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К теме № 11: Причастие

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1. Read the text and tell which forms of the Participle are used there:

People living in Japan have some customs different from ours. For example, we wipe our washed faces with dry towels, they wipe their faces with wet towels. Entering houses our men take off their hats, the Japanese take off their shoes. We give presents when arriving, they leave them when departing. When in mourning (траур) we wear black, they wear white. We frown (хмуриться) when being scolded (бранить), they smile.

When we say that Japanese are strange people, they could reply, “The same to you.”


2. Analyze the sentences and translate them into Russian:

1. People beginning to study languages often say that it is diffi­cult to memorize words.

2. If frozen, water becomes ice.

3. The method used depended on the material selected.

4. Being shown this manuscript, he said that it belonged to the
fifth century of our era.

5. Having been written, the translation was given to the teacher.

6. When read, this novel will be returned to the library.

7. Having solved the main problem, the scientist made a report
on his research.

8. Having been written, the letter was posted.

9. Her spirit, though crushed, was not broken.

10. They were, indeed, old friends, having been at school together.

11. The method applied increased the accuracy of the results.

12. After a heated discussion the laboratory applied the method improved by Dr. N.

13. The scientist theoretically predicted complicated interaction between the components involved in the process.

14. At that time the problem presented increased danger of radio-active contamination and encountered opposition at most laboratories concerned.

15. The hypothesis concerned synthesized materials and did not apply to natural products.


3. Give Russian equivalents of the sentences:

A. 1. The plants affected by the cold produced low crops. 2. The Conference attended by scientists from different countries discussed new trends and methods in this field of research. 3. One of the rights enjoyed by University scientists is that of combining research with teaching. 4. The discovery followed by further experimental work stimulated research in this area.

B. 1. Mathematics, mechanics, statics and geometrical optics referred to as classical disciplines started mathematical traditions in the history of natural science. 2. The heads of the laboratories were asked questions formulated and agreed upon by a group of sociologists. 3. The scientist's eloquence substituted for logical argumentation in defending an «extreme» viewpoint failed to win the audience over. 4. The mixture allowed to stay overnight gradually decomposed. 5. The physicists showed that particles thought of as„ elementary" were in fact non-elementary". 6. The subjects dealt with under this topic aroused a heated discussion.

C. 1. Establishing relationship between the phenomena of the Universe is a major task of theory. 2. Having reported of his disco very of rays of unknown nature Bequerel excited the curiosity of Marie Curie. 3. Realizing the necessity for a different approach the physicists reluctantly abandoned the project. 4. Confining his attention to one problem the scientist will surely achieve its solution much sooner. 5. Putting the discovery to use sometimes requires more effort than making it. 6. Pointing out their mistakes to some people is often quite difficult.

4. Translate the sentences with Participles and Absolute Participle Construction into Russian:

1. The professor told the students about the experiments being carried out in the laboratory.

2. Having looked through all the documents and letters received that day he called his secretary.

3. When studying market economy we have to understand that enterprise is the very heart of private property and market relationships.

4. The sun having risen, they continued their way.

5. The talks between the two countries were conducted behind the closed doors, measures having been taken that no correspondent should receive any information.

6. The figures mentioned in the report were published in the latest scientific journal.

7. Having been advised by the doctor to go to the South, she decided to spend her leave in Sochi.

8. One of the most noticeable features of air transport development is the big increase in the quantities of goods carried.

9. Driving a car at night he met with an accident.

10. Having been taught by a good teacher he knew German well.

11. When studying elements Mendeleyev found that they could be divided into nine groups.

12. Being built in a new way modern houses have better facilities.

13. It is a common observation that bodies expand when heated.

14. The part played by the small business is hard to overestimate.

15. I haven’t heard any of those factors mentioned.

16. Adam Smith’s works followed by those of Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes constitute different approaches known in the economic thought.

