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For more information turn to Grammar reference section. 1. __ you filled in a declaration form __?

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Grammar test №2

1._____ you filled in a declaration form _____?

a) Are; now

b) Did; yesterday

c) Have; yet

2. He ______ at the Customs control since 8 o’clock a.m.

a) is being

b) has been

c) is

3. I ______ you for ages.

a) don’t see

b) haven’t seen

c) has seen

4. I am afraid, we ______ the plane.

a) have missed

b) have been missing

c) has missed

5. He _______ all his money by the end of the week.

a) was spending

b) had spent

c) spent

6. They _______ through the Customs examination _____.

a) has gone; already

b) haven’t gone; yet

c) are going; just

7. Petrov and Smirnov ______ in the baggage crew ____ five years.

a) has been; during

b) are being; still

c) have been; for

8. Have you _____ a visa ____?

a) got; yet

b) get; already

c) getting; just

9. My friend _______ on a business trip. He will be back soon.

a) went

b) have gone

c) has gone

10. Our company _______ two new offices last summer.

a) have opened

b) opened

c) open

11. _____ you ever flown in a jet plane?

a) Have

b) Did

c) Are

12. They _______ to the seminar last week.

a) have gone

b) are going

c) went

13. He _______ to the briefing on security measures twice this week.

a) was

b) was being

c) has been

14. I am looking for Mike. ________ him?

a) Did you see

b) Have you seen

c) Do you see

15. _________ the news on television last night?

a) Have you seen

b) Did you see

c) Are you see

16. Their flight just ________.

a) has landed

b) landed

c) have landed

17. By the end of the month George _______ his English exam.

a) was passing

b) passed

c) will have passed

18. Have you ______ a holiday recently?

a) had

b) has

c) have

19. Suddenly I remembered that I _______ my ticket at home.

a) left

b) had left

c) was leaving

20. It’s the first time I ______ by plane.

a) travelled

b) have travelled

c) am travelling

21. The number of passengers at international airports _______ recently.

a) had been increasing

b) increased

c) has increased

22. Pete and Mike _____ to become Customs officers.

a) always wants

b) have always wanted

c) has always wanted

23. She ______ a telegram by 10 o’clock tomorrow.

a) sends

b) will have sent

c) has sent

24. _______ this bag into X-ray baggage scanner?

a) Are you going to put

b) Will you puts

c) Do you putting

25. What time will your friends __________ tomorrow?

a) are arriving

b) arrive

c) be arriving

Module 3

Customs Declaration

UNIT 3.1 Passenger Customs Declaration

Starting Up

Exercise 1.Answer the following questions:

1. What are the main points of the Customs declaration form?

2. Why is it necessary for a passenger to fill in a declaration form?

3. Who signs the declaration form?

4. Is it allowed to fill in the form for another person?

5. Have you ever filled in Customs declaration?

Word Study

Exercise 2. Study the following words and word-combinations:

to declare – декларировать

entry declaration – въездная декларация

exit declaration – выездная декларация

to present/ produce/show a declaration – предъявить декларацию

to fill in a declaration (BrE)/to fill out a declaration (AmE) – заполнять декларацию

to sign a declaration – подписать декларацию

to keep a declaration – сохранять декларацию

in full words – словами (без прочерков)

in block letters – печатными буквами

in figures – цифрами

crosses and dashes – исправления и прочерки

points of the declaration – пункты декларации

full name – полное имя

surname – фамилия

initials – инициалы

country of residence – страна проживания

country of destination – страна прибытия

permanent address – постоянный адрес

length of a visit/duration of a stay – срок пребывания

purpose of a visit – цель прибытия

business trip – деловая поездка

tourist tour – туристическая поездка

on invitation – по приглашению

Exercise 3. Study the following forms of Customs declarations and compare their contents. State the difference.


