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The cells of the ground tissue

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Parenchyma cells are the least specialised of plant cells; they are characterised by having intercellular air spaces which vary in size. Parenchyma cells are regarded as the basic cells from which other cells have evolved. Parenchyma cells form the packing tissue of plants, and include the palisade cells and spongy mesophyll cells which make up the main photosynthesising tissue in the leaf.

Palisade cells are a dense green colour due to the numerous chloroplasts they contain. These cells are packed tightly together in a regular arrangement near the upper surface of the leaf so they obtain the maximum exposure to light. The chloroplasts can move round inside the cells according to the amount of light available. If it is a dull day, they are often clustered at the tops of the cells, in the best position to trap light; in very sunny conditions, they may be grouped towards the bottoms of the cells to avoid being overexposed to light.

The spongy mesophyll is the chief site of gaseous exchange in the leaf. It consists of rounded or sausage-shaped cells with fewer chloroplasts than palisade cells. The cells are closely arranged and between each of them are air spaces connecting the mesophyll with stomata.

Collenchyma andsclerenchyma make up tissues that have a supportive, structural role in plants. In leaves, these cells are common around the vascular bundles (especially in midrib) and at the leaf tips. Collenchyma cells are elongated and have unevenly thickened cell walls with extra cellulose in the corners of the cells. There are two main types of sclerenchyma: fibres are very elongated and have very thick cell walls impregnated with lignin;sclereids (or stone cells) are more spherical in shape. Both types of sclerenchyma cells are specialised for support. Fibres in particular have great tensile strength and do not break easily when stretched. Mature sclerenchyma cells are dead because they are enclosed in a complete layer of lignin which is impermeable to water.

■ Glossary of essential terms for you to know

N English term Russian equivalent
12. lamina местовая пластинка
13. stalk стебель, ножка, черенок
14. petiole черешок листа
15. vein жилка листа
16. tissue ткань
17. vascular tissue сосудистая ткань, проводящая ткань
18. ground tissue покровная ткань
19. rectangular прямоугольный
20. to gain получать, достигать
21. to escape улетучиваться, ускользать
22. stomata устьице
23. to flank защищать, прикрывать
24. guard сторожевой,
25. to expose выставлять, подвергать действию (солнца, света)
26. to raise поднимать
27. to arrange располагать
28. vascular bundle сосудистый пучок
29. xylem ксилема
30. phloem флоэма
31. palisade столбчатый, палисадный
32. spongy губчатый, пористый
33. mesophyll мезофилл
34. bulk основная масса
35. to reinforce укреплять, усиливать
36. to evolve развиваться
37. cluster пучок, гроздь
38. to trap ловить, задерживать
39. midrib средняя жилка листа
40. tip кончик
41. uneven неровный, шероховатый
42. to impregnate оплодотворять
43. tensile растяжимый
44. lignin лигнин
45. collenchyma колленхима
46. sclerenchyma склеренхима
47. sclereid склеренда
48. impermeable непроницаемый


■ Your Essential Assignments

I. Quick check

1. a) Which structure forms a waterproof layer on the surface of the leaf?

b) Why is this structure thicker than the upper surface of the leaf than on the lower surface?

2.What is the main function of palisade cells?

3. How does collenchyma differ from sclerenchyma?


II. Use monolingual English dictionary and write down what could the words given below mean:

waterproof, shade, pore, infection, waxy coating, guard cells, root.


III. Fill in the missing words:

Term Noun Adjective
connect ……. …….
require ……. …….
support ……. …….
protect ……. …….
adapt ……. …….
expose ……. …….
reproduce ……. …….

IV. Find synonyms among the pool of words:

Pool of words Synonyms
1)1.amount /2.flat /3.trap /4.quantity /5.even /6.catch  
2)1.volume /2.fabric /3.reach /4.bulk /5.gain /6.tissue  
3)1.escape /2.produce /3.disappear /4.manufacture  
4)1.evolution /2.waterproof /3.impermiable /4.development  

V. Give English equivalents to the following word combinations:

N Russian term English equivalent
1. группа цветущих растений
2. поглощение света и углекислого газа
3. главная жилка листа
4. плоская форма листа  
5. физические повреждения листа  
6. пара охранительных (сторожевых) клеток  
7. верхняя поверхность листа  
8. потеря воды  
9. наименее специализированные растительные клетки  
10. плотные зеленые клетки листа  
11. согласно количеству света  
12. наилучшая позиция улавливания света  
13. главный участок газообмена  
14. кончик листа  
15. неровно утолщенные клеточные стенки  

VI. Match these words with definitions:

N Word   Definition
1. absorption A any of the very thin tubes that form the frame of a leaf
2. stalk B the act of protecting s/b or s/th from attack, criticism etc.
3. terrestrial C not allowing a liquid or gas to pass through
4. cluster D the process of a liquid, gas or other substance being taken in
5. defence E living on theland or on the ground rather than in water or in the air
6. vein F a group of things of the same type that grow close together
7. impermeable G thin stem that supports a leaf, flower or fruit and joins it to another part of the plant

VII. Give Russian equivalents to the following English terms:

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