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Test 5. Choose the right form for filling in the blank and translate the sentences into Russian

1. In its stretched condition a spring has a possibility of … some work.

a) doing b) is doing

2. We ... a very important research at our laboratory.

a) carrying out b) are carrying out

3. Physics and chemistry ... new substances and materials with a wide range of applications.

a) producing b) are producing

4. ... devices are needed in any laboratory.

a) measuring b) are measuring

5. Telescopes are used for … distant objects in space.

a) observing b) are observing

6. They are in the laboratory now. They ... the motion of different particles under the influence of the field.

a) observing b) are observing

7. The function of an ammeter … the current.

a) measuring b) is measuring

8. One can change the strength of a current by ... the resistance.

a) changing b) is changing

9. Suppose we have two ... particles of different mass.

a) interacting b) are interacting

10. There are several ways of ... this difficult problem.

a) solving b) are solving


Test 6. Choose the right translation.

1. Describing the research he had to use шалу complicated equations.

a) описывающий

b) описывая

с) описание

2. Mathematics describing the research is very complicated.

a) описывающая

b) описывая

c) описание

3. Cybernetics is a science developing very quickly (rapidly) at present.

a) развивающаяся

b) развивая

с) развитие (разработка)

4. The new method of obtaining stable plasma has been developed at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Power.

a) получающий

b) получая

с) получение

5. Obtaining stable plasma the scientists use very complicated equipment.

a) получающий

b) получая

с) получение

6. Preparing for a scientific report takes much time.

a) готовящийся

b) готовясь

с) подготовка

7. Any conducting material may be heated by being placed near an arc current.

a) проводящий

b) проводя

c) проведение

8. Interacting with charges and currents the electromagnetic field converts itself into other forms of energy.

a) взаимодействующий

b) взаимодействуя

с) взаимодействие

9. Measuring magnetic flux is often necessary in laboratory investigations.

a) измеряющий

b) измеряя

c) измерение

10. The main function of a transformer is changing voltage in a circuit.

a) изменяющий

b) изменяя

с) изменение


Test 7. Choose the right form for filling in the blank and translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Where is the energy when the spring has finished ... up and down?

a) moved b) moving

2. The Second Law gave a specific way of ... how the velocity changes under different influences.

a) determined b) determining

3. Different influences ... forces change the velocity of moving objects.

a) called b) calling

4. ... the principle of conservation of momentum, we can calculate the velocity.

a) Used b) Using

5. There are really few problems which can be … exactly by analysis.

a) solved b) solving

6. Examples are the photon and the electromagnetic field … by an aerial.

a) radiated b) radiating

7. Resistance varies with the atomic structure or nature of the … material.

a) conducted b) conducting

8. In the case of a stationary ... body the magnetic fields cancel each other.

a) charged b) charging

9. The electromagnetic field is a distinct form of matter … definite properties.

a) possessed b) possessing

10. While visiting our country the foreign delegates could see for themselves great economic progress … by our people.

a) achieved b) achieving



Exercise 1. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1. Having made the measurements the experimenter then processed the data.

2. Having been heated for several hours the substance began to melt.

3. Having thus finished his talk the speaker smiled and waited for comments.

4. Having been weighed with insufficient accuracy the substance could not be used in quantitative analysis.

5. Having been warmed to 0° (zero) ice began to melt.

6. Having evaluated the data we shall next turn to their interpretation.

7. Having given an indication of the methods used in this type of analysis we must now mention some of the earlier results.


Exercise 2. Translate the following sentences into Russian.


1. My colleague being away, I had to take the decision myself.

2. The astronomer proceeded with his observation, the sky having cleared.

3. There being many people in the conference hall, we could not enter it.

4. The sodium atom has eleven electrons, the eleventh one occupying a position outside of the second shell.

5. We continued our work, our laboratory assistants helping us.

6. The electron is about as large as a nucleus, its diameter being about 10-12 cm.

7. Silver being very expensive, we only rarely use it as a conductor.

8. Radioactivity discovered, we made great progress in atomic physics.

9. Hydrogen consists of discrete particles, called molecules, each one made up of 2 hydrogen atoms.

10. Water being denser than air, rays are refracted towards the perpendicular.

11. Other liquids being too light, a barometer uses mercury.

12. The electric field between the plates being altered, particles of a different velocity may be selected for study.




Active Passive
Indefinite to ask to be asked
Continuous to be asking
Perfect to have asked to have been asked
Perfect Continuous to have been asking
Употребление (функции инфинитива) Перевод
1. Подлежащее. To walk is useful. It was a pleasure to walk in the garden. Прогулка пешком полезна (идти пешком полезно). Было приятно гулять в саду.
2 а). Часть составного именного сказуемого.     2 б). Часть составного глагольного сказуемого. Our aim is to study English.   He begins to study English.   He may (must, should) have gone home.   He should have gone home.   He can’t have gone home.   I could have gone to the conference, but I lost my invitation. Наша цель – изучение английского языка (изучить английский язык). Наша цель состоит (заключается) в изучении английского языка. Он начинает изучатьанглийский язык. Он, возможно, (должно быть) ушелдомой.   Ему следовало бы пойти домой. Не может быть, чтобы он ушел домой. Я мог бы поехать на конференцию, но я потерял мое приглашение.
3. Прямое дополнение. She likes to sing. Ей нравится петь.
4. Определение The desire to find the solution was very strong. It will be done in the years to come. He was the first to prove it. The method to be used is not new. Желание найти решение было очень сильным. Это будет сделано в последующие годы. Он первым доказал это. Метод, который будет (должен быть, может быть) использован, не нов.
5. обстоятельство She went there to study physics.     Hydrogen reacts with oxygen to formwater.     This method is not accurate enough to give reliable results. Она поехала туда, чтобы изучать (для изучения) физику. Водород вступает в реак- цию с кислородом и образует воду (образуя воду). Этот метод недостаточно точен, чтобы дать надежные результаты.



1.1 Follow the model while translating these sentences from English into Russian:

1. To explain this simple fact is not so easy.

2. To give a true picture of the surrounding matter is the task of natural sciences.

3. To compare the flow of electricity along a conductor with that of a liquid in a pipe has become familiar.

4. To define exactly what is meant by the total heat in a body is still not possible at present.

5. It is convenient to introduce a special unit to measure the amounts of radioactive materials.

6. It is possible to use the solutions for the Maxwell model as a starting point.

7. It is possible to obtain a system consisting of a pair of protons in close proximity and with the total angular momentum equal to zero.

8. It has been possible to trace a connection between the radiation emitted by the atom and the motion of particles.

9. It is possible to obtain very accurate numerical solutions using approximation methods.

10. It is necessary to use light of shorter wavelength.

11. The missing energy and momentum is carried away from the nucleus by some particle that is uncharged and has little or no mass and has gone unnoticed because it interacts with matter so seldom that it is nearly impossible to detect it.

12. To find the mass of the electron was then of prime importance.

13. It was only necessary to reverse the situation, to feed an electric current to the disk, to make it rotate.


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