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II. Read the dialogue in pairs

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Dolores: Hello! Dolores speaking_______

Tim: Ah yes, hello. I’d like to enquire about flights to Hong Kong from

Kennedy Airport in New York, please. I’m off to a conference at the end of

the month ­ Thursday 22nd until Tuesday 27th. Could you tell me about the

flight availability and prices?

Dolores: Certainly. Do you want to go economy, business or first class?

Tim: Well, I’d like to go first class, but unfortunately I’ll have to go economy ­

company rules, you see.

Dolores: Yes, sure, I understand. How many of you will be travelling?

Tim: Ah, it’s just me.

Dolores: Okay, so that’s one seat -economy -New York - Kennedy to Hong

Kong Airport.

Tim: And how much will that be?

Dolores: Let me see … to qualify for the discount rate, you need to stay over a

Saturday, which you are doing …Yes, that’ll be $830.

Tim: Right, and does that include airport tax?

Dolores: No, tax is another $70 on top of that.

Tim: Okay. Can I book that, then?

Dolores: Certainly. Can I help you with anything else?

Tim: Yes, I’d like to book a hotel room too, for the full five nights. Could you

check if the Regency Hotel has any rooms free?

Dolores: Yes, they do.

Tim: And is there a discount rate for conference delegates?

Dolores: Yes, there is. I think it’s 10% but I can check that for you.

Tim: Okay, do you mind if I book it provisionally for now and I’ll call you back

later to confirm? I just need to check one or two details.

Dolores: That’s fine, sir. Can I help you with anything else?

Tim: No, that’s all for now. As I said, I’ll call you back.

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III. Complete the dialogue

Reservations clerk: Northwind Airways, good morning. May I help you?

You: ___________________

Reservations clerk: One moment, please. Yes. There’s a flight at 16:45 and one at 18:00.

You: __________________

Reservations clerk:Economy, business class or first class ticket?

You: __________________

Reservations clerk: That would be ?346.

You: __________________

Reservations clerk: Certainly. Which flight would you like?

You: _______________

Reservations clerk: Could I have your name, please?

You: _______________

Reservations clerk: How would you like to pay, Ms. Jones?

You: ________________

Reservations clerk: Yes, but you will have to confirm this reservation at least two hours before departure time.

You: ________________

Reservations clerk: Now you have been booked, Ms. Jones. The flight leaves at 16:45, and your arrival in Sydney will be at 9:25 a.m., local time. The flight number is NWA 476.

You: ________________


I. Imagine you are going on a business trip. What should you do beforehand?

Mike and Sarah work for a printing company near Manchester, England. Listen to them discuss Mike’s travel arrangements, and complete the table below.

date of meeting?
length of meeting?

Now Sarah phones Four Seasons Travel to book Mike’s trip.

Look at the sentences below from her conversations. Find and correct one mistake in each sentence.

1. I need return tickets and accommodations for my colleague Michael Wise.

2. Can you get me a fly to Boston on the 26th?

3. Do you know what hotel he wants to love in?

4. Manchester to Boston, departing 09.15 arriving in Boston 15.15 local hour.

5. That’s with a changeover at New York.

6. I’ll put him on the wait list and see.

Now listen to the conversation between Sarah and Lucy again and mark each sentence below true (T) or false (F).

1. The company Mike and Sarah work for is called DEL Graphics.

2. Sarah wants Mike’s hotel to be in the centre of town but inexpensive.

3. She books the flights.

4. There’s a problem with the return to Britain on the 28th.

Lucy phones Sarah back with Mike’s travel details. Listen to their conversation and complete these extracts.

1. He…………………………..on BLE flight 466 to Boston via New York on the 26th.

2. In Boston……………………………………..at the Liberty Inn on the 26th and 27th.

3. I………………………………………………….all the prices to you this afternoon.

4. You……...on Monday 26th on BLE flight 466, departing from Manchester at 09:15.

5. You…………………………………………….at the Liberty inn for the two nights.


I. What you would say in these situations?

Example: You are at the flight check-in desk. The check-in assistant insists that your hand luggage needs to go in the hold?

Is that necessary? It’s very light/small............

a. Tell the airline check-in clerk your seating preferences

b.Phone a hotel and book a double room

c.You arrive at your hotel. What do you say to your receptionist?

d.Phone a colleague to say that your flight has been delayed

II. Make a phone call to a travel agent to arrange flights and accommodation for a business trip to two different cities, with one night in each city. A tour operator should find out:

1) the passenger’s name

2) the flight number

3) the destination

4) the date booked

5) the date he/she wants to

III. Make up dialogues based on these situations.

1. You are on a plane going to England. It’s your first trip abroad. A passenger next to you happens to be an experienced traveler. He is kind and ready to help you in any way and give you any information you need. Have a talk with him.

2. You can’t find your black leather suit-case on arrival. You are worried as your case contains not only your personal effects but also some important booklets. Ask the airline clerk to help you with your problem.

3. You’ve come to the place of your business mission. You are going to stay there for a short period of time. Mr. Brown whom you know personally meets you. Exchange several remarks on your flight and the programme of your stay.


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