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Meiosis: four different daughter cells

In meiosis, the nucleus divides twice. This produces four haploid nuclei. The number of chromosomes is therefore halved during meiosis. Moreover, homologous chromosomes within a pair can exchange genetic material before being separated. The daughter cells are therefore genetically different from the parent cell (and from each other).

Meiosis is the basis of sexual reproduction, occurring at some point in the life cycle of organisms that reproduce sexually. The haploid gametes produced by meiosis fuse during fertilization. This means that the new fertilized cell has the diploid number of chromosomes. Without meiosis in the life cycle, the number of chromosomes of a sexually reproducing species would be doubled in each generation.

■ Glossary of essential terms for you to know

English term Russian equivalent
essential необходимый
reproduction воспроизведение, размножение
generation поколение
affinity сходство, родство
dye краска
to cut out вытеснять, отбрасывать
mutation мутация
to double удваивать
asexual бесполый
multicellular многоклеточный
to carry out выполнять
to replicate дублировать
division деление
to attach прикреплять
strand нить
according to согласно
to fuse сплавляться, сливаться
fertilization оплодотворение, удобрение
to damage повреждать
nucleus ядро
mitosis митоз, непрямое деление ядра
meiosis мейоз, редукционное деление
to provide обеспечивать
continuity непрерывность, неразрывность
stain краситель, пятно
to wrap обертывать
apart from кроме, помимо
gene ген
species вид
gamete половая клетка
give rise to давать начало
sequence последовательность
to occur происходить
duration длительность
to vary различаться

■ Your Essential Assignments

I. Quick check:

1. a) List the main stages of mitosis, starting with interphase.

b) At which stage is DNA replicated?

2. Compare mitosis and meiosis in terms of number of cell divisions and number of daughter cells.

II. Fill in the missing words:

Term (verb) Noun Adjective
replace ....... .......
continue ....... .......
condition ....... .......
fuse ....... .......
mutate ....... .......
double ….. ……

III. Use monolingual English dictionary and write down what could the words given below mean:

affinity, give rise to, division, asexual, generation.


IV. Match these words with their definitions:

1. cell A. not having sexual organs or having sex
2. multicellular B. to make sperm join an egg so that a young baby or animal develops
3. reproduction C. a change in the genetic structure of an animal or plant, that makes it different from others of the same type
4. gamete D. the sequence of events that occurs between one cell division and the next cycle
5. fertilization E. the central part of an atom, made up of neutrons, protons, and other elementary particles
6. chromosome F. a group of animals or plants which are all similar and can breed together to produce young animals or plants of the same kind as them
7. nucleus G. to become twice
8. asexual H. the act or process of producing young animals or plants
9. mutation I. a part of every living cell that is shaped like a thread which controls the character, shape etc. that a plant or animal has
10. species J. a type of cell which joins with another cell, starting the development of a baby or other young creature
11. to double K. more than one cell
12. cell cycle L. the smallest part of a living thing that can exist independently

V. Find English equivalents to the following word combinations:

Russian term English equivalent
1. деление клеток  
2. многоклеточный организм  
3. поврежденные клетки  
4. основа размножения  
5. генетический материал  
6. согласно их размеру  
7. дочерняя клетка  
8. родительская клетка  
9. бесполое размножение  
10. выполняет свои функции  
11. становится видимым  
12. длительность клеточного цикла  
13. во время оплодотворения  
14. жизненный цикл организмов  

VI. Give Russian equivalents to the following English terms:

English term Russian equivalent
to consist of DNA  
wrapped in protein  
matching pairs  
two sets of chromosomes  
identical nuclei  
to be identical to sth.  
without changing the genetic information  
for growth of a multicellular organism  
nuclear division  
human nerve cells  
sexual reproduction  
fertilized cell  
the light microscope  
to contain the same genes  
can exchange genetic material  
genetically different from  

VII. Find synonyms among the pool of words:

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