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TEST 2 (Units III, IV)

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I. Определите видовременную форму и залог сказуемого.

1. The government has banned the use of firearms.

a) Present Perfect Active c) Present Simple Passive
b) Present Perfect Progressive d) Past Perfect Passive

2. The investigation came to the conclusion that the man had drowned.

a) Present Progressive Active c) Past Perfect Passive
b) Past Perfect Active d) Past Progressive Passive

3. By the time I qualify, I will have been studying law for six years.

a) Present Perfect Active c) Future Perfect Progressive
b) Present Progressive Passive d) Future Perfect Passive

4. She gave a description of the car that had been stolen.

a) Past Simple Passive c) Past Perfect Progressive
b) Past Perfect Active d) Past Perfect Passive

5. Was Ann working there when that big robbery took place?

a) Past Simple Active c) Past Progressive Passive
b) Past Progressive Active d) Present Progressive Active

6. The talks are being held at the present moment.

a) Present Perfect Progressive c) Present Progressive Active
b) Present Simple Passive d) Present Progressive Passive

II. Выберите глагол-сказуемое.

1. The police searched the area where the suspect … before.


a) has been seen c) had been seen
b) had seen d) was being seen


2. By the time he was 35, he …already …a Cabinet minister.


a) had … become c) has … become
b) have … become d) was … becoming


3. When she arrived, the defendant … by the prosecuting counsel.

a) were cross-examined c) was cross-examined
b) was being cross-examined d) had been cross-examined

4. The committee … the bill since Monday.


a) was discussing c) has been discussing
b) is discussing d) had discussed


5. By next month we … paying for the car.


a) will be finishing c) will have been finishing
b) will finish d) will have finished


6. The agreement … in the presence of two witnesses at the moment.


a) is being drawn up c) has drawn up
b) is drawing up d) has been drawn up


7. I … never … any affairs with a man called Smith.


a) had … had c) has … had
b) did … have d) have … had

III. Найдите предложения, в которых нет грамматической ошиб-

Ки. Исправьте ошибки в остальных предложениях.

1. After the accident the hospital had to call for volunteer blood donors.

2. How long has this man been staying in jail?

3. The witness who had been seeing the accident was examined by

the police.

4. He have decided to make his career as a lawyer.

5. He couldn't escaped by this window because it is barred.

6. Ought we to help them?


IV. Составьте предложения из данных слов:

1) law, been, by, Roman, the, world, of, Law, has, the, influenced.

2) you, his, should, steal, idea, not.

3) what, three, he, doing, for, hours, there, has, been?

4) important, it, age, is, criminal, the, of, that, the, is.

5) the, understand, I, less, discuss, the, this, we, more, it.

6) either, Brown, or, has, lie, his, under, a, wife, told, oath, Mr.

V. Заполните пропуск словом, образованным от слова в правой


1. It is terrible that there are so many … people. home

2. The stolen picture has been moved out of the country … . legal


3. An … action ought to be punished. law


4. She thought she was … criticized. fair


5. Bob is so … . He can’t wait for the right opportunity. patient


6. He searched for a … reply so as not to offend the girl. diplomat

VI. Выберите подходящее по смыслу пропущенное слово.

1. Contract law enforces … that have been set out in parties agreement.


a) duties b) rights c) documents d) powers


2. The court considered Mr. Rowen's rude actions which had caused

emotional … of the plaintiff.


a) wound b) distress c) injury d) hurt


3. If even a crime is … against an individual, it is considered to harm

the well-being of society in general.


a) made b) applied c) committed d) done


4. Many systems allow a … citizen to make a complaint against another



a) civil b) personal c) individual d) private


5. In English law the prosecution must prove the … of the accused

“beyond reasonable doubt”.


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