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Exercise 10. Replace a clause in bold type by the Gerund. Use the appropriate prepositions where necessary

Model: When he left school, he entered the Veterinary Academy. After leaving school, he entered the Veterinary Academy.

1. When he graduated from Harvard University, he returned to Russia. 2. The patient felt much better after he had been given a proper treatment. 3. The students were afraid that they would be late for the class. 4. Before I left the classroom, I was approached by a student who asked me to help him. 5. The new medicine may be recommended only after it is approved by the Ministry for Healthcare. 6. My mother insisted that I should enter the Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

Exercise 11. Choose the appropriate form of the Gerund from those given in the brackets. Translate the sentences.

1. The results of the treatment of the patient depend on his … in time.

a) having been operated on; b) being operated on; b) having operated on c) operating

2. The patient felt much better after … a proper treatment.

a) having given b)having been given c) giving; d) being given


Exercise 12. Define the ing-form as the Gerund or the Participle.

1. We all listened to the speaker criticizing the new method. 2. Criticizing the work of our laboratory, he said that it was unsatisfactory. 3. I have no objection to your criticizing me. 4. When we entered the classroom we saw our students writing a test. 5. Do you mind my using your pen? 6. She could retell the English story she had read without looking into the book. 7. When writing a book he discovered many interesting facts. 8. They ran home quickly protecting themselves from the rain by walking under the trees. 9. He stopped writing and looked around. 10. Playing volleyball is a very popular sport.

Предикативные Конструкции с Герундием/
Predicative Constructions with the Gerund

Подобно другим неличным формам глагола герундий образует свои предикативные конструкции, т.е. такие конструкции, в которых глагольный элемент, представленный герундием, находится в предикативных отношениях с существительным или местоимением, не являющимися подлежащими, но называющих те субъекты/объекты, которые производят действие.

We appreciate your helping us. Мы ценим то, что вы помогаете нам.

В данном примере герундий helping находится в предикативных отношениях с местоимением your, которое обозначает субъекта, производящего действие, выраженное герундием.

Если субстантивный элемент обозначает одушевленный предмет, то он может быть представлен:

1. Существительным в притяжательном падеже (Possessive Case) или притяжательным местоимением: Our talk was interrupted by Richard’s coming back. Do you mind my smoking?
2. Существительным в общем падеже: I object to Mary going out on such a windy day.

Если субстантивный элемент обозначает неодушевленный предмет, то он может быть представлен:

1.Существительным в общем падеже: Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening gently.
2. Местоимением в притяжательном падеже: She spoke of my room and of its being ready for me.

Exercise 13. Find the Gerundial Constructions. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. We appreciate John’s helping us. 2. I can’t imagine my mother approving it. 3. I can’t excuse her not answering our invitation. 3. The teacher insisted on students’ writing their corrections carefully. 4. She didn’t object to his keeping a book a day longer. 5. After his looking through the papers they were given to Rector. 6. His being sent to the Congress of Anatomists was good to him. 7. Do you mind my asking you a difficult question?

Exercise 14. Match the parts of sentences in A and B columns.

1. We very much appreciate 2. He strongly denied 3. We enjoyed 4. Our scientific supervisor suggested 5. I agreed to delay 6. He should consider a. my leaving till next day. b. their meeting this afternoon. c. her taking more responsibility. d. the band’s playing. e. his writing the letter. f. your helping us.

Exercise 15. Translate from Russian into English using the Gerund.

1.Перестаньте разговаривать. 2. Мы закончили работать над этой проблемой. 3. Я думаю над тем, чтобы провести летние каникулы на ферме. 4. Вы не возражаете, если я буду участвовать в конференции? 5. Она боялась разговаривать с ректором. 6. Я настаиваю на том, чтобы спросить его совета. 7. Я не одобряю того, что вы тратите так много времени понапрасну (waste time). 8. Благодарю вас, что вы пришли вовремя. 9. Мы оставили мысль, когда-нибудь увидеть его. 10. Я не могу не думать об этом все время.

Exercise 16. Define forms of the Gerund. Find the Gerundial Constructions, if any.
1. After having been told the results of the X-ray examination the physician wrote them down in the patient’s case history. 2. I don’t like being read to, I prefer reading myself. 3. The patient was thankful to the doctor for his having been so attentive. 4. No physician can make a proper diagnosis without having examined the patient. 5. The initial diagnosis must be made before the patient’s being directed to the in-patient department. 6. In spite of his not having any university education Faraday made his great discoveries.

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