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Circle the correct form of the verbs in brackets

1. Everything (is/are) matter. 2. (Is/Are) carbon atoms present in your body? 4. People (think/thinks) about the origin and meaning of life. 5. Scientists (conduct/ conducts) research. 6. I (wants/ want) to start my own company one day. 7. There (is/are) two engineers in a laboratory. The first one (says/ say) about new technologies.

Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

-How does the thermo siphon (1)_____________ (works)?

- Well, the cold water (2)__________________ (enter) the system through the inlet. The water pressure (3)__________(push) the water around the system.

- So how (4)____________ (do) the water (5)__________ (become) hot?

- It (6) ________(flow) into the panel and the sun’s rays (7)__________ (heat) it. The warm water (8)______ (rise) to the top of the panel and it (9)_____________ (pass) from the panel into the tank.

- (10)______________ (do) the tank (11)__________ (have) a heater?

-No, it (12)______ (do not). The hot water (13)___________ (stay) at the top of the tank. If you (14)________ (open) the valve, the hot water (15)____________ (flow) from the top of the tank to the outlet.


Past Simple (Indefinite) Tense.

Простое прошедшее время.

Мы используем Past Simple Tense для того, чтобы рассказать о событиях или ситуациях в прошлом.

Очень часто мы употребляемPast Simple Tense c такими словами и фразами, как:

Yesterday -вчера, last night –прошлой ночью, last week –на прошлой неделе, last month –в прошлом месяце, last year –в прошлом году, last summer (autumn,winter,spring) –прошлым летом(осенью, зимой, весной), at six(seven...) o'clock -в шесть(семь…) часов,on Sunday(Monday...) –в воскресенье (понедельник…),an hour(a week...) ago –час(неделю…) тому назад,the other day -позавчера, in 1994(2009) –в 1994(2009) году,during the war(the revolution..) –во время войны(революции…)

- In 1712 Newcomen invented a new steam engine. – В 1712г Ньюкомен изобрел новый паровой двигатель.

- He made his engine more powerful.- Он сделал двигатель более мощным.

- On Monday he came to the office by taxi.- В понедельник он приехал в офис на такси.

- I became an engineer two years ago. – Я стал инженером два года тому назад.

Многие глаголы в Past Simple Tense оканчиваются на -edили -d. Такие глаголы называются правильными. Например:

- He improved the design of his engine.- Он улучшил дизайн своего двигателя.

- The steam condensed outside the cylinder.- Пар сконденсировался внутри цилиндра.

Но много частоупотребляемых глаголов - неправильные (irregular). Это означает, что past simple не заканчивается на-ed. Например:

1.Глаголы, в которых изменяется гласная в корне.

2.Глаголы, в которых изменяется гласная в корне и добавляется-d или –t.

3.Глаголы, в которых изменяется последняя d на t.

4.Глаголы, в которых одинаковая форма Infinitive и Past Simple.

5.Глаголы, в которых разная грамматическая основа.

Но некоторые глаголы могут быть правильными и неправильными.

В вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях с Past Simple мы используем вспомогательный глагол did/didn't + инфинитив (do/open/rain и т.д.):

- Did he make his engine more powerful?- Сделал ли он двигатель более мощным?

- How did he make his engine more powerful?- Как он сделал двигатель более мощным?

- He didn’t improve the design of his engine.- Он не улучшил дизайн своего двигателя.

- Why did Newcomen’s engine have poor efficiency?- Почему двигатель Ньюкомена был малоэффективным?

Но с глаголом be (was/were) мы не употребляемdid:


- Was Watt’s engine more efficient?- Был ли двигатель Уатта более эффективным?

(е) Формой past simple от глагола be (am/is/are) является was/were:

I/he/she/it - was we/you/they - were - Newcomen’s engine was a high speed engine. – Двигатель Ньюкомена был высокоскоростным.



Read the text and complete each space with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

Through his accomplishments in product design, Raymond Loewy (1) ___________ (help) to establish industrial design as a profession. By the end of his life, his career (2) ___________ (encompass) all applications of modern industrial design, from consumer products to interior building space, packaging, and transportation.

Long before his death, Loewy (3) _________ (become) one of the known industrial designers of the 12th century and his vision of beauty through the use of streamlined, highly functional forms (4) ______ (shape) modern industrial design in the United States. For decades, his work (5) _______ (permeate) the nation’s lifestyle and influenced and (6) ________ (continue) to influence today countless aspects of American life.


2. Fill in the blanks using these linking words and expressions.

suddenly, when, but, and, one day, in the end, then

Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. 1 ____ he was a child, he was not a very good

student 2 _____ he liked Physics very much. 3 _____, his father showed him a compass. The compass made him wonder about the connection between the needle4____the north pole. 5 __, his interest in Physics increased even more. He moved to Switzerland to study and finished his studies in 1900. In 1913, he became director of Physics in an institute in Berlin. In 1916, he published his Theory of Relativity which 6 ___ made him famous all over the world. It was difficult for Albert to prove his theories but 7 ___ he succeeded. He received the Nobel prize for Physics in 1921. He died in Princeton in 1955.

A) Complete the missing words.

  1. Who __ Albert Einstein?
  2. When __ he born ?
  3. What ___he prove?
  4. ___there televisions before Einstein?
  5. What ___ he received the Nobel prize for?

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