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Making, accepting and refusing requests

A. Could you turn the music down, please?

B. Sure. / OK. / Of course. / Right. / I’m afraid…



1. Which of these sports do you think is the most dangerous? Put them in order 1-8. The firstis the most dangerous.

rugby, mountain climbing, freestyle, sky diving, parkour, windsurfing, street racing, golf

2. Extreme sports are dangerous, but they are becoming more and more popular with teenagers. Do you thinkextreme sports should be banned? Discuss the issue with your partner. Use:

I think, … . As I see it, … . To my mind, … . I don’t see why ... .



Grammar:Phrasal verbs, if-clauses


applied a – прикладной

artificial intelligence – искусственный интеллект

comprise v – охватывать

control v – управлять

creation n – создание

design v – конструировать, проектировать

development – развитие, разработка

engineering n – техника; машиностроение

interrelated a – взаимосвязанный

level n – уровень

marine engineering – судовое машиностроение

mechanical engineering – машиностроение

naval engineering – кораблестроение

operate v – эксплуатировать, работать

opportunity n – возможность, удобный случай

possibility n – возможность

process v – обрабатывать

rely on – полагаться на

responsibility n – ответственность

take on – взять на себя

trend n – тенденция


6. 1 Make a list of subjects you study this term and talk about them.

6.2 Tell the group about your parents’ professions. What do they do now? Do you remember what you were going to be in your childhood? Make use of the necessary words from theword bankbelow. Begin like that: My father /mother is … by profession … ; or Both of my parents are … .

Model: As for my parents, my father is an officer by profession. Now he is a pensioner. My mom is a housewife. And as far as I remember, at the age of 10 I wanted to be an astronaut.

Word bank: doctor, baker, painter, builder, engineer, (naval)officer , architect, marine engineer, photographer, pilot, shop assistant, cook etc.

6.3Study the collocations of words connected with work.

I'd love to do that kind of work. It's not easy to get / find work round these parts.  
What do you do for a living? It's difficult to make a living as a freelance writer.  
I've been offered a job in Paris. She is not prepared to take on that job.


6.4 Read the letter of application and match the paragraphs 1-4 to the headings A-D.

You are looking for a part-time job. You saw an ad asking for a part-time sales assistant and you want to apply for the job. Write your letter.


A. Age/Qualifications C. Reason for writing

B. Availability D. Experience/Personality

Dear Sir/Madam,

1. I would like to apply for the position of Part-time Sales Assistant which I saw advertised in the Guardian.

2. I am a seventeen-year-old student. I have ten GCSEs including Maths and English. At the moment I am studying for my A Levels.

3. I have no actual work experience. However, l would enjoy working with the public. I am responsible and hardworking so l think l am suitable for the post.

4. I hope you will consider me for the position. I am able to attend an interview at any time.

Yours faithfully,

Deborah Riley

Deborah Riley

6.5 Match the English and Russian words and word combinations.

1. in general a) иметь дело с, работать с
2. to deal with b) глубокие знания
3. profound knowledge c) сложные задачи
4. complex problems d) в основном
5. meet requirements e) отвечать требованиям

6.6 Read and translate the text. Answer the questions: What functional duties do engineers have to do? What requirements should an engineer meet?


In general, engineering is a science that deals with design, construction and operation of structures, machines, engines and other devices. An engineer is a person who has higher technical education. An engineer should have profound knowledge in his branch and a basic knowledge in some other fields as engineering problems are complex and interrelated. The word “engineering” has a lot of meanings and can be translated into Russian in many ways.

6.7 Match the English and Russian words and word combinations.

1. machinery of all types a) изготавливать продукцию, изделия
2. is divided into b) конструирование механизмов
3. field c) станки
4. machine-tools d) отрасль, сфера (исследования, применения)
5. machine design e) все типы механизмов
6. to make products f) подразделяется на

6.8 Read the text and answer the questions. What do mechanical engineers do? In what spheres should mechanical engineers have profound knowledge?

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