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Match each of these extracts from e-mails with type of message


23. request

24. complaint

25. congratulations

a) Bill, File received this morning. Best, Linda.

b) Hi Bill, Could you send copies of the invoices asap. Cheers, Linda.

c) Dear Bill, We`ve now asked for payment for the last quarter three times. This not good enough. Please send it soonest. Will you sign tomorrow if no news, Linda.

d) Bill, Saw the news on TV this morning. Well done! Thoroughly deserved. Best regards, Linda.


Match each of these extracts from business letters with the type of letter from which it is taken.


26. letter of invitation

27. response to an enquiry

28. letter requesting payment

29. letter of rejection


a) Kazoulis, Communications would be pleased to welcome Udo Schmidt to the opening of its new…

b) With reference to outstanding invoice 9602132/34 we should be grateful if you would settle…

c) Thank you for your letter of 9, June. Please, find enclosed a price list and full details of …

d) Regret to inform you that your application for the post of Deputing Catering Manager has been unsuccessful. Thank you for…


Part 2

Read the text and do the exercises given below.

"The Computer Revolution"

The first computers appeared right after World War II, and since that time they have changed not only the lives of Americans. They have been changing the lives of people all

over the world.

At present wherever the man turns, he finds a computer working.

Computers in banks can transfer money from one account to another. Computers are used to launch, guide and track spacecrafts and satellites; they help predict weather and earthquakes. They help people make long distance and local telephone calls. Computers are also used when one reserves space on an airplane. In medical laboratories, computers have reduced the errors in testing, and they have saved doctors' countless hours of work.

Many stores use computers to keep track of sales and orders. Also, many stores use optical scanners to record purchases and total prices. A tiny computer chip controls your washing machine. Computers linked to TV, telephone and satellite networks spread information throughout the world.

Without special training it is impossible to understand exactly how a computer does its work. Nevertheless, many people use computers in their daily lives. Computers are everywhere. They are so much a part of our lives that we usually don't even know they are there.

Computers have become the foundation of the modern working world. Today, virtually all types of jobs use them to some degree and all the countries are affected by the "computer revolution".

In the future computers will be a million times faster than they are today. They will become easier to use, but anyone who has not learnt how to use the new technology will be seriously disadvantaged, particularly in the field of employment.

a) Mark the statements which are True.

30. The first computers appeared in the middle of the 20tli century. □

31. It was in England that the first computers began to be used. □

32. It is hardly possible for people to use computers in thei' everyday life. □

33. Computers have become the foundation of the modern working world. □

34. The problem is that in future computers will become more and more complicated to be used. □

b) Write down your answers to the following questions.

35. When did the first computers appear?

36. Computers are used everywhere, aren't they?

37. What can computers do in banks?

c) Ask three questions on the text.



40. ______________________

Translate the sentences from English into Russian. (task 41-45)

41. The price of petrol goes up again; the cost of running a car is increasing.

42. The North Pole was conquered in 1909 by the American engineer named Robert Peary, who had given twenty-three years of his life to Arctic exploration.

43. This method of developing a hypothesis and then performing an experiment to see if the hypothesis was true or false established physics as a précised science, bringing science as a whole out of the realm of natural philosophy and into the modern era.

44. The woman claimed she hadnever seen that man before.

45. The boy promised his mother that he would never do such a thing again.


Translate the sentence from Russian into English. (task 46-50)

46. У богатых и бедных разные проблемы. Богатым трудно понять бедных.

47. Она надеется, что ее новую статью напечатают к концу недели. Две ее статьи уже опубликованы в этом журнале.

48. Все хотят получить высшее образование, не так ли? — Вы совершенно правы.

49. Вы снова простудились. Желаю вам быстрого выздоровления.

50. Посмотри! Идет сильный снег. Давай останемся дома, хорошо?


Part II

Тесты для направления 111400.62 "Водные биоресурсы и аквакультура"


Итоговый тест для РВА 2 курс 3 семестр

Part I

1. You look rather tired. You are unlikely ___ the work in time. You had better ___home now. It is not worth ___ for another several hours.

A to have finished, going, working

B to finish, go, working

C to have been finishing, to go, to work

D to be finishing, be going, be working

2. He is afraid ___to Mrs. Priestly. In his place I would rather ___her. He may depend on her ___ the problem properly.

A of speaking, trusting, understanding

B to speak, trust, understanding

C of speaking, to trust, understanding

D to speak, to trust, to understand

3.Let her ___ it herself. She is considered ___ a careful researcher and can't stand ___ .

A do, being, to be helped

B to do, to be, to help

C doing, being, helping

D do, to be, being helped

4. On ___ that she had just come in, he sent a maid to her room ___ her to go down though he realized that it was no use ___ to her again.

A telling, asking, to speak

B being told, to ask, speaking

C having told, to have asked, to have spoken

D being having told, to ask, speaking

5. ___ her about my problems I was ashamed ___ such a great mistake and did not mind ___ the subject but she kept ___ about my family and me.