17. As pointed out previously, the explanation given is by no means complete.

18. The exchange rate being fixed, the population has all reasons to keep their savings in the local currency.

19. The telephone being out of order, I had to go out to make a call.

20. The job done, I was able to take a week's holiday.

21. The delegates came from ten countries, with Great Britain being represented by Professor Arthur Clark.

22. The room being dark, she didn't see anyone at first.

23. The urban population increasing, much attention is paid to hous­ing construction.


24. Tom began to answer his lesson, Mrs. Gladstone watching him

25. This duty completed, he had three months leave.

К теме № 12: Герундий

1. Translate the sentences with Gerunds and Gerund Construction into Russian:

1. Calculating consumer price index is part of general statistic procedure.

2. He could not help telling the results of the negotiations.

3. It is worth while having all the data together before discussing them.

4. Would you mind our taking part in the discussion?

5. High credit emission in 2nd quarter resulted in the inflation rate having been considerably raised.

6. Both the companies are alike in being represented in the European market.

7. In dealing with statistical data it is necessary to have all the factors involved.

8. Upon being shown in tables, the figures were subject to thorough analysis.

9. There is high probability of their being invited to the congress as special guests.

10. We’ll probably think of trying another approach in this matter.

11. The manager insisted on all the employees getting bonuses.

12. President Coleman’s being late was accepted with patience.

13. In spite of not having special training, they performed quite well at all the stages of the experiment.

14. In addition to being accommodated in double rooms, they were asked to check out of the hotel four hours before the usual times.

15. They objected to the talks being held without all the parties represented.

16. Do you think it’s worth while beginning this project without waiting for the confirmation to arrive?

17. Such result may be accounted for by their having started the experiment in the middle of the year.

18. Newton’s having discovered the laws of mechanics determined the development of science for many years to come.

19. I have no objection to your coming late.

20. We are concerned about the company's trading in raw materials.

21. She was very much surprised at his being so worried about the

22. Do you know the reason for the miners stopping work?

23. Some parents don't approve of their children watching a lot of television.

24. I insist on both of them coming in time.

25. I can't imagine your mother approving of what you are doing.

26. He was against my going there alone.

27. I remember his saying it.

28. I object to children going out on such a windy day.

29. Our being tired is easy to explain.

30. Did you ever hear of a man of sense rejecting an offer?


2. Determine the form of Gerund and translate the sentences into Russian:

1. I remember your having objected to this schedule.

2. He entered the room without noticing her.

3. We were surprised at hearing his name among the winners.

4. Nothing could prevent him from playing tennis practically every day

5. Did you have any difficulty in solving this problem?

6. He improved his report by changing the end.

7. She is against being sent to this faraway place.

8. Is there any possibility of their finding a suitable building material so soon?

9. They insisted on the question being reconsidered.

10. Flying is better for long journeys but travelling by car is more interesting.

11. Wood has many uses We use it for making chairs and tables. It is used for building houses. It is used for making matches.

12. Seeing is believing.

13. Smoking is not allowed in this building

14. He tried to find an excuse for being late

15. You should avoid hurting other people's feelings

16. He was given an award for having saved the life of the little children.

17. The director was responsible for the work being finished in time.


3. Translate the sentences with Gerund into Russian paying attention to its different forms:

A. Reading English technical magazines is important for an engineer.

1. He remembers having added some water to the mixture.

2. They finished installing the apparatus only on Saturday.

3. They began making the experiment in May.

4. After failing his examination in January he had to take it again in February.

6 After graduating from the Institute he worked in the Far North.

7. At the meeting they discussed different ways of improving their work.

8. There are different ways of obtaining the substance.

9. The organizers of the conference were informed of his refusing to take part in it.

10.1 remember his having been interested in languages in his childhood.

B.1.1 know of his having been sent to work to the Far East

2. What is the reason for his having left our city so suddenly?

3. We heard of the experiment having been started last week.

4. He improved his report by changing the end.

5. They objected to his staying at home.

6. Instead of restoring the old theatre they decided to build a new one in the centre of the town.

7. New possibilities for applying atomic energy open up.

8. It is possible to set up power stations based on utilizing the heat of the Sun.

9. The idea of creating a multi-stage rocket belongs to Tsiolkovsky.

10. Before being sent up the balloon was filled with a special gas.

11. What apparatus do we use for measuring air pressure?

12. Science requires experimenting.

13. Speaking foreign languages is important for every educated man.


4. Give Russian equivalents of the sentences:

1. Mendeleev's having established a periodic law of nature has entered his name into the history book of the world science. 2. Success in science often results from the scientist's confining his attention to one problem for many a year. 3. The results of the experiment depended upon his having applied the proper technique. 4. The idea of scientists' being responsible for most ills of the present day situation is unfortunately quite popular. 5. A brain-storming session consists in everybody's proposing as many, and as wild, ideas as possible, without being concerned as to whether they are workable. 6. Science is sometimes humorously defined as a practice of the scientist's satisfying his curiosity at the expense of the Government.


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