINOI- _______________

b) Use all three words to make a sentence of your own.

Task 20. a) Make a written translation of the text and think about the title for it.

Belgian Customs anti-drugs team based at Brussels Airport seized 180 ivory statues in the luggage carried by a male passenger arriving from Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Alerted by the weight of the luggage that was declared as containing wooden craft, the team stopped the passenger and started checking his luggage. The wooden statue appeared to be of very crude craftsmanship and it was decided to X-ray it. The X-ray revealed that the statue contained hundreds of small ivory statues.

The passenger declared that he was not aware of deception and that he was transporting the wooden statue for a friend who lived in Belgium. While checking the name of the alleged recipient, the team discovered that this person used the same method to smuggle ivory products in the past and was currently being prosecuted for smuggling ivory products.

Task 21.Make a written translation of the text into English.


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