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I. Work in pairs and explain your partner how to cook these foods

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· a duck

· eggs

· a hamburger

· mushrooms

· potatoes

· a steak

II. Use your dictionary if necessary to describe the taste or textures of different kinds of food below.

raw carrots strong coffee pizza
plain white rice crème caramel fresh bread
plain chocolate seafood your mother’s cooking
cheap steak milk chocolate strawberries
apples fried eggs melons

III. Work with a partner. Think of a dish and describe it. Explain where it’s from and how it’s cooked and served. Your partner will try to guess the name of the dish.

made with
served with
similar to
how it’s cooked

Writing: Write out part of a restaurant menu which would be typical of the city or town where you live. Two or three starters, main courses and desserts should be sufficient. Try to include a few local specialities if you can.

Would you consider eating any of the dishes mentioned? Have you ever eaten such dishes?

Role play

You are having dinner with a visitor. They have asked to try something local. Describe two dishes from the menu.


Write an essay (200 words) on one of the following topics:

1. From All Diets I Choose...

2. Non-Traditional Food — Pros and Cons.

3. Better Cooks — Men or Women?

4. Each Family Has its Own Style of Cooking.

5. What I Like and What I Hate to Eat.

Lesson 3. The working lunch

Warm up

· What sort of food do you like? Do you have a favourite place you take people to for lunch or dinner?

· Have you ever had working breakfast?

· Have you ever had to attend a business meal which you really did not want to be at?

Active vocabulary

I. Translate words and word combinations and try to pronounce them correctly.

booking a table placing your order complaining
I'd like to reserve / book a table for four at 8pm, please. I'd like to book a table for two at 8 in the name of Hand, please. Could we have a table by the window, please? Could we have a non-smoking table, please? Could we have a table away from the kitchen/toilets, please? Could we have a booth, please? Could you make sure it's a quiet table, please? I'd like the…., please...... For starters I'll have the soup and for the main course I'd like the roast beef. What is the house special today? Is there anything you would recommend? Could I see the wine menu, please? I'll have a bottle of the South African Cabernet Sauvignon. I'll have a glass of house red/white wine Excuse me, but my meal is cold. Excuse me, we've been waiting for over half an hour for our drinks. Excuse me this steak is over done, I ordered rare. I'm afraid this wine tastes corked. Excuse me this wine isn't chilled properly.
arriving at the restaurant during/after the meal paying
Good evening, my name is Hand. I have a table booked for six. Do you have the menu in English/German/French ..., please? Do you have a high chair for young children, please? Could we have a table over there, please? I'm sorry but I asked for a table by the window. Could we have an extra chair, please? Could we have some more bread, please? Do you have a pepper mill? Could I have some dressing, please? Could you pass me the salt, please? That was delicious. My compliments to the chef. Could I have the bill, please? Do you take Visa? We'd like separate bills, please. Is service included? No, please. This is on me. (When you wish to pay for everyone.)

II. Try to arrange the words in the right order to make up correct sentences.


1. as//starter//a_______________

2. course //main//a//as//like//I’d//to//have______________________________

3. dessert //for//I//take//shall____

4. taste //I//going//to//am_______


1. like //what//you//would//the//course//for//first?________________________

2. to //do//you//want//what//drink?___

3. exactly //this//what//is//dish?__

4. recommend //do//what//you?__


1. like//this//I’d//to//recommend//dish__

2. Is//it//tasting//worth__________


1. paying//waiter//am//I_________

2. “Visa”//take//you//do//cards?___

3. split//shall//bill//we//the_______


1. change //could//it//you?_______

2. not //what//I//have//is//it//ordered____

3. wrong//bill//think//I//the//is_____


I. Skim the text for general understanding.

A business lunch

If you are traveling abroad on business, your most difficult problem is lunch. Every country has different traditions and you should know some of them. Business lunches are very common in many countries and cultures. Food itself is one of the most visible manifestations of a culture and is something people are proud of and like to share with guests to their country. However, just as the food changes from culture to culture so does the intention and etiquette surrounding the lunch. In some cultures the business lunch is a time for communication and building relationships, in others simply an opportunity to talk about business, known as the "working lunch".

As to its length in the south of Europe a business lunch takes much time. In Italy it takes about three hours. In Greece it is like a late dinner and when it comes everyone thinks of food. So don’t worry if business discussion is slow starting. Business waits.

In France a business lunch is usually long, too. Anything under two hours is classed as a coffee break.

In some countries a business lunch is light; in others it is rather heavy. If you find yourself in Scandinavia you will taste sandwiches and drink milk instead of alcohol. Health is above all. In Russia there are no problems with drinking or smoking.

Business lunch is a very popular type of meeting. It is a time to relax a little outside the office and a time to get to know people personally in a less formal atmosphere, while doing something productive.

If you are called upon to make the reservations for such a meeting, look for a quiet place without distractions.

The business lunch in the United States is usually a short meeting, though there are always exceptions. Some time is spent eating and making small talk before more serious matters are discussed.

Lunch is not a big affair in the UK and many an office worker will happily eat a sandwich at their desk. Business lunches however will take place at a restaurant or pub. The British like to keep personal life and business separate unless a good relationship has formed so discussions may very well be centred on business.

As each culture has its own practices, whatever the language of communication. It is best when visiting a foreign country to wait until your host brings up business rather than initiate it yourself, unless you yourself are hosting the meeting. When you hear something like, “Well, let’s get down to business”, then you know the official meeting has begun.

Business lunch discussions, because they are more relaxed, are usually less formal than in-house meetings. The lunches may speak at random jumping into the discussion when they have something to say rather than being more structured; that is not to say that lunch meetings can’t also be formal.

Business lunches start with small talk. Making pleasant conversation with colleagues sets a positive tone for the rest of the meeting. Follow the small-talk guidelines: talk about weather, sports, the restaurant, or type of food you are eating, and avoid politics, religion, and anything negative.

From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

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