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Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space

Dear Anyone,

I 1) ……………… on an island in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Australia. I’ve already been here a month. If only somebody 2) ………….. me.

I’m grateful to be alive but I am full of regrets. I wish I 3) ………….. sailing by myself. I wish I 4) …………. the weather forecast before I went out and told someone where I was going. I’ve thought about 5) …………….. a raft to sail away from this island but I’m scared I might drown before I 6) …………… it back to Australia. It’s very lonely here. I wish I had someone 7) ………….. to. It’s also very difficult finding food. I wish there 8) ………… only fish to eat. It’s beginning to get very cold at night. I’m trying to build myself a shelter but it’s not going well. If I had a knife, it 9) ………… a lot easier.

I hope somebody 10) ………… this note. I am starting to lose hope.

Somewhere in the Pacific,

Richie Jenkins

A strand B am stranded C was stranded D stranded
A had found B will find C would find D finds
A never go B had never gone C will never go D would never go
A could check B will check C had checked D will have checked
A build B to build C having built D building
A make B to make C making D having made
A talking B to talk C talk D to talking
A wasn’t B hadn’t been C couldn’t be D won’t be
A is being B will be C would have been D would be
A find B will find C would find D had found  


2**. Read the following letter, then rewrite it using wishes and conditionals.

Dear Anyone,

I am on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been here for a week. I lost my watch in the sea so I don’t know what time it is. Going on that cruise was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a good swimmer so I couldn’t reach the lifeboat when the ship sank. I’ve thought about making a raft to sail away from the island, but I don’t know which way to go.

There is no one to talk to here. I feel so lonely! The only thing to eat is fish and I don’t like fish! I didn’t bring a knife with me so I can’t build a shelter. I hope someone will find me soon.

Somewhere in the Pacific,

Richie Jenkins


3*. The Smiths are looking at two holiday advertisements. Imagine what they are thinking using conditionals, I’d rater, I’d prefer etc. discuss this in pairs, then report back to your teacher.

SKIING IN AUSTRIA Package holidays to Hawaii
· travel by coach or train · daily flights
· apartments · variety of nightlife
· magnificent views of mountains · comfortable hotel rooms
· organized activities for evenings and nights · rooms with view of sea
· delicious Austrian cuisine · English food served daily
· heated swimming pool · magnificent beaches

A: If we choose the skiing holiday in Austria, we’ll have to travel by coach or train.

B: We’d rather travel by plane because it’s faster and safer.

4**. Writing activity.

The Smiths chose the package holiday to Hawaii. They are back now but they didn’t have a good time as things didn’t turn out the way they expected. Mrs Smith is writing her friend, Sue, a letter. Look at the ideas below, then write the letter using conditionals, wishes, had better, would rather.

hotel dirty and crowded, Mr Smith was sick on the flight, sea polluted, beach crowded, rooms comfortable but noisy neighbors, food awful – Mr Smith was sick, no variety of entertainment


Translate the text into English.

Язык тела

Приехав в незнакомую страну, мы часто говорим: «Жаль, что я не выучил хотя бы несколько слов перед приездом сюда!» Или, возможно, мы думаем: «Жаль, что нет единого языка общения. Вот если бы только все люди могли понимать друг друга!»

В некоторой степени таким универсальным языком общения, кодом, является язык тела, язык невербального общения. Например, если вы доброжелательно улыбнетесь, люди наверняка сочтут вас дружелюбным человеком, в какой бы стране вы не находились. Если же вы нахмуритесь, они подумают, что вы чем-то обеспокоены. Но специалисты считают, что в большей степени язык тела культурно обусловлен, и другие жесты могут быть истолкованы по-разному.

Хорошим примером являются приветствия. Если вы приехали в Данию, и при встрече со знакомым датчанином пожали бы ему руку, он был бы удивлен. А если бы вы встретились со знакомым итальянцем, то такое дружеское рукопожатие было бы более чем уместно. Если бы в Париже вы повстречали своих французских друзей, то вас бы расцеловали в обе щеки! А в Иордании женщины при встрече с мужчинами не должны первыми протягивать руку для рукопожатия – это считается нескромным, но если женщина встретит свою подругу, они могут расцеловаться …

Конечно, хорошо знать язык страны, в которую мы приехали в качестве гостей, но было бы также полезно перед поездкой ознакомиться с языком тела и этикетом, принятыми там.



Fill in the blanks with the correct Comparative and Superlative forms.

Dear Carmen,

Thanks for letting me stay in your villa in Spain last month. It was 1) ……………. (good) holiday I’ve ever had; it was 2) ………….. (much) fun than last year’s in France.

I think the Spanish people are 3) …………. (friendly) than the French, and I could communicate 4) ………… (easily) in Spanish, although I still found it 5) ……………. (difficult) than German. The weather was much 6) …………. (warm) than in England, where we’ve had 7) ………… (bad) summer in over ten years.

I loved Spain so much that I think I could live there 8) ………….. (happy) than anywhere else in the world.




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