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The Call for Papers closes June 15, 2006

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Fill out this form to start yourself down the path of DEFCON madness. Without people like yourself submitting to talk, there would be no Con! You are a king!

This method requires you to cut and paste the text into the body of an email, text or Word file and send the materials to:talks/at/defcon dot org

If you are submitting multiple topics, complete a form for each topic. All parts of the form must be submitted in its entirety or the review for your submission may be delayed. All information given in the CFP process will be held confidential, and not released to anyone outside DEFCON.

If all goes well you should receive a confirmation email approximately 2 business days after you submit.

Task 32. Look at the Call for Papers and pay special attention to the requirements to follow. Imagine that you are a participant of this conference and fill in the gaps with your personal information

Date of Submission:

Personal Information

Primary Speaker Name:  
Primary Speaker Title and Company (if applicable):  
Additional Speakers' name(s) & titles:  
Primary Speaker Email Address:  
Primary Speaker Phone Number:  
Has the speaker spoken at a previous DEFCON? Yes or No
Is there a specific day or time you MUST speak by?  

Presentation Information

Name of Presentation:  
How much time does your presentation require? 20 minutes, 50 minutes or 110 minutes (please specify)
Is there a demonstration? Yes or No
Are you releasing a new tool? Yes or No
Is there audience participation? Yes or No
Has this presentation been given in any other venue or conference?* Yes or No


*If yes, please list dates, venues, and how this version of your presentation is going to be different than the past version. We are looking for unique talks, so help us understand how you talk has been updated.

What are your equipment needs?

Will you require more than 1 lcd projector? Yes or No – if yes, please specify how many
Will you require wireless internet access? Yes or No
Will you require wired internet access? Yes or No
Will you require a white board? Yes or No
Are there any other special equipment needs that you will require? Yes or No – if yes, please specify

4. Detailed Outline:

You must provide a detailed outline containing the main points and navigation through your talk – show us how you intend to begin, where you intend to lead the audience and how you plan to get there. The outline may be provided in a separate attachment and may be as simple as a text file or as detailed as a "barebones" presentation. The more information you provide to us, the better chance we have of giving your presentation fair scrutiny. Presentations that are submitted without outlines (eg that have only ppt or white papers attached or only point to a URL) will not be considered.

5. Abstract:

This text will be used for the website and printed materials. In a nutshell, what your presentation will cover. Attendees will read this to get an idea of what they should know before your presentation, and what they will learn after. Use these paragraphs to tell people how technical the talk is, what tools will be used, what materials to read in advance to get the most out of your presentation. This abstract is the primary way people will be drawn to your session. Presentations that are submitted without abstracts (eg that have only ppt or white papers attached or only point to a URL) will not be considered.

6. Supporting File(s):

Additional files/materials? Yes or No

Type of file(s): Powerpoint, Word, PDF or Other (please describe)

Additional supporting materials such as code, white papers, proof of concept, etc should be sent along with this email to talks/at/defcon dot org. Note that additional files that may help in the selection process should be included. We are NOT asking for a complete presentation for submission along with the CFP.

7. Speaker's Bio(s):

This text will be used for the website and printed materials. Cover any professional history that is relevant to the presentation, including past jobs, tools that you have written, etc. Let people know who you are and why you are qualified to speak on your topic. Presentations that are submitted without biographies will not be considered.

Task 33. Using the Internet find a conference according to your likings and write an abstract, using the Appendix 5


Examples of degrees in order of academic hierarchy

Associate's degrees:

A.A – Associate in Arts

A.S. – Associate in Science

A.A.S. – Associate in Applied Science

A.S.T. – Associate in Specialized Technology

Bachelor's degrees:

C.E. – Civil Engineer

B.Des – Bachelor of Design

B.S. or B.Sc or SB – Bachelor of Science

BASc – Bachelor of Applied Science

BPhil – Bachelor of Philosophy

BBus – Bachelor of Business

BSBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

B.Math – Bachelor of Mathematics

B.Eng – Bachelor of Engineering

BBABachelor of Business Administration

B.Tech – Bachelor of Technology

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce

BAA – Bachelor of Applied Arts

B Academic degree

BLS – Bachelor of Liberal Studies

BA – Bachelor of Arts

Master's degrees:

MLIS Master of Library and Information Science

MBA Master of Business Administration

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