  Customs Declaration Full name _________ Citizenship__________ Arriving from_______ Country of destination_ Purpose of visit_______ (business, tourism, private, etc.)   With me and in my bag I have: I. Weapons of all description and ammunition: II. Narcotics and appliances for the use III. Antiques and objects of art (paintings, drawings, icons, sculptures, etc.)____________ IV. Russian rubles, state loan bonds, lottery, tickets___________________ V. Currency other than Russian rubles (bank notes, exchequer bills, coins), payment voucher (checks, bills, letters of credit, etc.), securities (shares, bonds, etc.) in foreign currencies, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, metals of platinum group) in any form or condition, crude and processed natural precious stones (diamonds, brilliants, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls). Jewellery and other articles made of precious metals and precious stones, and scrap thereof, as well as property papers: VI. Russian rubles, other currency, payment vouchers, valuables and any objects belonging to other persons____________ I am aware that, in addition to the objects listed in the Customs Declaration, I must submit for inspection: printed matter, manuscripts, films, video and sound recordings, postage stamps, pictorial matter, etc., as well as items not for personal use. I also declare that my luggage sent separately consists of _______________ pieces. (Date)______________ 20__ Owner of luggage________________ (signed)    


4. CITIZEN OF (Country) 5. RESIDENT OF (Country)
9. Are you or anyone in your party carrying any fruits, plants, meats, other plant or animal products, birds, snails, or other live organisms of any kind? YES/NO  
10. Have you or anyone in your party been on a farm or ranch outside the U.S.A. in the last 30 days? YES/NO
11. Are you or any family member carrying over $5000.00 (or the equivalent value in any currency) in monetary instrument such as coins, currency, traveler’s checks, money orders, or negotiable instruments in bearer form? YES/NO Note: It is not illegal to transport over $5000 in monetary instruments; however, it must be reported.
12. I certify that I have declared all items acquired abroad as required herein and that all oral and written statements which I have made are true, correct and complete. SIGNATURE:
The laws of the United States require that you declare ALL articles acquired abroad (whether worn or used, whether dutiable or not, or whether obtained by purchase, as a gift, or otherwise) which are in your or your family’s possession at the time of arrival. Repairs made abroad also must be declared.


Exercise 4. Give the English equivalents for:

сопровождающий; рукописи; аккредитив; изумруды; сапфиры; драгоценные металлы; печатная продукция; почтовые марки; счет; рубины; бриллианты; казначейский вексель; монеты; необработанный камень; платежный оправдательный документ; предметы живописи; казначейство; денежный документ, допускающий передачу.

Reading and Speaking

Exercise 5. Ask your friend about:

- how the objects are described in the Customs form;

- what the term “for official use” means;

- why these remarks are important.

Exercise 6. Complete the text below using the words from the box.


through the “red corridor”, purchases, be questioned, to avoid, false, laws, subject to declaration, stamped, renewable, the border, identifies, amount


Text 1

Customs Declaration

When a person goes on business abroad he is to fill in the Customs declaration and to keep it for the duration of his stay abroad. It is not (1) ______ in case of loss. What is a ‘Customs declaration form’? It’s a simple form that (2) _______ who the person is, where he lives and whether or not he has made any (3) ________ that are to be declared.

Just like travelling anywhere outside the country, passengers are allowed a certain (4) _______ of tobacco, liquor that can be brought into the country. Persons giving (5) ______ information in the Customs declaration or to Customs officers shall render themselves liable under the (6) ____ of the country.

If the traveller has any goods or items that are (7) _______, he should fill in a special Customs declaration form and pass (8) ________ at the Customs point at the border. If he doesn’t have anything to declare, he may cross (9) ______ through the ‘green corridor’.

If the passenger brings in something that he thinks may (10) _______ when he comes out of the country, it’s better to declare it. The traveller must keep the (11) ________ declaration until the end of the trip (12) ______ problems when leaving the country.


Exercise 7. Read Text 2 to find the English equivalents for:

широко практиковаться в мире; каналы связи; представлять; законодательные акты; постепенно; таможенные органы; участники ВЭД; декларирование через Интернет; осуществлять таможенное оформление; выпуск товаров; декларант; электронное уведомление; квитанция; ускорять процедуру таможенного оформления; набор документов; подвергать риску; воспользоваться преимуществами; принимать электронную декларацию; воплощать программы.

Text 2*

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