A Having told, at having made, changing, talking

B To have told, to make, to change, to talk

C Telling, to have made, to have changed, on talking

D On telling, making, having changed, be talking

6. On the last night of my restraint, I was awakened ___ my own name ___ in a whisper.

A to hear, having spoken

B by hearing, spoken

C having heard, to speak

D on hearing, to be spoken

7. It is silly of me, but I'd rather they ___ Aubrey.

A did not prosecute

C would not prosecute

B not prosecuted ___

D will not prosecute

8. Robert hated ___ Simon ___ he couldn't answer any of his questions.

A to let, to know

C to let, knowing

B letting, to know

D letting, know

9. As a result, the British gave up ___ India and focused ___ efficiently while ___ in tandem with traditional elements of Indian society.

A trying to anglicize, on governing, work

B a try to anglicize, to govern, working

C trying to anglicize, on governing, working

D to try anglicizing, at governing, work

10. The damage ___ to the house was extensive and he got them ___ for it.

A having made, pay

B done, to pay

C having done, pay

D made, to pay

11. Grace sat ___ for a few minutes, then got her heavy coat and went down ___ at the cottage.

A to think, looking

B thinking, to look

C having thought, having seen

D think, look

12. She remembered ___ at the remark.

A to be surprised ___

C surprising

B to surprise ___

D being surprised

13. ___ of the Cape Colony from the Dutch during the Napoleonic Wars allowed the British ___ a strong presence in southern Africa.

A Acquiring, establishing

B The acquisition, to establish

C Having acquired, establishing

D Acquired, to establish

14. As a result, the British gave up ___ India and focused ___ efficiently.

A to try anglicizing, to govern

B trying anglicizing, on governing

C trying to anglicize, on governing

D trying anglicizing, to govern

15. Native art seems ___ during the period of English domination in the 19th century.

A to disappear

B being disappeared

C disappearing

D to have disappeared

16. The mercury thermometer ___ by ___?

A have been invented, Anders Ceisius

B has invented, Freddie Mercury

C was invented, Gabriel Fahrenheit

D is invented, Baron Kelvin

17. Did __ ___ the first scissors?

A ancient Egyptians, make

B ancient Greeks, makes

C ancient Chinese, is made

D ancient Koreans, made

18. He has a diploma in --- and now he repairs equipment.

A electron

B electronics

C electronic

D electricity

19. A light ___ contains ___ gas.

A bulb, oxygen

B bulbs, nitrogen

C bulb,argon

D bulbs, kryphon

20. Aquaculture is the ___ of aquatic organisms.

A animation

B cultivator

C culture

D cultivation

21. Fish ___ species raised by fish farms ___ include salmon, catfish, tilapia, cod, carp, trout and others.

A species, have included

B spices, include

C species, included

D specie, include

22. ___ from one species ___ to become ___ (fertilizers, food) for another.

A wastes, are recycled, inputs

B waste, are recycled, output

C wastes, is recycled, outputs

D wasters, recycles, input

23. Some of the ___ that are eaten by fish include: shrimps, planktons, insects, small ___ and shelled ___.

A foods, crustacean, creatures

B foot, crustaceans, creature

C food, crustations, creature

D foods, crustaceans, creatures

24. Feeds are composed of various ___ in proper combinations so that the final product will meet the ___ requirements of the species being fed.

A ingredients, nutritional

B components, nutrition

C connectors, nutritional

D compound, nutritious

25. When you're buying new fish, you should ask the ___ at the pet store what food the fish ___ to get a good idea of what kind of fish food the fish are

A exports, are fed

B expert, fed

C experts, have been fed

D experts, have been feeding

26. I am the organ that helps fish maintain buoyancy in water.

A gills

B swimbladder

C fin

D pump

27. I am the system whose main function is breathing and gas exchange.

A respiratory

B nervous

C circulatory

D excretory

28. We are the organs involved in secretionand regulation of water.

A gills

B fins

C kidneys

D tubes

29. I am the system that removes wastes.

A digestive

B nervous

C circulatory

D excretory

30. I am the system that breaks down and processes proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

A digestive

B nervous

C circulatory

D excretory

31. This organ makes bile, processes toxins, and stores glycogen ___.

A liver

B kidney

C mouth

D caeca

32. The space around the internal organs is called the ___.

A heart

B cavity

C caeca

D esophagus

33. All vertebrates have a dorsal nerve cord surrounded by bone or cartilage called a ___ cord.

A nervious

B dorsal

C spinal

D vertical

34. Bony fish belong to the CLASS___.

A Sarcopterygii

B Chondrichthyes

C Myxine

D Osteichthyes

35. The main pumping chamber of the fish’s heart is the ___ .

A atrium

B sinus venosus

C conusarteriosus

D ventricle

36. Another name for “skull” is the ___

A Cranium

B dorsal

C bone

D vertebrate


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