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Durable Atlantic Group

Operations Administrator

Provide administrative support to President and engineers including proposal preparation and final distribution to prospective and current clients.

Orient new employees with telephone set-up, computer equipment and office organization. Update employee directory and route important information to appropriate staff. Track and maintain office needs including ordering supplies and handling copier and fax machine related issues. Developed and initiated a recycling program for the workplace.

Henderson Miller Investments

Branch Office Administrator

Managed all administrative responsibilities for branch location of Henderson Miller, including completing and submitting branch reports.

1997-2000 American Bank ofN.C.

Administrative Assistant

Provided administrative support for three banking officers. Duties included typing correspondence for all triangle branches, updating them on new rules and regulations and operational issues. Assisted department in handling all customer complaints and other banking related issues. Coordinated and planned ongoing training classes for the regional branches quarterly.

Other skills: Experienced in Windows, MS Office Suite, Goldmine Contact Management Software and mid-level equipment set-up and trouble-shooting.


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III. Заполните анкету:

Personal Information

First name: _____________________ Middle name:_______________

Family name:_______________

Date of birth:_______________


Native language: ____________


Marital status:______________


(Please indicate age)

Mailing address:_____________


Postal code: City: Country_____

Home telephone:____________

(Please indicate area code in brackets)


(Please indicate area code in brackets)



IV.Прочитайте деловое письмо и вставьте пропущенные словосочетания (a-j) в пропуски (1-10):

a. responsible for; b) Human Resources; c) communications strategies; d) apply for; e) have held positions; f) writing and editing skills; g) resume; h) Corporate Communications Department; i) participated in; j) clients

Dear Mr. Field,

I would like to formally (1) ___ the Assistant Communications Manager position in the (2) ____. As you are aware, I have extensive experience with the company starting when I (3) ____ the summer editorial intern program while I was in college.

Since then, I (4) ____ in the both the (5) ____ and Marketing departments. During my tenure I have developed exceptional (6) ____, and have designed and implemented (7) _____ on a departmental level.

I have a demonstrated ability to work collegially with leaders across business units and lines of business. In addition, I have been (8) ____ benefits communications, employee relations, as well as communicating with the company's (9) ______ and vendors.

These are just a few examples of my accomplishments. I hope that you will find that this brief view, in combination with the attached (10) ______, describe a dedicated employee of ABCD with the experience and skills to meet or exceed the requirements of the position of Assistant Communications Manager.

Best Regards,

James Morris

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V. Расположите слова в предложениях в правильном порядке и прочитайте текст телефонного разговора:


Jane: department, Marketing, Hello, this is the . ________________________
Richard: Alisa Robinson, please. ________________________
Jane: number, must, I’m , you, have, the, sorry wrong . name, here, There’s no-one, that, of. ________________________
Richard: Oh. check, Can, number, got, I ,the, I’ve …. Is that not 3375640? ________________________
Jane: No, it’s 2558390. ________________________
Richard: that, about, Oh, sorry. must, I, have, wrong, dialed, the number. ________________________
Jane: problem, No! Bye! ________________________

VI.Подберите к названиям профессий (1-10) соответствующие им определения (a-j):

1. estate agent

2. retail buyer

3. director

4. bookkeeper

5. auditor

6. business adviser

7. public relations officer

8. assistant

9. call center operator

10. fund manager

a. a person who has control or direction of an institution, business

b. a person who is subordinate to another in rank, function, etc.; one holding a secondary rank in an office or post

c. an outside specialist accountant that checks that an individual’s or accounts of an organization are true and honest

d. a person whose job is to keep an official record of all the money received into and paid out of a business

e. a person who is responsible for selecting products to be sold in retail outlets.

f. a person who is concerned with answering enquiries from customers by telephone and email.

g. a person who deals with marketing and selling property for clients and negotiating between buyers and sellers

h. an expert who gives information to someone so that they are able to make a good business decision

i. a person whose job is to manage a particular type of investment for a financial institution or its clients

j. a person who is responsible for managing an organization’s image and reputation , planning PR campaigns and strategies monitoring the public and media's opinion of your client or employer


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VII. Соедините части предложений (1-10) и (a-j) по смыслу:

1. Angel investors provide capital for a. and capture market share
2. Recently, with the huge growth in opportunities brought about by the internet, more and more small investors are b. a much better return
3. Angel investors typically invest from c. an idea that they provide funds for a business that hasn't even been founded
4. Sometimes, 'angels' are so convinced by d. start-ups bringing their innovations to the marketplace
5. Without these risk-takers, innovative and revolutionary advances in technology may not e. venture capitalists usually wait until a young company has proven their idea and has brought their product or technology to market
6. The price is high, and start-ups often fail f. providing 'angel' financing for these small, nimble companies
7. In other words, an angel investing in fifteen companies needs just one success g. but just one 'winner' can return twenty times the initial investment
8. Of course, angels hope h. to make the investment strategy worthwhile
9. Angel investors fund at the initial entry level while i. from $5,000 to $40,000 in a start-up in its infancy
10. These companies then need larger investments to quickly grow j. come to pass


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VIII. Вставьте в пропуски (1-10) предлоги (a-j):

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