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She insisted on being allowed to go home. She insisted on her son being allowed to go home

Упр. 384. Переведите на русский язык, обра­щая внимание на существительные и местоиме-ния перед герундием.

1 I had no idea of his leaving St. Petersburg so soon. 2. Aunt's coming here gives me much pleas­ure. 3. The librarian did not object to the reader keeping the book one day longer. 4. She said that she knew nothing about the door having been left open. 5. The mother was surprised at her daughter having tidied up the room so quickly. 6. My trying to convince him is of no use. 7. When asked why she had missed the train, she said something about her watch being slow. 8. She approached without my seeing her. 9. She stayed in town the whole summer because of her daughter being ill.

Упр. 385. Замените придаточные предложе­ния герундиальными оборотами, вводя их, где необходимо, предлогами, данными в скобках после предложения.

1. The pleasant-faced middle-aged woman insist­ed that Olga should come to her town to teach, (on)

2. Helen suggested that they should go on a trip. 3. There is a possibility that my father will join us for the trip, (of) 4. The girls knew that the sports­man had been awarded a prize, (of) 5. I don't mind if you walk to the underground station with me. 6. When they entered the house, they heard the last bell ringing, (on) 7. Thank you that you invited me to the theatre, (for) 8. The woman insisted that her husband should consult the doctor at once, (on) 9. She could not even think that the operation might be postponed, (of) 10. There was little hope that James would return on the same day. (of) 11. The thought that he had been turned away by the door­keeper made him feel miserable, (of)

Упр. 386. Замените выделенные части пред­ложений герундиальными оборотами. Изменяй­те конструкцию предложения, где необходимо.

1. When the boy entered the room, he glanced curiously around, (on) 2. The patient felt much better after he had been given proper treatment. 3. Just before I left the classroom, I was approached by a fellow-student who asked me to help him. 4. Looking at the man attentively, she remembered that she had seen him and spoken to him on sev­eral occasions. 5. That nobody saw them was a mere chance. 6. The mother insisted that her son should enter the university, (on) 7. The place looked so picturesque and cheerful that he rejoiced at the thought that he would come to live there, (of) 8. When he entered, she stood up and left the room, and even did not look at him. (without) 9. When Robert came home from the college, after he had passed his examinations, he felt very happy, (on) 10. In the darkness they were afraid that they might lose their way. (of) 11. When he reached his destination, he sent a telegram home to say that he had arrived safely, (on) 12. Thank you that you helped me. (for) 13. The new medicine may be recommended only after it is approved by the Sci­entific Board. 14. You will never learn your mis­takes if you do not write them out. (without)

Упр. 387. Замените выделенные части предло­жений герундиальными оборотами, употребляя, где необходимо, соответствующие предлоги.

1. I am told that you are very busy. 2. Do you mind if I smoke here? 3. Will you object if I close the door? 4. Thank you that you did it. 5. My teacher insists that I should read aloud every day. 6. Will Mary have anything against it if I take her umbrella for some time? 7.1 remember that I have seen this picture somewhere. 8. That you are against John's proposal does not mean that I must decline it. 9. The fact that you took English les­sons some years ago helps you in your studies now.

Упр. 388. Замените части предло­жений герундиальными оборотами, употребляя, где необходимо, соответствующие предлоги.

1. When the young man graduated from Har­vard, he returned to Russia. 2. They gave up the idea that they would find work. 3. The girls were afraid that they might miss the train. 4. Mary asked John to forgive her that she had not an­swered his letter sooner. 5. After we had passed our examinations, we had a very entertaining evening. 6. Michael remembered that he had en­joyed the trip to the Bahamas. 7. I am thankful that Т have been given a chance to hear this out­standing singer. 8. Helen insisted that she should be given that job. 9. I don't remember that I have ever seen anyone dance like Plisetskaya. 10. Tom was afraid that he might be late. 11. Bill remem­bered that he had walked about the factory gate for months.

Упр. 389. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя герундий.

1. Вы не возражаете, если я пойду гулять? 2. Я не могу не бояться. 3. Она жаловалась на то, что у нее нет времени. 4. Продолжайте рабо­тать. 5. Я настаиваю на том, чтобы повидать моего друга. 6. Мама возражает против того, что я много играю в футбол. 7. Он жалуется на то, что я ему не помог. 8. Мы оставили мысль о по купке новой мебели. 9. Она боялась, что ее нака жут. 10. Перестаньте разговаривать. 11. Я не отрицаю, что был там вчера. 12. Я одобряю ваше желание учить немецкий язык.

Упр. 390. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя герундий.

Она жаловалась на то, что у нее нет учебни ка. 2. Я настаиваю на том, чтобы остаться в Санкт-Петербурге. 3. Он жалуется на то, что ты не пишешь ему письма. 4. Вы не возражаете, если я лягу спать? 5. Продолжайте делать уро ки. 6. Он расплакался. 7. Я не могу не любовать ся этой чудесной картиной. 8. Мама возражаем против того, что ты поздно приходишь домой. 9. Я одобряю вашу упорную работу. 10. Она от-

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