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Applying for job Поиск работы


Active vocabulary


1. experience – опыт

2. note – запись

3. chart – таблица

4. advertisement – реклама

5. copy – копия

6. clerk – клерк

7. principal – директор (школы, колледжа)

8. recommendation – рекомендация

9. reference – отзыв, поручительство

10. difference – отличие

11. career – карьера

12. certificate – сертификат

13. application – заявление

14. skills – умения, навыки


15. different – отличный, различный

16. cheereful – жизнерадостный

17. necessary – необходимый

18. interesting – интересный


19. was – был, была

20. were – были

21. to look for – искать

22. to be suitable for – подходить

23. to recommend – рекомендовать

24. to dictate – диктовать

25. to advertise – рекламировать

26. to be interested – интересоваться

27. to earn – зарабатывать


Grammar notes

Глагол to beв прошедшем времени имеет форму wasдля единственного числа и wereдля множественного числа и для 2–го лица единственного числа.


единственное число множественное число
I was я был you were ты был he was он был she was она была it was он,(она) был we were мы были you were вы были   they were они были

· Для образования вопросительной формы was (were)ставится перед подлежащим.

Was he there? Он там был?

Were you there? Вы там были?

· Отрицательная форма образуется при помощи частицы not, которая ставится после глагола.

I was not there. Я не был там.

He wasn’t there. Он не был там.

They weren’t there. Они не были там.


Exercise 99

Talk about today and yesterday.

Bob is in class today. – Bob was in class yesterday too.

1. Mary is at the library today.

2. We’re at work today.

3. You’re busy now.

4. It is my day off today.

5. Simon and Ann are at their office today.

6. The weather is nice today.

7. They are at the cinema today.

8. He is away on his business trip today.

Exercise 100

Make questions and give short answers.

1. (you / in class / yesterday)

Were you in class yesterday?

Yes, I was.

2. ( Anita / in a bank / today)


3. (you / tired / last night)


4. (he / hungry / right now)


5. ( the weather / hot in New York City / last summer)


6. (the students in this class / intelligent)

Of course,

7. ( Mr. Tok / absent / today)


8. (Tony and Ben / at the meeting / last night)


9. (Mr. And Mrs. Rice / at the exhibition / last week)


10. ( Anna / out of town / two days ago)


Exercise 101

Ann works in the office with Simon now and it is slightly different. Look back at the picture of the office in Part 1. Then look at this picture of the office. Talk about the things that are different, like this:

The potplant was on the filing cabinet. Now it’s on the table.

There was a photocopier on the table. Now there isn’t.


There weren’t 4 books on the bottom shelf.

Exercise 102

Write these sentences in the past using was or were.

1. Ronald Regan is the President of the United States.

2. Victoria is the Queen of England.

3. Christina and Jenny are university students.

4. She is married to a baseball player.

5. Japanese cars are very small and they aren’t very good.

6. You are a complete beginner in English.

Exercise 103

Fill in am/is/are (present) or was/were (past).

1. Last year she was 22, so she is 23 now.

2. Today the weather ….. nice, but yesterday it ……… very cold.

3. I …… hungry. Can I have something to eat?

4. I feel fine this morning but I …… very tired last night.

5. Where ….. you at 11 o’clock last Friday morning?

6. Don’t buy these shoes. They …… very expensive.

7. I like your new jacket. …… it expensive?

8. ……. the printer all right today? Yesterday it …… out of order.

9. Simon …… at the meeting on Monday though he …… unwell.

10. The employees …. pleased with the company pension scheme.


Exercise 104

Fill in was/were or wasn’t/weren’t.

  1. We weren’t happy with the hotel. Our room was very small and it wasn’t very clean.
  2. George …….. at work last week because he ……. ill. He’s better now.
  3. Yesterday …… a public holiday so the shops ……. closed. They are open today.
  4. Where are my keys? They ……. on the table but they aren’t there now.
  5. You ……. at the marketing seminar last month? Where ……. you?


Exercise 105

Write the questions. Use the words in brackets in the right order + was/were.

1. (late / you / this morning / why?)

Why were you late this morning? The traffic was bad.

2. (difficult / your exam?)

___________________________ No, it was easy.

3. (last week / where / Ann and Chris?)

___________________________ They were on holiday.

4. (your new camera / how much?)

_____________________________ Sixty pounds.

5. (angry / you / yesterday / why?)

_____________________________ Because you were late

6. (nice / the weather / last week?)

_____________________________ Yes, it was beautiful.


Exercise 106 º (We Mean Business ex 111, p 59)

Listen to the tape about people who are looking for jobs. Fill in a copy of this chart.


name work expe– rience typing switch– board short– hand word proces– sor other notes
David     ´          
      Ú       at sec. college  

Exercise 107

Look at these job advertisements in a newspaper. Decide which person in exercise 36 is suitable for which job.

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